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My mug and I.

My mug and I
gather under golden stars
to reconvene a rhythm
of rush and run.

Breakfast a blur,
brown bags filled
the satellite-synchronized
silent tick-tock. 48 more words

Poem And Prose

For Oren

ur friend Oren is done. There is no more treatment. There is only precious little time for goodbyes and impotent words to describe the feelings. 512 more words


Dear Henry,

Right before you died I kissed
your thin lips. You could not move your body but your lips quivered

You are the only monster I kissed… 50 more words

The blessing of Raguel for Tobias and Sarah (Tob 10:11-10:12)

“Then Raguel saw them safely off. He embraced Tobias and said.

‘Farewell, my child!

Have a safe journey!

The Lord of heaven prosper you,

The Lord of heaven prosper your wife Sarah, 169 more words

The words that I couldn't speak for you.

You are as lovely since the day you’ve said good bye.

I wanted to tell I’m sorry, I wanted to tell you I need you, I have to tell I’ll set you apart. 418 more words


No title again... Writing took all I had tonight, and I don't have much.

I haven’t been feeling good things about you lately. . I chalked it up to me moving through the stages of grief and thought that any moment the pain and love would rush back in and hit me… but that hasn’t happened. 482 more words

Ramblings & Raves

Selective vision

You saw the betrayal, you did not see that it was me who suffered the most? You didn’t see how much I missed you?!