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What I am rather certain of
Is how the settled dust felt
Upon my ivory skin.
As I stood outside
Alongside the county road, 32 more words

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Brothers, Sisters, unseen Powers and Presences: Namaste.

On this fall equinox, 2016, after 477 posts, the last 365 of which were written on consecutive days, … 8 more words

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Car Accidents, Miracles & Changes...

Car Accidents, Miracles…

Two days ago I managed to dodge two accidents…

At 7:11AM, another vehicle crashed into my passenger door at a relatively slow speed but I could hear the grinding of the metal as she continued to drive her vehicle further into mine. 342 more words


Doing The Right Thing

Sometimes doing the right thing sucks!

I tried to negotiate with Myself a situation that could be perfect if I would fall into the trap (again) of ignoring what is right and what is wrong. 28 more words


Good Bye.

I am the missed calls that turn into

empty call logs, and the pause

between her words when she tries

to convince you that she still loves… 66 more words


She wakes to the empty house

searching room by room for traces.

Has he gone?

But surely before such a journey

there would some formal leave taking? 125 more words


Make Your Own Expat Leaving Letter

Living abroad comes with its own unique adventures, such as finding an apartment, trying different foods, embracing foreign culture, etc. It’s a big reason why expats tend to stick together and share their experiences. 511 more words