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Good Bye, for awhile...

You won’t hear my voice for awhile. I’m not sure what my message is or what form it is supposed to take.(like a reader told me recently, “you’re blog is boring…”  I’m not sure of my macro purpose. 146 more words

free to run

Saw my ortho on Thursday, and he gave me permission to start running again! Slowly. Gradually. Carefully. But permission!

I’ll still be walking the half marathon next Sunday. 21 more words


A Door Slammed Softly

They say that INFJ’s are door-slammers. Perhaps, more efficient relationship enders? Perhaps, too apt to attract toxic relationships? Perhaps the Fe is just too predisposed to needing to please others that it is too difficult to face far less harmonious responses. 1,132 more words


Good bye to ex-

If I scrolled down far enough,
I would meet you again,
On my timeline and messages,
In my phone and my memory.
If I went to your street, 152 more words


As the Winter Prepares to Wind up

As the winter prepares to wind up,

foggy mornings are all set

to lapse into memory, 

it’s time to have a parting, longing look

at the magnificent canopy above, 38 more words




I looked at the sky tainted with black and white

Wondering where had it gone wrong

Black and White

Every moment of my life is painted in gray…

155 more words
Good Bye

The End

So, sadly we are here, the last post in the story of us,
I hear that you’ve gone now, vanished into dust.

Not so much as a goodbye, breaks my heart in two, 387 more words