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Finalized Funeral Playlist "Passenger "The Sound of Silence" Edinburgh"

I am not sure if I should Post the lyrics as I have been, or if the correct versions being posted is enough. Every song on my funeral playlist has significant meaning and some are meant for specific individuals. 9 more words



Good-bye, I will see you again, we will meet again,
in a different place this time; the sun will never set
and we will never have heartaches again. 109 more words


Fancy That

Nothing but a speck.

Ominous in its dual respect.

Nevermore, the same as before.

Therefore, by no means, a goodbye.

Should have seen that with both eyes. 75 more words


Weekly Writing

A autobiographical piece on my dog’s life. Internet problems last night didn’t allow for it to be posted.

He was born on my tenth birthday. The largest boy in the litter, we knew he would be ours from the moment he was born. 733 more words



Trying to convince myself that I don’t want to die is becoming harder and harder…

I just want everything to shut off. I don’t want to feel this way. 88 more words


Until Next Time, Korea

My roommate Linda and I recorded a little something to say good bye to the people who made this year really special for us.

I finished worked the last Friday in July, and July 31st was my last day at Hannam Church. 553 more words

South Korea