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Saying Good Bye

It doesn’t get any easier, folks. I had to say good bye to another precious saint of God. Mary Anne Copelin, my spiritual mother, mentor and friend, was 91 years old. 426 more words



You reminded me to lock the doors,

I guess to maintain the sanctity

of a house that is no longer yours.

We both know that I’ve never lived alone, 16 more words

Good Bye Teavana

Like the death of an old but dear friend that I kept meaning to get in touch with … and then boom they’re gone. That’s kind of what I feel like. 597 more words


Rollin' now.

I’m over at makimakimakiroll. I’ve been makitoes for over 20 years, and haven’t pulled on a pair of pointe shoes in half that time, so it’s time to move. 30 more words

Good Bye

Until We Meet Again!

All the moments, all the memories,
Every step of the beautiful journey,
That you’ve given me…
I’ll take them with me
As you take me with you, 262 more words


among my list of regrets
for you
and i
and the relationship
we could’ve had
i think i regret most
that we didn’t have a proper
good bye


First Lasts

Today marks the first lasts for the trip. I have six days left in this beautiful city that has slowly become home, and I am feeling all the feels. 303 more words