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FWF: The Hardest Goodbye


FWF | The Hardest Goodbye

I’ve had many hard good byes…

The loss of my Mother and Father…

The loss of my Brother and Sister… 260 more words

A Good-bye Piece

A drop of immortality,

a dash of invincibility,

and a dab of childish wonder,

and I never suspected

such a day would come.

My heart misses you already. 62 more words


Parting Ways

It has been awhile since I have earned a Certificate of Achievement or any type of certificate for that matter, but of all of the ones I have received, none mean more to me than this one. 

545 more words
That's Another Story

6 Boxes Of Memories

Yesterday I took six boxes of memories to the thrift store, filled with the remnants of your time here.

Comics. Superheroes. Books. Model kits. CDs. … 98 more words


David Bowie has reportedly died

David Bowie has reportedly died

The Man Who Fell to Earth has fallen.

There will never be another David Bowie.

He was a unique artist…arguably, he was several of them. 381 more words


Heartwarming goodbyes

It was a Sunday morning, cold and misty. I had to board a train to New Delhi, that was the only reason that I had to spoil my Sunday morning by waking up so early. 351 more words


Let's play catch-up

I’ve been sitting here staring at the computer screen trying to decide where and how to start and what to include in this long-overdue post. There’s quite a bit I want to say…from the holidays to finishing up our time in the US, to the trip, to the school here, etc., etc., etc. 740 more words