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Shifting of branches
Crack of her limbs
A melody of tinkling,
The cause for my grin.
Ice sliding downward
Upon a water bed,
And these sounds, 37 more words

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Story Time

Burning Identity

Gwen Cosmos

       After the caps were thrown and the merry congratulations given, I got in my car and drove away. Earlier that day, I had gotten a text saying to meet her in a field outside of town. 410 more words


Eulogy for Unspoken Goodbyes

It doesn’t always work out for the better– I am no stranger to this. Sometimes there is a rat caught in the fibers that make up this universe and it throws everything out of balance. 189 more words

Advice To High Schoolers

Bitter Good Byes

Here’s a depressing fact for you: Today may be the last time you ever see someone. Think about that bitterly for a second. Whether it is someone dying, or you saw someone at a Black Friday sale for the first and last time, every single day is potentially the last day you ever see someone. 423 more words


2016: the Year the Stars Went Out?

2016: the Year the Stars Went Out?

No question, there have been many sad losses of celebrities this year. For one thing, mainstream news has reported on several actors who played iconic geek-friendly roles…from Willy Wonka (Gene Wilder) to Chekov (Anton Yelchin) to The Man Who Fell to Earth (David Bowie). 888 more words


Soul's Cry

When your Soul is in Pain..

That spiking pain that rip’s you apart..

That pain that makes breathing harder..

That knot which you feel is pulling tighter around your neck everyday… 63 more words

Good Byes

Cant: Ten for Today

October 25, 2016

Not too many days left here. Other work picking up enough now. Enough for me to starve elsewhere same as here. But somewhere else is looking better now. 194 more words