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Soul's Cry

When your Soul is in Pain..

That spiking pain that rip’s you apart..

That pain that makes breathing harder..

That knot which you feel is pulling tighter around your neck everyday… 63 more words

Good Byes

Cant: Ten for Today

October 25, 2016

Not too many days left here. Other work picking up enough now. Enough for me to starve elsewhere same as here. But somewhere else is looking better now. 194 more words


It's Finished Flat Abs. I'm Over You.

We’ve grown apart over the years and lately, I’ve been thinking we were never meant to be together.

Do you remember when we first met? It was in that aerobics class in college. 674 more words


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C.J. is still young enough to remember her relationship with Flat Abs. I don't think I was ever visited by, much less kissed by, Flatty, as some of my friends called her. I saw pictures of her. I read about her. I even started running (back in the day) in order to cross paths with her. Nothing worked. Maybe my insistence on eating brownies as I ran dissuaded her from joining me. Great read, C.J. https://feedingonfolly.com/2016/10/19/its-over-flat-abs-im-calling-it-quits/comment-page-1/#comment-2257

My Treasured Friend - Marilyn Crosland

I’ve decided that it is impossible to say good-bye to a woman who has left such a profound impact upon my life. What began as a ‘business’ agreement to teach piano to Debralyn, and later Josh, turned into a deep connection between two women. 1,040 more words


Good-bye and Hello

I tend to want to make friends with all around me, including pretty much every inanimate object in my everyday life. Especially the objects I live with. 313 more words


The Last Time

The last time we met was a disgrace to me. The last time he saw me was a trample to my dignity. That day, the heat was still bearable. 259 more words


Vinod Nagappa - You got to be inked...

I think I need to write this cause I don’t want to forget how I met the most wonderful human being in 22 years of my life. 3,247 more words

Family And Friends