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Quit It

“O.K, time for a quick kiss and a ‘See you later’! The OR team is here and ready to take your husband back.”

“I’ll quit grieving when you quit breathing” 30 more words

Why should I think about keeping friends? I love my new friends!

I’m really happy that you love your new friends!! Because you’re in school, every change is an opportunity to make new friends and you should feel good about being able to make new… 417 more words

All Kids

I'm not adult enough for this!

So this post may seem a bit hypocritical, but I think I need to write this so that I can sort through my feelings..

If you’ve read my other posts, you’ll know that about a year ago one of my close friends got diagnosed with Leukaemia. 642 more words

A Part of My Life Is Gone

Today, more specifically this morning, I helped Steven part ways with his scooter (moped, motorcycle, whatever you want to call it) he used while away in Lawrence, Kansas, for college (university studies). 444 more words

RB: 5 Stages of Grief . . . sort of

So Ella is gone.

Probably for forever.


First I was, like, “No, no, it’ll be okay.” 159 more words


Giving Birth to Goodbye

Some people spend years trying to
say good-bye, leaving behind a trail
of half-finished good-byes, seemingly
unaware or unconcerned about
how those heavy stones will feel when you… 49 more words

Bruce Hyde has reportedly died

Bruce Hyde has reportedly died

Bruce Hyde appeared in just two episodes of the original Star Trek, but made a considerable impression on fans as Lt. 279 more words