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You've Got This

I’m facing what feels like the most difficult challenge I’ve been through in my life. Objectively, from an outsider’s perspective, that may seem overly dramatic and just downright incorrect. 628 more words


Engineering Days

Just two more days … You can make it girl …
This is how I console myself. . .rather boost my energy up. .
And this is how I did it the last 4 years .. 156 more words

Routine Life

Lost Light. . .

You were indeed the rose…
Came in too fast… Walked through my life…
Mentored me… Made me a better person…
I always thought why things were so fast and intense with you – – I realize you had very little time to spend…
123 more words


Acceptance. . .


Sometimes it takes a long time to realise, soak and accept the truth.
The truth is bitter..
Yet I wish it was otherwise … 106 more words


Sugar Coated Blessings!

Sometimes what we consider a blessing, luck or something crazily awesome are not really so, they could be the worst things that actually happened to you.. 51 more words


Unfinished Dream. . .

The unfinished dream…

Eyes had a vision a dream
Everything perfectly set
All excellently planned
Preparations beginning months ago

Every heart had a picture
So lovely, so great… 70 more words


The Unsung . . .

The unsung…

Everything along is bubbling with life..
Still stood my life,
Amongst all the noise.
Clasping shut the noise of
The unspoken, unheard, untold… 24 more words

Routine Life