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A Watery Farewell

I am very bad with good-byes, they make me sneeze and cry.  Abhra, I hope we will meet again!  Thank you for hosting; go and be glorious! 132 more words


Raise Your Glass

Crushing to watch it disappear
evaporating into thin air as if it never was..
Oh how I had pictured our moments..
One after the other… 169 more words


I have always hated good-byes. They suck.

There are all sorts of good-byes in this world. This past weekend, a blogger friend of mine had to say good-bye to one of her dear little cats, and everyone who knows me at all knows what cats mean to me. 134 more words


Goodbye, The Toast

Askyermom is preempting today’s nonsense to offer a farewell to another site that has excellent nonsense, but is going to shuffle off to do other things in July. 88 more words

Grown Kids

Not quite finished

I like checklists. I have a nice routine at work with my checklists that I keep updated daily, sometimes redoing them multiple times a day when I’m busy. 332 more words


FWF: The Hardest Goodbye


FWF | The Hardest Goodbye

I’ve had many hard good byes…

The loss of my Mother and Father…

The loss of my Brother and Sister… 260 more words

A Good-bye Piece

A drop of immortality,

a dash of invincibility,

and a dab of childish wonder,

and I never suspected

such a day would come.

My heart misses you already. 62 more words