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It sounds kind of strange to have a post with the title Wikipedia, but I am sure most of you will understand why I am doing this. 290 more words

My Life


What does one do when faced with a corner?

There is only one thing that any living thing would do when faced and forced into a corner of any kind…come out fighting. 1,581 more words

In a Man’s World!

How many women do we fail, each day, hour and minute? In a Man’s World. Demonstrations have been staged. Views have been expressed. Debates have been held. 770 more words

Ekdum Kadak

Bechill v. Benzie County Government Center - 10.98

Bechill v. Benzie County Government Center
Digest no. 10.98
Section 29(1)(a)

Cite as: Bechill v. Benzie Co. Gov’t Ctr, Benzie Circuit Court, No. B 2007-21980-RM2-201487W (August 21, 2009). 349 more words

10. Voluntary Leaving

Kids Helping Kids; Meet IKEA's SAGOSKATT Series

The idea of kids helping kids may not be new, but when it results in absolutely, adorable cuddly creatures, you can’t help but take extra notice. 100 more words


All That You Deserve (Coming Soon)


Thrilled to be a part of a night of positive comedy as “All That You Deserve” premieres next month in North Hollywood, California. We’re taking down bullies and looking fabulous doing it. 13 more words