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A Chef, an Actor, and a Mute Walk into a Cabin...

United Airlines.

After audibly sighing in disgust, remember that not all airlines are the same. Most airlines may feel the same and may seem the same, but there some airlines that truly rise above the rest and genuinely believe its passengers should enjoy their flight in… 74 more words

First customer gets free crochet toy owl 🦉😄

Selling women’s clothing at Friends of the Aviary

August 6th


85 Oak Knoll Dr,

Hamilton, ON

L8S 4C2



As part of my Hubbub internship, I got the chance to run a crowdfunding platform for a cause of my choosing. I chose the Malala Fund. 6 more words

CEO London

This is How to End Rural Poverty in Latin America

What’s the most you have spent on coffee before? I once spent $28 on Kona coffee beans in Maui.

Contrastingly, I’m shocked to learn that most Latin American farmers, of crops including coffee, live below $2 a day and will always be poor with their methods of subsistence farming. 160 more words


Prices of clothes

So far I am thinking $5-$20 depending on the article of clothing being sold as some of the clothing has been barely worn and all of it is in good condition. 17 more words


Selling clothes for the birds 😀

Here are some more pictures of clothing that will be sold at friends of the Aviary

Clothing sold at:

85 Oak Knoll Dr

Hamilton ON L8S 4C2… 6 more words


Doppelgaenger: Do I see double?

One of Lola’s unique traits is that she’s got one ear up:
It’s her right ear, and it stands up most of the time, while her left ear is mostly floppy. 114 more words