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Minotaurs, Writing advice from Mervyn & the GoodCop/BadCop routine - #editing #lettersfromladyn

The Minotaur was shut up in the labyrinth, a vast area with many corridors and passages, in which anyone who entered got lost, because it was impossible to find the exit.

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Not Under FBI Investigation? (99 Word Blog #085)

While it’d be ill-advised to ever deem credible claims uttered, written and Tweeted by #45… for discussion purposes ONLY… let’s say paragraph two, of the letter where he fired FBI Director James Comey, wasn’t a flat-out lie… namely… Comey had actually thrice assured #45 he wasn’t under investigation. 53 more words


April 4th, 2017: Maybe, there is no team...

Crew Members: Sarah, Dina, Gila, Zevvy, Josh, Abigail

A bucket of chips and a pile of games. And people. Those things are important too.

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Regular Meetings

Chicago Cop Serving In The Hood

Two good cop stories in one day!  Yep, I ran across this story that documents a Chicago police officer tending to the needs of a homeless man.   212 more words

Officer Eric Mumaw-Thank you!

Officer Eric Mumaw gave his life in service to the Nashville community. Mr. Mumaw entered the Cumberland River in an attempt to save a suicidal woman. 110 more words

Good Cop Bad Cop

Bad Cops in Salinas

This is my newest edition of Good Cop/Bad Cop.  I think it is obvious what category this falls into.  We need to keep standing up, hold public servants (employees) accountable and use civil ways to have policemen like this charged to the fullest extent of the law.   62 more words

Good Cop Bad Cop

german right populist bad cop good cop

a far right party in germany played bad cop/good cop this week. bjorn hocke (we in englilsh tend to remove everything that looks like an umlaut) a state representative from a state in the former east germany and frauke petry–one of the co-chairmans of the alternative fur deutschland (afd) party did that this week. 88 more words