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Episode 30: Clean-up Crew

Kaspellidon was in custody and in the news all in the same day. No help was needed by the swift and efficient Pincho Police for that. 1,208 more words

Giving Thanks … To The Experts on False Confessions

Well, the one question that comes up all the time and needs to be discussed rationally: Why did Jodi Arias confess to killing Travis Alexander if she was innocent? 2,358 more words

Detective Esteban Flores

Good Cop, Bad Cop

Since mid-August I’ve been casually seeing a police officer who lives in a neighboring town. He’s 30 years old (I’m 27) and we get along really well. 528 more words

Weekly Board Games - 25/08/15

OK, so perhaps using the Summer as an excuse for neglecting my blog is poor form but I’m gonna do it anyway! I’ve still been playing games since my last post, but I think I had just slowed down to the point where regular updates didn’t really seem appropriate. 2,051 more words

Board Game

Lost: One Mind.... Finder's Reward: Two delightful brats!

Oh my god!!!


What is with these children??!!

You’d think that after dealing with 20-40 kids a day in the term time, that having just the two at home would be ok… 830 more words


Georgia Police Officer Speaks Up On Behalf Of Good Cops

With all that’s going on across the country with the exposing of bad policing via social media, 5-year Georgia police officer, Billy Ray Fields, decided to state his opinion and support cops that are actually out there doing it the right way. 90 more words


Крыша (Krysha) (Part-1) – The good cop / bad cop routine

When I look at the current situation vis-à-vis the ongoing negotiations with Iran on it’s nuclear program, I get reminded of an incident when I was a particularly naughty 10-year old. 1,788 more words

Foreign Policy