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Song of the Day: June 10, 2017

Ice Cube has come back with an aggravating hit addressing police brutality. “Good Cop Bad Cop,” released just a few days ago, shows how racism in America has not changed much since NWA came out with “Fuck The Police” in 1988. 299 more words


Download MP3: Ice Cube – Good Cop Bad Cop

Ice Cube is certainly one of the pioneers of Gangsta Rap and The legendary emcee is releasing the 25th anniversary edition of his iconic album Death Certificate on June 9th, 139 more words


Ice Cube - Good Cop Bad Cop (Review & Stream)

Before the Barbershops and Are We There Yets, Ice Cube was an angry black man that loved to go Rambo on everything white! 61 more words


Minotaurs, Writing advice from Mervyn & the GoodCop/BadCop routine - #editing #lettersfromladyn

The Minotaur was shut up in the labyrinth, a vast area with many corridors and passages, in which anyone who entered got lost, because it was impossible to find the exit.

778 more words

Not Under FBI Investigation? (99 Word Blog #085)

While it’d be ill-advised to ever deem credible claims uttered, written and Tweeted by #45… for discussion purposes ONLY… let’s say paragraph two, of the letter where he fired FBI Director James Comey, wasn’t a flat-out lie… namely… Comey had actually thrice assured #45 he wasn’t under investigation. 53 more words