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Good Days V's Bad Days


I hate how much my moods change over the days. Even over the hours, for example there has been mornings when I have woken up in such a shit mood but then I could gradually become happier over the course of the day (or vice versa) I could take one message from someone or even just something in my head to cheer me up or put me down.  221 more words

Tough Talks For Exciting Things

*Note: because I’m still super excited about my news from earlier today, I will be peppering this post with happy gifs, like this one:

Well, I had that difficult conversation with my boss today. 722 more words


New Job!

That’s right, it’s a rare midday post (at least midday where I live)! Anyway, that means it’s probably something important, and it is. Well, I just found out that I am going to have a new job! 965 more words


Bad days are Natural

Do you feel discouraged and down at times? Fret not, everyone feels so from time and again.

These are the days which you just forget and move on. 29 more words



It has been a long time since I last blogged and I have been also deciding whether or not to keep blogging. Mostly because I am not sure if my personal stories are really helpful to others and because it is hard to talk about such sensitive subjects. 226 more words


After a year away, Kaitlynn, Laura & Nick Return in the 4th book of The Drifter Series
“The Privilege of Sin”

Not only that, but we’ve also put together ALL FOUR books in ONE COLLECTION, all at a special price! 81 more words


Weekly Photo Challenge ... A good day

What a difficult prompt.  On a good day I can look back and reflect on many fine examples to entertain you. Then, if the mood is different then my recollections are tainted and less attractive.   292 more words