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The New Day

As the day begins anew,

Stresses small and worries few

I wonder what’s in store for me

And if I’ll commit it to memory.

Could it be that today will be good… 112 more words

Things That Make ME Happy

Most people today get so caught up in the stress of everyday life, they miss the good things in life. There are so many things to be happy about and, unfortunately, we take for granted most of those things. 147 more words

Who Knew?

About a year ago, July 2016 was the absolute latest that my family would move halfway across the country. Who knew that after that “plan”, we would move three months later in October 2015? 649 more words


Good days.

Be grateful for good days!

(Be grateful for bad days, be grateful for all days).

Cherish the times you experience great joy, elongate those moments for as long as possible, and promise yourself you’ll do this again soon. 72 more words


Sometimes I Forget to Be Stoked: Thoughts On A Colorado Summer

Some days I wake up and forget to be stoked on the mountains.

Sometimes I forget what it feels like to stand on top of a peak, or to drive on winding mountain roads, or through canyons flanked by towering walls of shear rock face, windows down, radio up. 719 more words

Welcome to Your Midlife Crisis. Here’s your Complimentary Wine…

So, I seem to be having this feeling, ever since…oh, my mid-forties, that I am “missing out” on something. That I need to be doing something “different”, something “new”, even though I have no earthly clue what I may be missing out on, or what that new and different thing is. 662 more words

Forging A New Path

A Dress for Every Season

Navy silk, perfectly tailored

A gift from my husband

Bought for a time of rejoicing:

the wedding of a dear little-sister-friend.

And oh how beautifully the bride shone… 206 more words