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“I think that in order to survive, there’s this concept of having bulletproof skin.”

~ Gavin Rossdale

There are days that I wish I was bulletproof, and then days I am so grateful that I am not.  324 more words

Tidbits From My Past...

BBQ not B&Q*

*Other D.I.Y. establishments are available (this particular brand name suits the title better)

Good evening and welcome. I have been wondering what to write this evening and I had the title in my head but no more words to follow. 865 more words

Your Last Good Day

I finally got myself to watch the movie The Fault in Our Stars about a young girl with terminal cancer and at the end she talks about a cancer patients last good day, “There’s no way of knowing that your last good day is Your Last Good Day. 441 more words


An Excerpt From A Hopeless Mind

(Hi guys, I know I’ve been AWOL since a long time. Was having sort of a writer’s block. But now that I’m back, I come bearing gifts – just not in the form of another poetry. 181 more words

really? not something i would be proud of?

Not sure I am the most professional mum on the block but I do have certain sense of decorum and what is right. And boasting about how bad a parent I am is not something I would be proud of? 175 more words



This one time recently I came downstairs and Trey had paused the TV show. He started it up, and the characters were talking about vacation and said, “Aruba, Jamaica . 143 more words

Good Days

I Sobbed Through Gardians of the Galaxy vol 2

“It starts May fifth.”

I have been hearing this from my boys for months now.  May 5th.  The opening of GOTG 2.  It was big news in our house. 580 more words

Bad Days