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Good for the Soul Kinda Weekend

Friday ended up being a surprise date-night for hubby and I when I called to invite a friend and her daughter to dinner with us and she said yes but then called back and said that her hubby was getting off of work early and didn’t really want to go out so why didn’t she keep Lil Bit and let her play while we went out. 372 more words


When Things Don't Go Your Way

Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Whether it’s missing a connection flight, not getting the guy, or in my case not getting the job (I was given the opportunity to have a shot at my dream job but was obstructed by French language requirements). 266 more words


Post 4: Baby Steps

An unexpected outcome: I freaking love my teeth now. They’re so clean and polished – I think I’m even going to start whitening them so they look even better. 554 more words

Stepping Stones

Step here… this here rock, this one right here is okay.

Don’t step there… no, not on that rock, it’s wobbly so avoid that that one at all costs. 211 more words


How Do You Start?

Wow, it’s amazing how many people have asked me this question lately. I have my theories about why many are turning to homeschool now, but I will keep those to myself, I could be wrong. 385 more words


Relearning Life

People in their right minds – or moods anyway – don’t anticipate their next inevitable bad day. The appearance of them every once in a while proves their unfortunate existence, but people in their right minds don’t dread bad days on a daily basis. 173 more words