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8th December 2016

today you didn’t win.

I’ve started group therapy today. I normally think that it’s useless. Alright. Not completely. The greatest benefit is meeting other people who also feel crap and hate meeting others. 508 more words


The Good Days

Tonight, I’m not going to be as cynical as I have been, because it’s been a pretty good day. About a week ago, Leon and I went to his barber so he could have a fresh haircut for my great-grandmother’s funeral and we sat around talking to her for a bit. 516 more words


Spirituality is a big part of 12-step programs.  Well, I grew up Catholic, and have decided to never practice it again.

While I am not doing a 12-step program, I have felt like that aspect of my life was lacking.   88 more words

Good Days


You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days of your life.

The Messed Up And Crazy Thoughts Of My Life

Christmas fair ✨

So today I went to bury Christmas fair , with my best friend Brianna and honestly had the best time. I feel like it was 100% Christmas overload and even though it was busy we just kind of shuffled through the crowds hand in hand 😂☺️ so here’s some pictures me and her took , also go check her out she’s pretty cool – (also to create this and put the photos in on my phone was the biggest pain in the arse imaginable) 43 more words


LIFE: Leave ‘IF’ and Live ‘IT’

What do you call that ‘thing’ when you come so close to success and then… you just don’t make it!

And not only once but say…countless times…. 216 more words


Family Time Is Precious

Today I gave up my serving shift after a series of really successful bartending shifts in order to spend some time with my number one guys. 309 more words