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Good days happen!

Today I’m having a good day. I’m not entirely sure why, there’s nothing amazing or stand-out about today that makes it much different to yesterday (which was less good). 1,131 more words

Me Stuff

"Awww Yeaaaahh!"

Normally at this time, one is fast asleep dreaming about all sorts of things, but not this morning!

My 12hr bag of Cisplatin has finally finished (approx 03:40)! 131 more words


*Suspenseful melody*

They sent in the Death Room’s Sister to fix me today’s bag of chemo… no doubt after I lost my cool with the disrespectful HCA this morning. 146 more words


Best Birthday Gift Ever

Sometimes, you get a gift that just takes your breath away. It doesn’t need to be new, expensive, or the latest iGadget. Sometimes, all you need is the most thoughtful gift in the world. 179 more words

Good Days

The Good, the Bad and Me

The last few hours have been, mixed.

The Good:

I was visited by some lovely friends who spent a couple of hours with Yas and I, its was a great bit of bants and also, I got to rant a bit (This is always good). 323 more words

Bad Days

"hello world"

For those of you I don’t catch up with so often, you may not know my “cancer journey” (maaan….) started in April 2015, when eventually… 142 more words

Good Days