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Life's Roads.

Life’s adventure can sometimes be a smooth highway road with just a few bumps on a beautiful sunny day where you can have the windows down and happy tunes playing and sometimes it’s a highway with potholes that rattle you’re vehicle and make things sound like they’re breaking, in a blizzard where you can hardly see a foot in front of you and your vehicle is wanting to slide off the road and your feeling like you are or might lose control. 249 more words


She wondered...

It was a good day.
She did everything she loved. 277 more words

the things you forget

Spending months beneath a heavy dark shroud can really alter how you view the world around you – especially after the shroud has been lifted. 158 more words


I am turning 18 today and really i am not exaggerating it today has been awful.First I had my period and the cramps is freaking painful then there is also this huge pimple on my left cheek for the world to see.As if this is not enough I caught a really bad cold and I had to sleep all evening although tomorrow we will have finals.Well actually today is the first day of finals. 158 more words

My Life

Free Kindle Ebook!


To mark the publication of the fourth and final novel in


the first novel is being offered free from March 1st-5th on Amazon. 9 more words

Good Days

It's the little things

Since I wrote about my anxiety I’ve been overwhelmed with the response. I’m still struggling but I’m keeping a positive outlook and there are so many good things out there. 149 more words


Birthday Card

Yesterday, Nif’s best friend (and now my friend) sent me some pictures of an old birthday card she found from Jennifer. 30 more words

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