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This blog is a good place to come to for grounding.  When the shit is getting too thick and i cant see in front of me, I make time to come here and the ground opens up in front of me. 494 more words

Hello, Delhi.

I’m liking the idea of frequent non-poetry posts, hah.

So here’s another one, ahahahahaha, okay.

So, well (I’m so bad at starting these, god), we finalised the plan to leave Pune and go to Delhi on 15th of June, in time for the release of the cutoff lists and for admission in well, the colleges I get into. 421 more words

Good Days

'If you want the rainbow you gotta put up with the rain '. Dolly Parton.

This week has been a new start for me, I began working the hospital on Monday and have enjoyed my first few shifts. Although I did have one shift were it felt as if I was running around after everyone and I began to get annoyed. 221 more words

Mental Health

Morning Magic

This morning I let the dog out into our fenced in backyard and turned my attention to feeding my demanding felines when I heard him bark. 166 more words

Here I Go Again

Its had a hold on me since I was nine years old. How do I know that? I havent had a “normal” day since then.Why am I like this? 672 more words

I Bought a Romper: #GoodDayChallenge

This is not the kind of thing I write about, typically. But, I was inspired to chronicle yesterday’s experience because I felt pretty good about myself at the end of it and I think it’s important for people outside of depression to know that we have good days. 1,317 more words