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When do you stop?

We had a long talk the other day, my husband and I. We were on holiday in Scotland, and talked about everything – the difficulty of the past year, our hope for the future. 173 more words

Breast Cancer

My Cup Runneth Over

Some days your heart is so completely full that you want to burst into tears because it’s so overwhelming. Nothing extraordinary has happened. I have been sick this past week and, for others reasons, it has not the been the best week. 372 more words


A good day

My head is clear today, my thoughts are settled and my body is at rest. Today just might be a good day. A day that comes without warning and is taken as swiftly as it came. 753 more words


Relaxing With a Prank

Okay, so I really don’t have a lot to say tonight. It’s been a long day, and a long week, but in a good way. I feel like I got a lot done at work, thus being a pretty productive member of society, so I feel good about that. 559 more words


Filler Days

There is a common belief in television that an episode of a show that doesn’t really move the overall plot forward is simply a filler episode. 1,033 more words


Reality Check

My whole life I’ve been told that you have to be successful in school to have a successful life. 19 years of life and I am just now realizing that that’s not true. 222 more words

Just Keeping You Posted

Could I Be Any More Like Chandler?

Maybe you can’t tell from how I write, or maybe you can, but I tend to be a pretty sarcastic person about a lot of things. 1,230 more words