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Small Squares, Big Happiness

Speckled around town, agents left words and wishes around the Biggest Little City. Dozens of messages were left in elevators and parking lots, in shopping malls and city buildings; sticking happiness directly into the roots of our community.

Good Deeds

A Happy Library

Some Reno-ites at a city library have received happynotes today. Reading makes for a happy city.

Enjoy your day, Reno readers!

Good Deeds

Clearing the Path to Happiness

Reno and northern Nevada have been buried.

A happy team member checked in and reported shoveling a neighbor’s driveway — as a surprise! Without being asked, and without hesitation, the team member cleared the path to happiness. 15 more words

Good Deeds

A Happy Sub

One happy team member is warming hearts and tummys in this winter weather.

“I met a gentleman named D standing on the street corner of Plumb and the freeway standing in 32° weather. 37 more words

Good Deeds

Community Boards

Today, a few volunteers went well wishing in the Biggest Little City by taking stops and posting at local community boards.

Shop local, and take a peek.   13 more words

Good Deeds

Biggest Little Parks

A few parks around town were noted with a little happiness.

Enjoy your day park-goers.

Good Deeds

Happy First Day of Fall

Happy first day of Fall.

Cookies are sure to make the day even more happy.  Enjoy!

Good Deeds