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Day 26: FUNdraising

This evening, I scheduled on my calendar to volunteer.

I was home-bound, computer-bound, but helping by volunteering my work.

I spent about 5-6 hours, in the late hours of the evening, to help a local non-profit organization do some fundraising. 56 more words

Good Deeds

Day 25: Jolly Green Giant

I was on a business run today. A Sunday, I know.

I put in a few extra hours working on a different project, and I got out of the house to do my work at the local giant green coffee place. 174 more words

Good Deeds

Day 23: Happy Home Delivery

I am always thinking about those happy balloons. You know, the ones that were practically waving at me. I think I am going to have to stock them in my arsenal. 89 more words

Good Deeds

Day 22: Happy Note

Perhaps I should think of something new, eh?

But my wish is simple. “I hope you have a happy day,” my note said.

They all say that. 56 more words

Good Deeds

Day 21: Happy Note

I know, another Happy Note!

It may be small, but each Happy Note is a chance to touch someone.

I hope that person will receive the note with an open mind, and happiness at the thought of the good vibes tucked inside.

Good Deeds

Day 20: Deliver a Hug

Sometimes, I have to seek out happiness. Other times, happiness and requests for happiness just seem to find me.

I am a magnet for happiness. 132 more words

Good Deeds

Day 16: A Half-Hour Volunteer

Again at lunch. Lunchtime has a way with finding me people to help and things to get done.

I volunteered for a half-hour.

It was easy peasy. 34 more words

Good Deeds