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Twelve Days of Christmas Cheer

On the first day of Christmas, an agent gave to me – a pear that was gifted with glee.

Reno Happy Project teamed up with Community Yogi to spread 12 days of Christmas cheer Dec. 146 more words

Good Deeds

"Plug In People"

A few years ago, I worked at a church that had those large nativity figurines. They were plastic and had a light in them that you plugged in. 141 more words

Mini Bouquets of Happiness

One of our agents grew happiness by gifting bouquets with happy messages. Happy bouquets were given to co-workers, friends and other encountered Reno-ites.

Have a happy day, Reno!

Good Deeds

Sincere Little Notes

Hand-written messages can help to soothe the soul.

One of our agents was contacted by a member of the state to create handwritten cards to those affected by the recent attack in Las Vegas. 10 more words

Good Deeds

Disco Fortune Teller

Glitter. Mirrors. Afros. And music.

Agents opened a pop-up shop to spread cheer at a downtown event – DISCO FORTUNE TELLER.

There she stood. Behind the candles and the glowing reflection, the disco medium gazed into her crystal disco ball and read her fortunes to fellow Reno-ites. 101 more words

Good Deeds

Here's Your Sign

Among the stop and go of day-to-day traffic, many things seem to be ordinary. But our agents have filled the streets with signs offering kind words to commuters.

Have a happy drive, Reno.

Good Deeds

Small Squares, Big Happiness

Speckled around town, agents left words and wishes around the Biggest Little City. Dozens of messages were left in elevators and parking lots, in shopping malls and city buildings; sticking happiness directly into the roots of our community.

Good Deeds