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My First Health Tip [Healthy Eating]

​Try not to think of certain foods as “off-limits.” – try reducing portion sizes and not eating them as often.

Think smaller portions. – Use smaller plates, read food labels, and increase your vegetable intake. 76 more words


Some Healthy Eating Habits

1.Healthy Snacks.

Some of my favorite healthy snacks are pretty simple. ( & CHEAP!!) 

Such as toast, peanut butter, and banana.

It’s really just the matter of eating in small amounts. 225 more words

Happier You

How this dietitian enjoys summertime grilling

Everyone loves to fire up the grill for a July 4th cookout. How you grill and what you cook on the grill can be tasty, healthy and can even reduce your risk of developing some cancers.   598 more words

How to Reboot Your Eating Habits

Small Shifts Can Drop Pounds and Gain Health

Our food habits are often just that—mindless, repetitious eating behaviors. Some serve us well; others, not so much. 290 more words


Tips on overcoming picky eaters from leading kids nutritionist Aviva Allen

How many of us parents can say that our children are picky eaters. Some of us may even say that we have also picky spouses to tend with when trying to meal plan and prepare healthy meals. 521 more words

Urban Suburban Mommy

Health and nutrition: The importance of good eating habits

With the steadily growing number of obese people in the world, fad diets and quick-fix solutions have been getting the better of common sense. Health experts are discouraging weight-concerned people from taking this route, as it often leads to more backlashes on health. 281 more words

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