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Exercise. It's That Word Again, Isn't It

It’s back. For someone who loves playing with words, the one word that I dread in my life is “exercise” as in when the doctor says, “with diet and aerobic exercise your numbers should improve.” Ugh. 506 more words

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Cultivate Good Eating Habits with Children

Thank you to the American Heart Asssociation for this very interesting and useful information on helping children develop healthy eating habits which will benefit them later in their lifetime. 463 more words

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Nutrition Rules!

I bet that when you were a kid, you’d roll your eyes every time your mother told you to eat your vegetables. Now that you’re older, you realize mom really… 357 more words

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So Wanted THIS, But Had...

The food truck temptation was avoided for a more healthy alternative… Damn it!

Wanted THIS..

Ate this…

All the better I know.  Sigh.

-A Fat Guy… 14 more words

Health Tips From A Fat Guy


Today, I got to spend time with my wonderful best friend. Thrilling story, isn’t it? ;) Well, while this may not be the most thrilling beginning to a story that anyone’s ever heard, it was pretty damn exciting for yours truly. 604 more words

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When is the best time to work out ?

This is a question I get asked all the time and it’s a very good question.

From my experience the best time to workout is in the morning 10-15 minutes after waking up, for numerous reasons. 168 more words

Best Time To Workout

When do you usually eat?

One way you can start thinking about your eating habits is by answering this question: 

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There is no right or wrong answer, but it is one step towards making you realize what moves you to eat and what you need to do to become a mindful eater.

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