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A Healthy Salad Dressing

The Cold Hard Fact 

 Most commercially available salad dressings aren’t that good for you. Sorry. It is just the way it is. Time to ditch all those bottles in your refrigerator. 198 more words


Keto/Grain Free Sesame Wasabi Chicken

Preparing your meals in advance is a great way to improve your eating habits, reduce your spending, and fuel your fitness goals.

This delicious Sesame Wasabi Chicken took a total of 15 minutes to prepare, cook and serve (or pack) and will feed me and my partner for the next four meals (that’s two lunches and two dinners each) at a cost-per-serving of roughly $3.50 (less if you already have soy sauce +wasabi). 420 more words

Good Eats

[Sit Down] Log Out And Tune In

What would the world be like without all of the modern day inventions we frequently utilize daily? People would be forced to be around eachother, talk to eachother, and be more in tune with the world that revolves around us all. 248 more words

Baltimore Culture

The Oregon Trail, Part 1

In the latest installment of “Foie Gras and Funnel Cakes,” I continue my adventures exploring the Pacific Northwest.

I’m not sure why but I’ve been wanting to take a road trip to Portland for some time now. 2,222 more words

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California Eats: Cream @ Mission [San Fran]

Food posts from my Left Coast concert trip to San Francisco: Kare-Ken @ Tenderloin, Dragon Eats @ Financial District, Bissap Baobab @ Mission, Cream @ Mission, … 161 more words

Good Eats

Chia Seed Strawberry Jam - Fast & Fresh

SUPER easy and made with super-foods only! Not too sweet, no added sugars/syrups/fake flavorings or other junk, and has a 10-14 day shelf life in the fridge. 200 more words


Good Eats in Hawaii


Last Monday I went back in time and ended up on the beautiful island of Hawaii. (time zone humor at its finest) It was a different trip than most because it was a trip that was solely meant for business – family business. 490 more words