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Uplift Locally to Solve Globally

In this unique historical moment, it seems worth asking: What does the conventional way of measuring the economic landscape of value exchange leave out, and can we remedy that marginalization without disrupting the institutions we depend on? 1,459 more words

Generative Economics

Finance for Deep-Rooted Prosperity is Coming

We’re entering a new age for the Earth’s climate and for the way we conceive of finance

“Macrocritical resilience” may be the most mystifying two-word phrase you need to know. 990 more words

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The Emerging Empowerment Economy

All the building we have to do…

For many years, the engineers of the United States have warned that infrastructure urgently needs trillions of dollars in routine maintenance, and trillions more in updates and upgrades. 606 more words

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ACCESS to GOOD Stocktake at the World Bank

ACCESS to GOOD is a collaborative information-sharing initiative, combining two ways of tracking human progress and everyday sustainability. ACCESS traces progress in relation to the Paris Agreement, on climate, energy, sustenance, and security. 459 more words

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Question: Good Economics

Out of curiosity, what would be the eldraeic critique of the idea of “Good Economics” as expounded on in the Book of Life, particularly as contrasted with Classical Economics?

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Beyond Feudalism: Shared Sovereignty, Human Dignity & Open Information

There is a tension between the feudal system and modernity, which is most usefully illustrated by the differences in how feudalism and democracy treat knowledge. In the feudal system, where powerful landlords control access to resources and consume the political space, general scientific, historical, and technical knowledge is jealously guarded and is shared with working people only in order to achieve a specific objective of the ruling class. 545 more words

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Freedom from Tyranny: Redefined

A New Blueprint for Human Liberty

We want a future characterized by freedom from tyranny and deprivation. We want a future characterized by open access to education and empowerment. 687 more words

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