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Toronto Climate Summit: Shared Moral and Practical Action

The Climate Summit of the Americas, hosted by the provincial government of Ontario, brought together infranational leaders from the US, Canada and Latin America. These ministers and heads of government from 23 jurisdictions around the hemisphere gathered to share their experience of effective climate action and to agree to a shared… 1,844 more words

Climate Solutions

Barcelona: Setting a Course to Low-carbon Prosperity

After Climate Week in Paris and before the global climate negotiations started up again in Bonn, Barcelona hosted the Carbon Expo, which is part trade fair and part high-stakes policy shop. 1,229 more words

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The Vastness of the Open Water

A note on entering the new age of exploration*

Lake Superior is the largest body of fresh water in the world, by surface area, unless you count Lakes Huron and Michigan as one lake, because they are connected by an open flow of water 5 miles across. 754 more words

Building The Green Economy

Carbon Delta: the value of avoiding carbon risk

by Oliver Marchand

As has been well documented by the scientific community and in the mainstream media, the effects of climate change are growing with each passing year. 824 more words

Climate Destabilization

Energetic Democratization

Our political systems are not static, but evolving. Democracies loosen and tighten rules, regarding their internal power structure and officially recognized processes for establishing legitimate sovereign rule. 1,141 more words

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Building First-Level Resiliency

Most global investment strategy is planned through a network of proxies: governments invest in global institutions (like the World Bank and IMF), which in turn invest in other governments; or, governments invest in banks, through central banks, and they invest in other banks, or enterprises, sometimes partly or wholly state-owned, sometimes multinational… and the success of their work is measured in proxy values, like GDP—Gross Domestic Product. 1,089 more words

Human Scale Economics