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Energetic Democratization

Our political systems are not static, but evolving. Democracies loosen and tighten rules, regarding their internal power structure and officially recognized processes for establishing legitimate sovereign rule. 1,141 more words

Climate Solutions

Building First-Level Resiliency

Most global investment strategy is planned through a network of proxies: governments invest in global institutions (like the World Bank and IMF), which in turn invest in other governments; or, governments invest in banks, through central banks, and they invest in other banks, or enterprises, sometimes partly or wholly state-owned, sometimes multinational… and the success of their work is measured in proxy values, like GDP—Gross Domestic Product. 1,089 more words

Human Scale Economics

OKC Police: Suspect beats man with a hammer after fight over bicycle

OKLAHOMA CITY –  Police say an argument over a bicycle led to a man getting beaten with a hammer.

Police say David Phillips, 40, claimed that Jason Green, 31,  stole his bicycle. 104 more words


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International trade is one of the oldest occupations in the world. Exporting involves selling our products to overseas consumers. Importing is the reverse, buying goods from an overseas country. 82 more words

Chuck Schumer Endorses the Persecution of Religious Americans

“You’re born with a religion or you adopt a religion. You have to obey the precepts of that religion and the government gives you a wide penumbra – you don’t have to form a corporation,” 733 more words

Current Events

Invading Iraq was wrong, and it's wrong to do it again

If insanity can be defined as doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results, then perhaps the United States’ foreign policy truly is insane. 1,033 more words