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Question: Good Economics

Out of curiosity, what would be the eldraeic critique of the idea of “Good Economics” as expounded on in the Book of Life, particularly as contrasted with Classical Economics?

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Freedom from Tyranny: Redefined

A New Blueprint for Human Liberty

We want a future characterized by freedom from tyranny and deprivation. We want a future characterized by open access to education and empowerment. 687 more words

Human Scale Economics

21st-Century Enterprise: Smart, Lightweight, Adaptive

For a long time, talk about environmentally sustainable business practices triggered one or another stereotypical retort about how enterprise cannot thrive if asked to live by such standards. 989 more words

Building The Green Economy

The Climate Opportunity Report

The first high-level dialogue in the series Accelerating Progress, Advancing Innovation identified key areas of action and emerging pools of demand that make action to counter the “inconvenient truth” of global climate disruption “a convenient opportunity”. 224 more words

Climate Solutions

Macrocritical Value Generation: The Roots of Future Opportunity

Historically, when observers to the Bretton Woods institutions would raise issues of macrocritical value distortion, they were generally told “That’s not our business.” The common practice was to treat environmental damage, the degradation of basic rights, limited access to education, as “unquantifiables” or as “social issues”. 601 more words

Human Scale Economics

An Evolving Biochemical Technicolor Bird's Nest

We need to think of economics as something much wider and more diverse than the 2-dimensional graphs we are so used to. Economists, investors and political leaders routinely push us to believe economic progress means expansion over time. 639 more words

Human Scale Economics

A Global Coalition Mapping & Motivating Decarbonization

by Joseph Robertson
Published in The Guardian on April 25, 2016

Would it surprise you to learn that governments, oil companies, NGOs and major investors are coming together to map—and to motivate—the decarbonization of the global economy? 806 more words

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