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Good Foods- Tacos 4 Life

Located in Conway Arkansas, right off Oak Street lays the most exuberant Taco Establishment, Tacos for life. Upon first opening the door I saw the portentous restaurant as unique and very welcoming. 282 more words


A list of the good stuff

Here is a list of foods to buy in, get yourself to the shops for some lovely fresh produce.


How To Feed A Picky Eater

Since the days my daughters were born, I’ve been reading books and articles about how to address picky eaters.  To many people, there is nothing worse than the picky eater.   718 more words

Good Foods- La Villa (Russellville Arkansas)

It was Valentines day, and I had no plans, no reservations, only Google could help me that night. I didn’t want any McDonalds, or  Burger King; not even Colton’s Steakhouse could be good enough. 612 more words


UnMiked: 3 Undeniable Truths of Successful Change

This may be the fanciest title I have ever written. This post may also upset some people, but that is okay – because chances are if you don’t agree with what I have to say here, you are probably in denial about something in regards to your own attempt at making a successful change. 677 more words


Goodbye Keisha

Well I took my first full self photo in months. I really don’t even recognize myself.

I am weighing in at 185-183 lbs. I have leaned out and I am very happy where I have come from with health goals but I have one problem. 165 more words


Hello one and all, as promised  here is the very important and informative post Ty sent in for us. I Obara Meji am so blessed to be supported by you all and by that I mean your attention/attendance here daily. 1,270 more words

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