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Coffee has something of a cult following in Nashville. The caffeinated (or decaffeinated for those of you with unfathomable energy) beverage is part of our daily routines; something we make time for. 558 more words


Restaurant Review: Fulton Market Kitchen

Impressed by its vote for one of Chicago’s hottest new restaurants, we made a reservation for a girls night to celebrate my birthday. Immediately upon walking in, you are fascinated with the design of this large place. 380 more words


Thai X-ing: Thai Food

For Laura’s birthday we headed up to U-Street to eat at Thai X-ing. We paid a flat $50 plus a $5 corking fee. Our group of 11 was sat at a long table and the food was brought out and shared. 109 more words

One of the many benefits of living in the great state of Tennessee is the ability to easily explore a number of natural wonders. We all love the hustle and bustle of the consistently congested streets of Nashville, but sometimes escaping the city lights is the perfect medicine for reviving your lust for life. 448 more words


Restaurant Review: Nellcote

Having only been here for dessert and champagne before, I can at least say that I’ve been back for an awesome brunch even though I still haven’t had the traditional Italian dinner experience I’m sure this place has mastered. 267 more words


Like a breath of fresh air, some spaces just exude light and energy. Good vibes only. Walking in to a space like this immediately invigorates you, shaking even the worst hangover from your droopy eyes. 461 more words


Restaurant Review: Chicago Q

I thought a more upscale BBQ spot might the perfect combo of great Southern cuisine without the excess…but ill ruin the plot of the story and tell you that both times we overate-but that’s only because it was so good.¬† 420 more words