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I’ve been using these silicone pops for years!  My favorite recipe is so simple:  Leftover smoothies…  Make a little extra smoothie or if you have any leftovers (my youngest usually drinks half of hers then saves the rest so she can make a popsicle for later) all you have to do is pour it in and freeze!   113 more words

Is keto diet good for you?

This post started as a question from one of my friends. When they found out about my interest in nutrition they asked me my opinion on the ketogenic diet. 1,689 more words

Good For You

Get Outside. Your Body Needs It.

Watch the video. It’s all in there, and it says it all.

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Good news ice cream is actually good for you!

by Niki Kefala

Ice cream is actually good for you! Yay. Of course, everything in moderation.

Eating ice cream is an all year enjoyable habit. Ancient Greeks had a famous quote «pan metron ariston» which means «everything in moderation». 274 more words


Are you getting enough vitamins and minerals?

We all know that vitamins and minerals are good for you. But there are so many. We hear how this product is high in certain vitamins, that product contains a certain amount of a mineral but how do we know how much we actually need at that particular time? 2,081 more words

Good For You

Yamwhich? I guess we could call it that.

I like meat as much as the next person, I mean don’t get me started on pork belly, but I also enjoy a good veggie meal, especially when they’re tasty and the textural balance is just right. 402 more words


Top Reasons to Love Butter

The simple pleasures in life are often the most neglected. Too easily they’re overlooked in favour of costly or complex adventures. Like fancy restaurants, round the world trips, designer accessories….I’ve been thinking a lot about the simple pleasures as I embark on a 12 month career break from work. 551 more words

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