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All Carbs Are Not Created Equal!!!

For years, we have been told that carbohydrates are bad for our health and that they  contribute to weight gain and bloated bellies.  People try low-carb diets and lose a few pounds, but find themselves starving, grumpy and lacking energy (and there is a reason for this).  768 more words


Pork! A singular sensation.

WOW! Where has the year gone? It is almost time for Santa  Paws and then BAM! The new year will be here before you know it. 539 more words

Interview: 'Good For You' tour

The energy that filled the courtyard of Bar on the Hill (BotH) will most likely never be repeated. From punk trio Ouch My Face to Triple J favourite Courtney Barnett, each set drastically differed from the next, hitting each and every emotion known to mankind. 580 more words

2. How Heat Has Never Been More Important Then Now

The sauna has been a part of a high standard of living for 2000 years throughout the world. In no way is the Sauna a new concept in our human history. 748 more words

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When getting disciplined feels unfair.

Hey 👋🏾 there BCU Family!

Typically, you have the option of listening to our podcast, reading the notes or both. For this post, because of the conversational story, please tune into the podcast recording and refer to the written post for the highlights and corresponding Scriptures. 596 more words

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