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Cross bumpkinscountry

At about 8.10am this morning a memory appeared out of nowhere. It was a memory of watching some of my secondary school class set off in a PE lesson to do cross country.   237 more words


Meal Prepping Made Easy

I came across a post on Twitter last night that is so simple, I can’t believe I haven’t seen it dozens of times before!

What is the one thing, besides tracking your meals and exercise, that all diets rate as a “must do” for weight loss success?Meal Planning. 342 more words

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What Healthy Eating Does For Your Body

If you use Facebook and are interested in the things I may not devote an entire blog post to: things like health articles, my favorite recipes, fun drinks, food facts, nutritional information, restaurant reviews, photos and other things that make my mouth water, I have a very active page on Facebook you can visit too: 6 more words

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Tasty Thursday - Sweet Potato Biscuits

It’s soup and stew season, and who doesn’t love biscuits with that? These pack a bit more of a healthy punch because we all know how loaded with goodness sweet potatoes are, right?! 24 more words


New Year Resolutions - 2017

This year one of my main resolutions is to eat healthier. By this I don’t mean cut out a few carbs or fats. No. I mean I am going to try a mostly vegan diet. 258 more words


Green Tea: Good For The Brain & So Much More

Back and forth the news goes seemingly daily with the benefits or risks of one food, drink or other thing we put into our bodies. 97 more words



For about five years I have tried making Brie and cranberry canapés for Christmas. Every year they have been a complete disaster.  I think I might have finally cracked it though! 166 more words

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