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Carrot Cake or Pudding of a carrot

Pudding of Carrot. Pare off ſome of the Cruſt of Manchet-Bread, and grate of half as much of the reſt as there is of the Root, which muſt alſo be grated: Then take half a Pint of freſh Cream or New Milk, half a Pound of freſh Butter, ſix new laid Eggs (taking out three of the Whites) maſh and mingle them well with the Cream and Butter: Then put in the grated Bread and Carrot, with near half a Pound of Sugar; and a little Salt; ſome grated Nutmeg and beaten Spice; and pour all into a convenient Diſh or Pan, butter’d, to keep the Ingredients from ſticking and burning; ſet it in a quick Oven for about an Hour, and ſo have you a Compoſition for any Root-Pudding. 

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Knowing what's really "good for you"

I suppose we all go through a weepy teenage stage of sorts. That period in life when we feel like wounded birds bleeding complaint and laziness from our ears. 1,595 more words


Meet my Beets!

It’s one of those moments again.  I have a half a bag of baby spinach, a few beets and some freshly grated coconut.  Can I convert it into a healthy side dish or a modern salad? 136 more words


Aminé's "Good For You" Is Worth Listening To

2017 has been a great year for music. I can already see the old heads cringing, but with time comes change. I’m glad to be a witness of the greatness that we are being served this summer. 398 more words


Amine Rates Boy Bands, Stage Diving & More On 'Over/Under'

The Over/Under series shows a different side of artists. Today, the sit down with Amine rates nude bike rides, festivals and more. After you watch this, be sure to give his  27 more words


Paleo Tuna + Chips

Tuna is fantabulous. Tuna salad? I. Can’t. Even. I mean you have some many options as to what you can do with it. Sweet or savory? 124 more words


Why Water Is Your #1 Choice

Water is often deemed boring, tasteless and dull. However your body disagrees with you! Water is vital for our body for so many reasons – it is like the petrol in your car, without it you really are not going to get very far! 298 more words