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This entitles me to publicly voice my opinions …….PERIOD!

Good For You ....

Sunday Breakfast with Mami

Happy Sunday morning to everyone! Hopefully you can ease into the day and share time with loved ones and on projects or adventures you find fulfilling and joyful. 268 more words



Six weeks ago I started a beginners running course. Me: the three legged donkey who refuses to run In public because people tend to laugh. I never really believed I would get further than the 30 seconds running, 30 seconds walking, but yesterday we tested out the 5k route we will be timed on next week (although due to a Pog moment that involved me missing the first 15 minutes of the run, then galloping to catch up without warming up I got hideous cramp in both calves, so I spent more time trying not to cry than actually running, so next week will be the first time I properly run it).   218 more words

Pog Life

This is 'Good for You'

Good for You

Hey, hey yo, hey hey, hey yo
Hey, hey yo, hey hey hey oh x2

I seem to fight
Too many worries… 194 more words


I'm Tellin' Mom You Called Me Soupid

This is the blog you’ve all been waiting for (even if you didn’t know it). My sister -book/schlocky horror movie reviewer for genexposè- SyllieBee and I have joined forces to create an amazing megapost of doom! 1,378 more words


Mind reading and running

I can’t be 100% sure, but I think Facebook has developed the ability to read my mind.

Four weeks ago, as part of the unfatness plan part 289, I started a beginners running course.   268 more words

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