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Delicious Egg & Spinach Bake 

This is going to be one of my go-to lunches, it’s full of goodness and tastes delicious. This could be baked for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner as its so versatile. 173 more words

Everything Diabetes

Flashing Bumpkinsville

Any woman who runs knows that the most vital piece of equipment is their sports bra.  Even if you’re lolloping along, three legged donkey style, you have to have one to save ouchiness, droopiness and, in some cases, black eyes.   285 more words

Pog Life

Cha Cha Cha Chia Tea!

Good morning everyone! This morning I started off the morning experimenting with hot beverages, once again. Even though the weather has been  scorching hot lately, I like to wake up and begin my day with a hot drink, and sometimes coffee just seems a bit too heavy. 322 more words


Cleansing Sucks. Prime Tea Makes it Better

17 Days until surgery is going to land me on my butt for 12 weeks and I have started the cleanse process.  It’s hard but I’m not feeling as rotten as when I did the… 667 more words


8 Reasons Why Prepping Is Good for You

Source: The Prepper Journal

Editor’s Note: This article has been generously contributed by John Lewis over atEpic Wilderness.

Many people are scared that all of their efforts towards prepping would be futile if TEOTWAWKI never actually comes. 1,580 more words


Major study confirms health benefits of lean protein

From Yahoo News, by Kerry Sheridan

Miami (AFP) – Eating lean proteins, such as nuts, chicken and fish, reduces a person’s risk of dying compared to a diet high in red meats, eggs and dairy, according to a large study out Monday. 481 more words


food for thought

“You will never win a fight savaging the parents of a dead soldier. So it’s a fight you simply don’t engage in. A smart terrible person would get this and say something along the lines of (assuming you wanted to maintain the policies blocking Muslim immigration): ‘I grieve for the Khans’ loss and I very much respect their opinion and their courage. 68 more words

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