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Meet a Strange Shade of Green: Chimichurri Sauce (Recipe)

It was an night of experimentation.  I had a pork loin roast and my new Instant Pot and I didn’t want to create another flop (like that tomato soup…don’t get me started). 384 more words


Your Coffee Addiction Is Actually Good For You

Similar to food, oxygen, and water, coffee is necessary for human survival. Without it, millions of people would by lying motionless, sprawled across their desk at work every morning with no way to perk them up. 217 more words


Really real running

A while back I was told I was a real runner as I’d managed to acquire my first blister.  I was then called something else entirely when I put a plaster on the blister, ran again and got a blister from the plaster, which even by my standards is impressive… 352 more words

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7 Superfoods to Add to Your Dog's Diet

If you use Facebook and are interested in the things I may not devote an entire blog post to: things like health articles, my favorite recipes, fun drinks, food facts, nutritional information, restaurant reviews, photos and other things that make my mouth water, I have a very active page on Facebook you can visit too: … 6 more words

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Healthy Apple Dessert or Between Meal Snack

Dessert doesn’t have to be made of ingredients that are bad for your diet!

You can take something healthy, like an apple and add some sweet or salty ingredients and it can feel like the most decadent treat without throwing you off of your diet track. 170 more words


Packing observations

I started packing properly on Friday. So far I have learned:

It doesn’t matter how much you have taken to charity shops or the tip in the last few months, you can still have way more shit than any one person can justify. 232 more words

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