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So it's settled.. Chocolate is Good for you!

According to this HuffPost Article, Chocolate has some good qualities besides it’s wonderful taste..

Sharper Mind
Harvard researchers found that when older adults with diabetes or hypertension and impaired blood flow to the brain drank two cups of hot cocoa daily for 30 days, 89 percent saw an improvement in blood flow during tests of memory and thinking skills, suggesting that cocoa may also reverse some of the cognitive changes that come with age or vascular disease. 138 more words


Playing Video Games Actually Good For You

Lay your fears aside — or at least reexamine them — if your kids play too many video games. Research says it’s a good thing. 134 more words


A Lemon A Day .......

Bite a lemon! Whether you like the sour fruit or not, you can’t deny the zesty slap to the face that it can provide in a time of need. 13 more words

Good For You ....

Keep The Dirt Clean

According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, 2015 is the International Year of Soils.Β  Soil health is important for crop health (for both commercial farming and back yard gardening) as well as the health of forests and fields. 350 more words