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Gaming: Dragons Dogma's Dragon Fight Is The Best Boss I've Ever Fought *Spoiler Warning*

I’ve recently been playing through a fantastic game called Dragons Dogma and I’ve also recently completed it. It’s been a while since a game has made me go “Oh wow” and “this is brilliant!” so when I progressed through the game and arrived to face the big bad dragon, I had the looming sense of dread in my head where I honestly thought that this task to kill this dragon wasn’t in my means at all. 379 more words


Hand of Fate - something good in the gaming world for a change? Heck yeah!


I haven’t written anything positive in a while – so here it is. ‘Cause I’m a good guy and shit. Yeah, certainly that.

Anyway, a couple of days ago I came across a game called ‘Hand of Fate’ on Steam that described itself as a blend of Card/Action/RPG and I was really intriuged – and considering all the good reviews, who wouldn’t, imma right? 258 more words


What They Don't Know Can't Hurt

Loopdy, my game that’s currently in development, has been play tested many times. One common complaint is that in the 6 player game, player 6 is at a significant disadvantage to everyone else. 644 more words

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Final Thoughts on the SuperBowl

This is late, but I just wanted to say how pleased I was with the Super Bowl.

Two well-matched teams fought hard, and I kept changing who I was rooting for as the score changed, always wanting the team who was behind to win. 123 more words

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Good Games Make Players Feel Smart

A puzzle can make someone feel smart once they’ve solved it. Trouble is, it only makes them feel a certain level of smart, that is, the amount of smart required to solve the puzzle. 357 more words

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Good Games Avoid Work

From an outside perspective, it may look like rolling dice, moving pieces, shuffling cards and adding numbers is fun. People seem to have a lot of fun while doing it. 638 more words

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Good Games are Thematic (sometimes)

Theme can sometimes help, but sometimes hurt a game. It will probably do both, and it’s just a matter of comparing the two.

What is Theme? 869 more words

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