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Yume Nikki

A new year begins today, and with it countless possibilities. There’s no way of knowing how the year turns out, but with any luck it will be a good one. 1,787 more words


Why Adults Play Videogames

It’s not very common to come across people who don’t understand why adults play videogames but just in case there are I compiled a list of reasons why adults do and why it’s a good thing. 2,113 more words


Grief Syndrome

Today I’ll be talking about an interesting fan game I found recently called Grief Syndrome. I decided to take a look because it was made by Twilight Frontier, the same people who helped create the… 2,493 more words


Hotel Haiku

Traveling for work…so here is a terrible poem and a short rant.

Conference all day

Maybe I will play some games

Wi-Fi laughs at me… 358 more words


Battlefield 1 Review ZR

 ZR Review –  8/10

IGN – 9/10

Price – 89.99 USD

Rated – 17+ (M)

Initial release date – October 21, 2016

Developer – EA DICE… 346 more words


RE: WESA Announcement

**Note: I am not an expert in business or law, I just wanted to touch on this topic as a layperson and a passionate follower of esports.** 539 more words


Tenkaichi series

The Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi series, contrary to the name, does not actually follow in the footsteps of the Budokai series, but instead simply keeps Budokai in the name so western gamers will be more likely to pick it up. 2,686 more words