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No More Miss Nice Girl: A Betches Book Review

I have always been a relationship girl and back in the day – relationships were easy. Fast forward a few Mr. Wrongs, bad dates, good dates, and fuckboys – and suddenly they become a lot harder – well, now I know why. 448 more words

Good Girl

Practice basic puppy commands regularly. When she sits, purr “good girl” and retract your claws slightly, so that only the glass-etching points remain, half-camouflaged beneath your paw fur. 13 more words

Mia and the Bad Boy: These Butterflies are Dangerous

Goodreads Rating: 3.67 Stars
220 Pages
Entangled: Crush Publishing
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This good girl’s about to meet her match…

Ryder Brooks is living the dream—he’s famous, loved by millions of girls, and miserable.

670 more words

Everyone loves Susie.

Everyone loves Susie she lives in a chocolate house small and cosy.Singing her way along the whole day she is busy.Susie has a Jack and Jenny ass they are for her a total time pass.Jack and Jenny ass take Susie out on a stroll everyday and sing her donkey world love songs.Susie gets so excited on hearing it her heart dances Billa Bolla Bo Bom .Susie also has a parrot named Kiki ,a mouse named Mickey and a lizard called Gobo.She also has a toy joker in her closet who dances like Michael Jackson and is called Joko.Susie is everyone’s dear ,she runs on errands for everyone.She cares for all and makes for everyone Susie rolls and hot honey fruit buns.Susie mowes gardens for neighbours,she takes care of babies Jana and Sophie and always gives them bars of chocolate and boxes of toffees .Susie sings self made songs of fun,fancy and comedy to Robert uncle and grandpa dear.Eveyone says they feel God’s sensation when Susie is near .Susie is loved most of all by her moma who gives her a new toy every month and tells her stories of wit and wisdom.Susie says she enjoys lots with her newfound stardom.On every lips the name of Susie is eared,she is the harbinger of good times in everyone’s life,the melody of times ,the gift of goodness and an angel in disguise to all.She is the sweet and steady rhythm for all.She is like a ray of sunshine,the warmth of a winter afternoon,the scents of roses and the dewdrops spread on morning grass.All are full of praise for her ,they say she is a godsend wonderful lass.Everyone is singing ga-ga songs for her.She is everyone’s sweet sister.Susie bakes cheese and almond cakes for all,she dances beautifully equally in summers,winters,springs and falls.She plays with fancy too-too dolls and rolls her big eyeballs whenever she goes in metro malls.Susie helps poor and rich old and young alike without malice to anyone.Everyone says she is an awesome girl and they all take cute pics of her in the moon,under the sun.Susie is a welcome guest in everyone’s heart,she understands life’s art like a veteran.Sheis just Susie or Susan.Susie is the baby princess of all.All love her like hell and I too have tarted to like her well.Susie is a great asset of yellow store community ,she is priceless and great and  blessing to all from the Almighty.

[Sale Blitz] Blurred Lines

Blurred Lines

By: Lauren Layne

Released August 25, 2015



In a novel that’s perfect for fans of Abbi Glines and Jessica Sorensen, USA Today bestselling author Lauren Layne delivers a sexy take on the timeless question: Can a guy and a girl really be “just friends”? 295 more words

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Bad Boy + Good Girl = Romance?

We all know the cliche movie plot: A bad boy and a good girl somehow cross paths. At first, they are reluctant to associate with one another because of their social standing, but in the end, there always seems to be romance between the two polar opposites. 456 more words