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Who's A Good Boy? I Don't Care! - Conversations with Stella

I am Stella, Queen of the Olde English Bulldogges. Humans have annoying habits. I plan to make a long list of them some day. Lady Human has the annoying habit of telling Doodlebug what a ‘good boy’ he is. 262 more words

In the End…

… of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Janet, Brad, and the professor just barely escape the spaceship-castle before it lifts off and disappears into the night sky. 1,057 more words

Newbie Sub To A Mind-blowing Dom

Pros and Cons of being a Confident Hoe

With the #ProHoe movement being on the rise, it’s important to know and understand some of the Pros and Cons of being a Confident Hoe, in this society. 1,563 more words


Better Wise Up, Janet Weiss

Oh boy. I still have a lot to learn here. And I’m not only referring to the D/s relationship I have, but also about myself. Things I do that are unintentional can ripple and wave and send wrong messages. 1,051 more words

Newbie Sub To A Mind-blowing Dom

Wayward Emotions of a Newbie Sub

I am pretending to be a curious bystander and I have questions to ask. So what would I ask myself if I wasn’t myself and want to know more about the experiences of a Noob Submissive? 1,448 more words

Newbie Sub To A Mind-blowing Dom

Good Girls Get Cheated on Too: The "idea" that Beyonce is incapable of being cheated on

Jay Z or should I say JAY-Z released his 13th album titled 4:44, on Tidal, Friday June 30th. On that album, JAY-Z fesses up to his infidelity and the affair he had on his wife, Beyonce. 592 more words

Opinion Piece

Helen's Intrigue

I am beginning the process of getting to know Helen. Just the beginning.

She’s cute. And younger than me, of course. That’s the way things tend to go. 50 more words

Hot Women