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1.7.2017 (pt 3: I'm angry)

Good Girl

You should be missing who you were
Skinny skinny skinny
Was a flower break a stem
Fragrant pageant dress cinched at the waist… 407 more words


Fuck You, Jiminy Cricket

So I get back to basement after a grueling (read: not grueling at all) day of tutoring (one whopping student). I flip on the gas fireplace and bundle up, because it’s snowing and the basement is cold as fuck. 826 more words


Resolutions for the INFJ Good Girl

Effort toward excellence in my work can silently morph into effort toward perfection in my soul. ~Emily Freeman, Simply Tuesday

This year, instead of resolving to exercise more like I do every January, I asked my friends to come up with New Year Resolutions for me.

966 more words

the Tale of a Good Girl

Have I ever mentioned my middle school years? I know that sounds crazy young, but there was a lot going on then, too.

I lived in a small town north of Cantonment Florida. 691 more words


Empty rap verse

Oh I wake up in the mornings, I wish to close my eyes

I am late to be a good girl, only the one that tries… 140 more words

Style Inspiration: December 16th

Bad//Good Girl

A collage to inspire your December style…

by Kat Eddie