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What's The Shame in Being A Good Girl?

The title of this post I had thought would be: ‘life lately…’ Well, lately my life has been pretty eventful, dramatic, stress, fun and everything mixed together. 903 more words

Gist Time

Ezigbo Nwata Nwanyi: My Childhood

When I look at children growing up today, I sigh long and hard because they will never truly have a childhood. At least not one like I did. 601 more words


Delicate Flowers

You know a girl who smiles so hard
Its hard imagine she’s has felt
Oceans and ocean of pain.
You know a girl who has long hair… 121 more words

Good Girl/Bad Girl

I’m not a girl. But what do you see when you look at me? A girl.

I Am Not What I Seem

I am not constrained by your narrative, have never been. 213 more words

Politics And Activism

Good Girl

Image: Wikimedia Commons

Four years ago, the city was making extensive repairs for a number of blocks along our main thoroughfare here in Pasadena, putting in a complete new set of pipes.

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Can You Stay True to Yourself?

About ten years ago, I used to go to a tai-chi class. We normally had a break between two classes, and I sat in the lobby of the local Buddhist centre where the class took place. 666 more words

My Writing Journey


         Ji stovėjo darganoje ir jai šąlo jos daili nosytė. “Juk tai kvaila” pagalvojo ji ir šoktelėjo nuo beatsidarančių įėjimo durų. Ne ne ne ne, tik ne jis, tik ne jis – akys greit ieškojo šešėlio, kuriame ji išnyktų ir taptų nematoma, bet nesuprato, kad niekas ir taip nesistengia jos pamatyti, niekas nesitiki jos čia, niekas nelaukia, niekas nežino kuo tai baigsis. 2,768 more words

Good Girl