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When "good girl" isn't enough

I recently had to clear up a misunderstanding with someone, and it was hard. I discovered all over again that I have a very strong good-girl in me who has a big fear of even getting close to the edge of rules. 685 more words

God's Character

Pocket money

So on a lighter note from yesterday’s posts, today is about pocket money, should it just be given or should it be earned?

I am very lucky to have a wonderful daughter who naturally helps around the house anyway, but I felt it was time to teach her the value of money. 262 more words

If She Has These 13 Qualities, She's A Keeper And You Shouldn't Let Her Go

1. If she’s authentic.

Find the girl who comes into your life and is so different than anyone else it makes you wonder. Find the girl who beats entirely to her own drum. 943 more words


Posting days: Sunday and Wednesday and, sometimes, maybe, extra ‘news flashes’!

Sunday February 5th 2017

I continue to worry about Isis wearing down her lovely white teeth with her frequent clack-clack-clacking dances, but this weekend I become aware that the clacking can also be very useful. 535 more words

Walking In The Park

The good girl pledge

Note: This pledge is best recited while touching one’s pussy for me.

I promise to give you what you want, to the best of my ability. 79 more words


Ask a Kinky Girl, part 4 - Why does name-calling turn you on?

Why hello there. Yes yes, here we go again. I promise I would try to actually plan to write something other than these kinky questions. :P I hope next week will calm down a bit at work so I’m not as emptied out as I was the last two weeks. 1,339 more words

Kinky Dungeon