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What men want: Good Versus Bad

Its tough enough just being a woman, most of the time we cant figure ourselves out, one day we want to focus on our career, save for an apartment the next day its totally changed, we want to pack our job in and go travelling around the world lol When it comes to relationships we sometimes change ourselves to accommodate the man we want to attract, but what is it men really want from a girl? 1,199 more words

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Napowrimo Day 16: Terzanelle

Today’s prompt: write a terzanelle, a pattern that goes: ABA bCB cDC dED eFE fAFA or fFAA. The middle line of each triplet is supposed to be repeated as the last line of the following triplet. 167 more words


Want's Weight

She remembered holding his hand, thumbing the meaty part under his thumb.
And she remembered how she hardly ever held his hand. Or smiled. She remembered how he smelled—soapy—and his minty breath. 190 more words


After Lunch

She is sixteen and well aware of what he wants. What all boys want. She has danced with untold numbers of the bemusing erections they try to escape by going to the bathroom as soon as the songs end. 440 more words


Are guys really as bad as girls say they are? Or “good girls” is something boys just don't want to have around?

So, few days without saying anything.

Well, let’s just say that I’m going to some different state of minds, these days.

Or that I had to interrupt my leave in order to get back to work and, this didn’t cheer me up too much :P… 895 more words

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Why Everyone Needs To Stop Using The Terms ‘Good Girl’ And ‘Bad Girl’

The terms “Good Girl” and “Bad Girl” have very loaded and specific meanings. When you say Good Girl, you are implying that a girl is chaste, doesn’t do “kinky” things, always gets her work/homework done, goes to church, doesn’t party hard or at all, and basically follows all of the ideal stereotypes that a society based on Abrahamic religions demands of a woman. 758 more words