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Shireen Elaine Crutchfield (born December 29, 1970 in Cambridge, Massachusetts) is an American actress and singer, best known as the lead singer of the R&B trio “The Good Girls” from 1989-1992. 238 more words


In Defense of the Good Girl

By Christina Ochs

Let’s face it- bad girls are a lot of fun to write. They’re interesting, they break the rules, they make things happen. And it’s a great time for creating empowered female characters. 544 more words


Juliana Stone's Some Kind of Normal is a YA Contemporary Romance with a Realistic Dose of Heart

Some Kind of a Normal is a solid contemporary YA romance that introduced some new and timely conflicts into the genre. This is the serious, heartfelt type of YA romance, along the lines of Sarah Dessen and Simone Elkeles, though I thought it was actually better than the Dessen book that published on the same day. 293 more words

Sweet Dreams

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Boys?

There is a stereotype in Western culture that good girls like bad boys, and like all stereotypes, there is some truth and some lies to it.  1,013 more words


What men want: Good Versus Bad

Its tough enough just being a woman, most of the time we cant figure ourselves out, one day we want to focus on our career, save for an apartment the next day its totally changed, we want to pack our job in and go travelling around the world lol When it comes to relationships we sometimes change ourselves to accommodate the man we want to attract, but what is it men really want from a girl? 1,199 more words

Relationships & Sex

Napowrimo Day 16: Terzanelle

Today’s prompt: write a terzanelle, a pattern that goes: ABA bCB cDC dED eFE fAFA or fFAA. The middle line of each triplet is supposed to be repeated as the last line of the following triplet. 167 more words