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I don't like the person I've become.

I wish I could go back, change it. I probably could if I worked at it. But do I want to?

It’s not like I chose to be this person. 213 more words

How to Lose Friends and Gain an Ulcer - A Play in Two Acts

A small family – Bob, Barb, Billy, and Bubba Brown
A family friend – Cruella
Out of town friends of that friend – Dave, Deb, and Darlin’ Drinkwine…
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Good Girls Finish Last

Wait. That’s not the saying. Or is it? 

We’ve all heard the saying “Good guys finish last”. It’s the mantra spoken by all “good” guys who don’t get the girl because the “bad boy” swooped her up first. 418 more words


Good Guys Finish Last

“I guess good guys finish last”

I’ve heard this sentiment from a myriad of “good guys” over the course of my life. The belief is brought on by the fact that many of us ladies tend to go for the bad boy in  favor of that stable, good guy in our lives. 818 more words


The Misconception Behind "Nice Guys Finish Last"

When I looked up the definition of a good guy in the urban dictionary it said the following:

“A man who you can call late at night just because you’re looking for someone to talk to.

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C'est La Vie

The Good Guy Finishes Last.

I feel like this is such an accurate statement and it’s sad.

I was having a conversation with my grandmother about this guy I met while I was out with my girlfriends and I told her that I thought I was gonna’ mess it up and she asked me why and I said because he’s just like me. 168 more words


“Good guys finish last ,but finishing last would mean that he is the guy that girl would want to spend her rest of the life with”