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St. Philip Neri and Happiness

Today is the feast day of St. Philip Neri. St. Philip was an evangelist, some call him a “re-evangelist,” who lived in Rome in the 1500’s during a time that the Church is not terribly proud to recall. 244 more words


Good Humor

Strawberry Shortcake

♥ Miss May


Police: Thief Spent 15 Minutes Dragging Cooler Full Of Stolen Ice Cream Past Napping Gas Station Clerk

There’s being asleep on the job, and then there’s napping so hard that you apparently don’t notice someone hauling an ice cream cooler past your nose in a 15-minute effort. 197 more words

Flash Fiction: Good-Humored Dislocation (437 words)

Marus tried to remember the exact moment they had realized they were lost, and could not. It had been a slow thing, he knew, a staging of one tree after another that had turned out not to be… 408 more words


Peanut Butter Lovers Unite: Our Day Is Here

There seems to be a “day” for everything, so why not a “National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day,” right?

Seriously, as a peanut butter lover, I hardly need a reason to eat what I consider to be a near perfect food.   223 more words

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