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The Good Idea

An idea lay along the street
With writing on the side,
Describing all that it could do,
All that it had inside.
A man came walking down that street… 209 more words


Party of One

With a long life of following his obsessions alone due to the outright obscurity of those endeavors, TDM has been raised to proceed Han Solo style, with the various Millennium Falcons of his life carrying him alone along the lines his maps point out.   523 more words

Adventure Rides

30 Days of Lists (September 12, 2016)

I did a really crappy job on this list. The wording is terrible so I hope to explain it better below.

Day 12 – Things that DIDN”T seem like a good idea at the time… 397 more words

30 Days Of Lists

Writing Challenge ~ Day 25: 10 ways to win my ♥

Day 25.  10 ways to win your heart ♥

  1. Coffee
  2. Be funny
  3. Let me sleep
  4. Have copious amounts of chocolate
  5. Be kind, act your age…
  6. 18 more words

Baguio Villa to Alhambra

I have record of our first visit to Alhambra being Sun 12th June. Talulah, Kathy & I got off the sampan, sat in the car, closed the doors, looked at each and said “Let’s do it”. 583 more words

Good Idea

Rainwater harvesting made mandatory in rural areas too.

Rainwater harvesting mandatory for all commercial/residential buildings above 2,000 sq ft area. The zilla panchayat building at Kottara has such a system, which can collect about 1.30 lakh litres of rainwater during monsoon. 10 more words

Good Idea

15 Signs Your Break-Up Was a Good Idea

1. You feel an immediate sense of relief.

2. You look back on the relationship and realize there were signs of emotional abuse.

3. You decide to go shopping and enjoy the fact that nobody is complaining about said shopping. 289 more words