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Another great Christmas Present for all ages:

Jelly Belly ‘BeanBoozeled®‘ Jelly Bean Game.

Nasty Jelly Bellies Special Jelly Belly® edition comes with 10 tasty beans and 10 look-alike beans of wild and weird flavors. 208 more words


Ice Cream is Always a Good Idea

Yes, even in winter. Especially when it’s Halo Top. This stuff is good and good for you which makes it even better!

My entire life I have been faithful to Blue Bell, but they really let me down with the whole… 60 more words

Personal Observations

Awesome Thecat Meets a Rouge Wolf Pack Idea

Here’s the Scribble, hope you like it…! See the Post If The Animals on Animal Jam Had Jobs Idea. This is a mixture of Erin Hunter’s Survivors and Warriors books, along with Animal Jam and fantasy of my own imagination. 1,416 more words


If the Animals on Animal Jam Had Jobs Idea

I think that maybe if I tweaked and added to the beginning of this Scribble, not to mention edit what I already created, this could start to be something pretty good. 1,029 more words


3- ingredient lunch/dinner


8 hot dogs 4 slices (3/4 oz each) American cheese, each cut into 6 strips 1 can (8 oz) Pillsbury™ refrigerated crescent dinner rolls … 76 more words


366 Poems: October 10th, 2016

Second Thoughts

I bought you a gift

and it’s silly and small

and I know that you asked

for nothing at all,

but I hope it means more… 42 more words