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Chew: (v) to bite and work (food) in the mouth with the teeth

We often insert the words “good” or “bad” in front of “idea” before we actually consider the merits or the dangers. 281 more words

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The One Where I Felt Brilliant... Until I Didn't

Christmas is coming!!!!

To be honest, the Munchkin family doesn’t really do Christmas. We do more of a big New Year’s thing, and have a pretty quiet Christmas. 185 more words

Just Me...

Reading can be a Lifestyle

Do you bite your nails? Nah! So bad, most will not but few cannot help it!

Do you ever live a day without brushing your teeth? 126 more words


#8 - The Tale of An Idea

Once upon a time, there was an idea that couldn’t find a home. And it was a good idea. A REALLY good idea. In fact, it was such a good idea that it took several years for it to find where it belonged. 717 more words


How to bring bees back into your garden

Is your garden looking a little bereft? Is there a silence where once there may have been a healthy humming of buzzing bees? Are you struggling to produce a decent crop of vegetables? 505 more words


Have you ever had an idea smack you in the face?

Well have you? And they come out of nowhere, too! They jump out of the bushes and smack you right in the face, or they’ll fall from the sky and land on your head like this hot goop of bird poop and no matter how many times you wipe it away –because you know, some ideas are… 1,336 more words


The story of the bow table

Soon after our move onto Alhambra we realised a want to get an oval table made for the bow of the boat. Something that could be placed on top of the bollard mooring structure, to act as a portable table surface. 499 more words