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5 reasons why it may be a good idea to join the NRA

“One of the most remarkable aspects of the American gun-owning population is what a widely diverse lot we are. We’re represented across race, age… 584 more words


The Winter of our Discontent

If you survived Western Oregon during this winter of 2016-17, then fair-play would have already provided you a settlement for therapists fees incurred…we are a grumpy and soggy bunch.  637 more words

Adventure Rides

Mediterranean Salmon Recipe

Recently on vacation, my niece prepared the following for us and it was not only healthy but DELICIOUS.  The recipe can be found at this web address… 219 more words


Beloved Startups

Beloved Startups, the era of investors running for good idea, seed funding is diminishing. now is the time where they would be more happy to invest on proven business model, profit making companies and ones who already have a well defined team built. 229 more words

Threnergy and Tai Chi Workshop in Epsom 23rd April 2017

For anyone in the Epsom area interested in energy movement and Tai Chi or just a better understanding of one or the other:

Continual Learning

This man was no bodies' fool

The 1st April gives us a chance to do all sorts of foolish things – well until noon time anyway – but on this day in 1913 Henry Ford was not fooling around. 494 more words