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As Hunter S Thompson once put it, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.” Of course he was whacked on amyl nitrate and Chivas, but still, sound business advice. 728 more words

Zero Water Building


Water is an invaluable resource and absolutely vital to life but many of the times taken for granted. Increasing population is demanding even more from our already crippled water and wastewater infrastructure. 608 more words

Good Idea

Is Blogging a Good Idea?

This morning, I read a blog about global stuff. The kind of stuff that you hear in the news and in documentaries all the time.  How the agriculture industry is mistreating animals, how drinking bottled water is bad for you and earth, how consumerism is killing America, how (blank) is bad for (blank) so stop buying (blank)! 220 more words

The self-healing concrete that can fix its own cracks

The green technology embeds self-activating bacteria into concrete to make it self-healing, but will it win over a risk-averse construction industry?

Of all the carbon emitters that surround us every day it’s easy to overlook one of the most ubiquitous: concrete. 803 more words

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Turnkey Plumbing: For Healthier Home

We love our homes. With every hard earned money every brick of the house is placed. Its our lifetime asset and even a single scratch on the walls hits our hearts. 83 more words

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How Eric Schmidt Plans to Save the World

Five years ago, Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt started a venture capital fund called Innovation Endeavors, with the goal of providing early-stage capital to startups innovating in old industries. 788 more words

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