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Faraway Places

“Paris is always a good idea.”

That line has been in several movies and even a few books I’ve read. It is the title of a few books as well as the logo on some t-shirts and although I do not disagree with the statement I think travel in general is a good idea, not specifically Paris. 232 more words

Writing Day 96

(Or something about there anyway)

First of all: HappyChristmasHappyNewYearCongratulationsonsurviving HopeyouhadgoodholidaysHasn’titbeenages

Now on with the good stuff! Since last writing about day 13, I have added several chapters, stopped writing for two months, and struggled to pick it all back up again. 407 more words


The Year that was: 2016

A mysterious Mac lurker in search of the light of a new year.

The rewards of being (semi)lost…

Adventures are better shared.

Here we have a new year, with the old one already largely forgotten and thrown aside.  856 more words

Adventure Rides

Dansko ~ more than "just a clog"

Today I’m writing about a little known gem I like to keep in my arsenal of what I like to call one of my life’s hidden secrets in the weapon against the harsh elements :)  It’s like a beauty secret, but for your feet.  536 more words


Cara mencari ide

Cara mencari ide untuk berkarya seni rupa. Ide-ide lagi, bisa disebut dengan gagasan, biasanya ide bisa berupa tampilan, teknik, bahan dan media, semua itu perlu dicari dan berfikir yang keras, ini caranya… 213 more words


A really good idea!*

*disclaimer – here’s hoping!

Day 4

I work as an elected officer for a university Student Union. It is hectically busy, quite challenging and lots of fun, there is never a dull day! 144 more words

Challenge 2017


Anime: Gi(a)rlish Number (Girlish Number)

| Episode: 12