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Good Idea - Lyrics

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by Debassi and Tru-Story

Damn girl, you hot

Bonum idea, Domina mea

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A Good Idea Dismissed

It’s a Monday today which only means your advertising agency, Squadwell & Finch is getting ready for a brainstorming session with your strategy team, which happen to be a bunch of overly assertive individuals. 417 more words

Journaling Day 5: Cuppa

Day 5.  A cup you drank from today.

OMG, I’m highly addicted to McDonald’s Sweet Tea.  It’s bad.  Now that I have polished that off, I added more ice and added a Monster Energy Drink.  15 more words


The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 8/16

Hey ho it’s Friday, and time for your Stream of Consciousness Saturday prompt.  It’s been a busy time ’round these parts, but I hope to get caught up with you all soon. 497 more words


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I'm stealing this Friday writing prompt for my Sunday one. Have fun!

“Clown Lives Matter” Marches Planned to Calm People Down, but Is This a Good Idea?

by Lily Dane of The Daily Sheeple

Clowns are the latest group to feel profiled and discriminated against. Taking a cue from Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter, we now have…Clown Lives Matter. 466 more words

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Writing Challenge ~ Day 16: If I had the courage I would....

Day 16.  If I had the courage I would…

I would purge all material things that I do not need, and GET ORGANIZED.  It’s time to get my priorities straight and just donate “stuff” that I’ve accumulated over the years to a Good Will Center.  71 more words



I’m a coffee fanatic, I use to have a blog named:  JavaQueen14 – had it for many years until I dropped off the face of the earth.  61 more words