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Plant inspired solar cells to revolutionise energy storage

New York: A new technology developed by scientists at University of California – Los Angeles (UCLA) can store solar energy for up to several weeks — an advance that could change the way scientists think about designing solar cells. 422 more words

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Guy Drinks a Milkshake at 100MPH - Cause that's a good idea?

I don’t know what to say about this one.. except that my stomach hurt from laughing so much. This guy’s face, when he’s trying to chow down pieces of shake while riding a motorcycle at 100mph — is priceless.

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Solar Water Heater: For Energy Independence

Taking a hot water shower with standard heater, dependence on electricity or gas is high and any interruption can add to distress. The solar water heater from Rheem is the best solution for abundant hot water supply round the year with minimum dependence on power supply or gas storage… 16 more words

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Plenty of fish, or plenty of fuck ups? Tilf joined internet dating, also first picture.

You know those ideas that seem great? The ones at night that you can’t quite shake and you decide to follow through with them? Yeah, I made one of those decisions. 632 more words


An App To Find Renewable Energy Opportunities...

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) just released a new smartphone app called the Global Atlas Pocket that can turn your smartphone or tablet into your very own personal renewable energy prospector — answering questions like “Is this city ideal for wind power investment?” or “Is there a nearby location suitable to build a solar PV farm?” 388 more words

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