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Red letter days

Well, crap. Yesterday was National Grammar Day and I missed it. The one day a year I can officially pontificate on participles, advocate adverbs, and preach pronouns, and I missed it. 160 more words

Good Idea

Sit down and shut up

A few times a month, I have to interview people for articles I write. The key isn’t to ask a lot of questions; it’s to ask the… 383 more words

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Crunch time

Two perfect puncture marks, accented by a spiderweb of cracks, adorn the screen of my son’s new, only-had-it-since-Christmas, please-Mom-I-really-need-it smartphone. It actually doesn’t look that bad; I’ve seen people using phones that look as if they’ve been on the receiving end of a sledgehammer with nary a hiccup of service. 437 more words

Daily Dose

I get a lot of emails from entrepreneurs or people thinking about being entrepreneurs and many of them share their idea with me and ask me if it is good.

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The great fire of London [a novel of interpolations and bifurcations] by Jacques Roubaud

In his youth, Jacques Roubaud had a dream that changed his life. The dream, which was honestly little more than him getting off a train in London and observing the passerby, revealed the following: 1,071 more words



Last week in my Snowshoes post, I pondered the concept of unearned intimacy, that is, when we race toward a relationship destination without marking the usual milestones. 326 more words

Daily Dose

Creativity: The Definition of Insanity, literally!

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein

Einstein was a pretty smart dude.  Woe be it for me to disagree with him; so I won’t.  

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