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Our understanding of the word karma is mostly to represent bad karma. Existing in a duality, bad karma also needs good karma. Yet we are more interested in bad karma, as to assert to ourselves that, if we do something bad or wrong, we will be punished. 288 more words


Good Karma Wednesday

It’s Good Karma Wednesday!! What’s Good Karma Wednesday? I’ll explain…Let’s take a journey, kids, back to 2002…

I have a secret for you; I am a pretty dadgum good writer – I’ll give you all a moment to pick your jaws up off the floor. 552 more words

Good Karma


Positive Thought: Whether you believe in The Divine Supreme Being or not,… it becomes evident after a set amount of time on this earth that what you put out , you eventually get back (Karma). 23 more words

Fabulous Friday, 4/3/2015

It’s the end of the week, but not technically for me. Nurses have no such thing as “weekends,” but I’m happy to be able to spend this weekend off. 552 more words

Fabulous Friday

100 Scarves for 100 People

Promittere. Its Latin for a promise.It is to show expression, to describe love, its a word to find strength.A few months back I was watching a TED Talk (no not that movie with the giant teddy bear), the talk is given by Alex Sheen (no relations to Charlie Sheen) 266 more words


Perseverance and good karma

Another week has gone by and we are so thankful to be here!

We have been here long enough now to be able to settle into a little routine of our own and to feel at home at… 1,320 more words

Simple Life

While speaking of fossils

Just over 26 years ago I was fresh out of Residency, ready to start my new practice, full of an arrogance to which only youth can do justice. 234 more words

True Story