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Here I Come A-Wallowing

I was feeling really happy this week. Really hopeful. I had many good conversations with library patrons, friends and family over the past few days. I reached my goal weight on Thursday. 1,206 more words

Karma, Karma, Karma

Positive Thought Project

Karma– the sum of a person’s actions in this existence, viewed as deciding their fate in the future.

We are all in control of the energy we give to the world each day. 315 more words


“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” — Wayne Dyer

“How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.” — Wayne Dyer

That means if someone has personally hurt or offended you, if you react in anger, lash out, get revenge, “take karma into your own hands”, then you will receive negative Karma for your actions – regardless of what they did to you. 395 more words

Law of Karma

There are many laws made in this world. Law of Cause and Effect states that what you sow is what you would receive. This is a universal law which is usually known by all. 694 more words


Good Karma Cafe Owner Discusses New Location at Wilma and More

Celebrating its 10th year in business, Good Karma has made strides in the City of Brotherly Love since its foundation. The cafe offers customers organic, fair trade coffee while using sustainable practices to run their business… 3,016 more words


Aging Well

The one thing I dread the most is talking to the person behind the counter while trying to return an item. The ordeal while waiting in the line whether I need to come up with creative explanations is tenser than waiting at the immigration counter. 1,068 more words


Getting rid of Karma

Two weeks ago, I launched my first workshop on Ayurveda. I’ve been learning about Ayurveda for several years now and it keeps fascinating me. Although very complex, I’m now understanding the basics. 491 more words