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Kindness Too

Last Friday, I collapsed at work and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  At first, I thought I had just pulled a muscle in my back, but it got so much worse.  220 more words

The boogeyman

I debated back and forth about addressing this publicly several times.

Should I, shouldn’t I?

Well god dammit I finally made a choice to do it. 564 more words


Today was a good day March 15, 20

Today seemed to be one of those days that goes on and on. This morning began rather slow, then it went full crescendo into excitement, determination and regained positivity. 640 more words


The grass is growing. Every time I blink, there are new leaves on my trees. The other day our ornamental cherry exploded into pink blossom. The fields are abuzz with the brave, fluffy bumble bees.The blackcurrant bushes outside our garden seem to be covered in a pristine, light green haze. 223 more words


Happy Friday fuckers! 

It’s been a productive few days. Here, there..I’ve been all over. Trying to enrich my life with positive vibes and good people. Life is back to normal, I can forge ahead to my future. 73 more words

The law of Karma

Fifty years ago, if you knew whether someone was a liberal or a conservative politically, you didn’t necessarily know a lot about that person’s moral values; party affiliation told you even less about someone’s preferences in restaurants or movies. 480 more words