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Ambassador of the Sillies

I lied.

It hasn’t been 3 years – more like 3 week’s – but I’m not going to talk about the big garden this time. Maybe next time. 213 more words

Consistently Inconsistent

In the three years since I originally thought I was going to create and regularly update a blog, I’ve really stepped up my gardening game. 474 more words


Random Ramblings’ 10 Acts of Kindness
(To Pass On Good Karma)


It seems like basic manners are gone from the world these days. You can be a good citizen and human being and pass on the good karma with these simple acts. 151 more words

Accepting the “Dualities” in Our Lives (Part 4 of My Secret to a Happy and Peaceful Life)

I am making a lengthy series of posts on karma because of how our thoughts and actions dictate the levels of energies and impacts of consequences in our lives. 450 more words


Identify the "Link" Before You Send a LinkedIn Invite to Connect

Because I’m a digital marketing expert, and advise clients on social media strategy and/or serve as their social media voice, I felt I owed it to the many individuals who use LinkedIn — both the right way and the wrong way — to call out a major user “faux pas” and how to fix it. 614 more words

Karma's a Bitch...But not Really

If you thought this post would be more about Argumentation, sorry. It won’t be.

But, it is going to be about one of my other pet-peeves of American ignorance: … 658 more words