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Change in the Forecast

Waking up to find myself being told that all I do is start problems and it’s the main reason why I don’t get the things I want. 557 more words

Daily Life Shiz

Shower coffee

This morning started out a bit rocky.

As I prepared my morning elixir of life (coffee), I accidentally dropped my glass pint jar with beautiful homemade Cashew Cream on the floor and stove and oven and cupboard and my foot. 300 more words

Everything happens for a reason (I'm sure)

Everything is how it should be,

the sky, the land, the sea…

Every moment that is perceived,

and those we cannot feel, sense or see… 80 more words



I can’t stop smiling. Can this be happening? With all that’s been going on and the stresses of the world and my relationship…My bf never fails to keep me happy. 252 more words


Anthony Scaramucci: First Day Report Card

Comparing Scaramucci to departing Sean Spicer on criteria like the Hostage Video Factor, Sphincter Rating, Comic Potential, Effusiveness, and Hair Helmetry…

Up and down this nation of joy, this nation of plenty, there is visible mourning going on. 1,435 more words


Make Way for Happiness!

Hello Happiness

This is why I’m more a believer in pronoia than karma …

First, I must explain “pronoia” since everyone knows what karma is. According to Wikipedia, here is the definition: “ 971 more words

J-Diamond RV Resort, Bishop CA

Most people wouldn’t know this place was here, pretty sure. If they do know then it would come with a stigma, raised eyebrow and immediate judgmental opinion when you mention it is where you are “staying”. 1,043 more words

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