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Goodwill Balance

What I love about Buddhist philosophy is the thought of building incredible goodwill.

Aristotles had similar ideas: if everybody would compete in virtue, we all would get the best of everything. 189 more words


It’s funny how time both flies by yet slowly inches on at the same time. I lost my grandmother 14 years ago today and that was my first experience with losing a loved one. 164 more words


Battle of the Dairy Free - Volume 2

On a spur of the moment trip to a different co-op, I found some new (to me) dairy-free yogurt!! So naturally I had to get a few flavors to try. 311 more words

Looking For A Great Gift Idea That Is Inexpensive?

I recently wrote about a website with Good Luck charms that actually work… well, while perusing their website, I found a fabulous gift idea, and here’s one of their customers with a testimonial to explain this wonderful idea!

Good Luck

A Letter to My High School Self

Dear High School Self,

Congratulations, graduate! Yesterday marked the 15 year anniversary of your graduating high school. 

You’ve come a long, long way. Life isn’t as easy as you thought, huh? 777 more words

Good Karma Dairy-Free Yogurt

You’d think I’d have some good karma from diligently trying all these dairy-free yogurts. After all, back in my dairy-eating days, I never even liked yogurt that much. 329 more words

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staff of life

This day is full of bluster.  Wind gusts that take your breath away.  Rain pouring so hard it blocks the light of noon day.  It is a loud day.   578 more words