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Positive Words

Active words sell. Nobody gets excited over passivity. Without excitement, nobody is going to care enough to buy your product. Here’s a comprehensive list of words to help shore up your dynamic, diverse and active arsenal.

I'm always with you.!


I’m with you,

I’m always standing behind you ,

To hold you whenever you fall.

To fix your broken pieces,

To hold your side & 131 more words

The Good Quote

There is always a way, may be you didn't notice.!

Just because things are not going the way as they should, doesn’t mean they are going wrong, sometimes things are setting up in a new way & taking us towards better things. 14 more words

Happiness & me.!

Good evening everyone & Happy Friendship Day to all.!

Today I’m going to share a poem , I wrote recently. Hope you like it.

Happiness & Me… 247 more words


Today Special Day for everyone because Today 7 August Friendship Day

Friendship Day is very special day for everyone because some of the people have no love but they have Friends, Friends is not only a Friend but part of life. 444 more words

The Good Quote

A Truth that people hardly get..!

Sometimes people we can’t live without & people we should live without are the same..!

Ridhdhesh Jivawala 



Love is when the other person’s happiness is more important than your own.

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

The Good Quote