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Resting introvert face

At first (or second…or third…) glance, introverts might look, well, rude. When we’re out in public, chances are that the looks on our faces are less than inviting. 440 more words


Welcome To My World

“Don’t underestimate quiet people. We know more than we say, think more than we speak and observe more than you know.”

Have you ever had a moment where you feel like you are in a different world?

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Why did someone call me judgmental even though I don't discriminate?

People throw around that word a lot. “Non-judgmental.” People often think it’s synonymous to “I don’t judge people based on their race, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identification.” The massive confusion between that and being a “non-judgmental listener,” rendering the latter meaningless. 470 more words

Conversation during my dream state

What do you do?
I travel a lot.

Your answer is inadequate.
The question is broad.

Where do you travel?
Anywhere in the country.

Do you deal with people? 82 more words


Prince Edward Primary School received a wonderful gift yesterday — a game called Articulate! Mr Sieczkarek and three of us from Amethyst class went to surprise Mrs Lohoar with the game, and we all had a practice with Miss Allerton. 72 more words

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