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Top o' the morning to ya

Hello all, this is my second blog, the first one hurt a little at first but then it felt kind of nice haha. Right now I am drinking coffee and preparing to dive back into my novel, one of them anyway. 466 more words

A rainy day in May

Hello, to who ever happens to read this. Today it is extremely rainy, a excellent day for writing and drinking coffee, I have had quite the week with a bachelor party for my best friend and also a mothers day trip to a nice, yet creepy tiny town in Vermont yesterday. 240 more words

Hmmology - episode 24: It Takes Two to Tango but Only One Idiot to Fall in Love

To get the full story, start with EPISODE 1

I had never seen B look so small before. Maybe it was my imagination, but she looked slightly folded in on herself. 485 more words


Don't Worry Be Happy -W.I.S.E. Project 2017 #TenaciousTuesday

I recall a time not so long ago that I ridiculed people who read self-help books. I cannot pinpoint when and how I became enthralled with the wildly popular genre but in the past several years about 90% of my reading has been dedicated to memoirs and self-improvement. 977 more words

W.I.S.E. Project

Why I am Making a Conscious Effort to Advise Less and Listen More.

It did take me a while to realise but these days I try hard not to go about giving free advice for a lot of reasons. 559 more words


Resting introvert face

At first (or second…or third…) glance, introverts might look, well, rude. When we’re out in public, chances are that the looks on our faces are less than inviting. 440 more words


Welcome To My World

“Don’t underestimate quiet people. We know more than we say, think more than we speak and observe more than you know.”

Have you ever had a moment where you feel like you are in a different world?

256 more words