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Hmmology -episode 1: Towers are good listeners

… I remember she looked at me for a few seconds – after staring into the distance, inviting the wind to play with some stray strands so as to create an overall effect of her being a very deep and mysterious person, the sort you feel has an allure, even though they really needn’t bother since what makes them attractive to you is something far less complicated and more lacking in Latin, Greek or French words than they would care for – and finally said: 1,070 more words


Are you good listener?

Pertanyaan itu membuat saya ragu untuk menjawab nya. Karena selama ini saya merasa, saya bukanlah pendengar yang baik. Contohnya, saya sering ketiduran di kelas waktu kuliah kalo dosen nya itu bikin ngantuk. 215 more words


2.Social Skills (part 2)

2.7  Eye contact is very important in social interactions. When you speak with someone, mostly look at his/her eyes. In such a way you sub-communicate him/her that you are sure of yourself and you are being honest. 324 more words


...and how are you?

I’m going to get to the point and say this is going to be a curse-filled rant.

To start off, I’ll say that people have been getting on my nerves this week. 1,767 more words

This One Thing will Ruin Your Reputation as a Good Listener

Gossip is hardly uplifting.

Ginger Rogers

That’s right. You will ruin your reputation as a good listener if you tell others. The person talking with you needs to feel safe and to know that you are not a blabber mouth. 25 more words

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If you want to be a good listener, don't do these things.

There are a few things you do not want to do when you are listening.

  • Don’t interrupt in the middle of a point. If you interrupt the person too soon, then he or she will be frustrated and won’t fully absorb what you’re saying.
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