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An Empirical Inquiry Into Why Jesse Williams Is The Most Perfect Man In History: An Essay

Sometime during my late teen years, I adopted a laissez-faire attitude towards celebrity culture. I think the unhealthy fawning and obsession with people who are famous is a phenomenon at best, and a communal and destructive state of mental anarchy, at worst. 697 more words

Makeup, ambulance and nurse in Paris.

Have you ever regretted of being seen without make-up by someone good-looking?

I am sure you have had the experience during jogging and grocery shopping. Similarly, me and my friend are two targeted victims,  who met “Bella” Parisian men in our worst look. 263 more words



I recently came across these group called The Four Horsemen who are the fitness gurus at of this generation. At 22,they have become an inspiration to their peers and have decided to use their love for excercise to help the community.I got really interested in their cause and decided to interview them just to give you the push you need to get that sexy tummy or sculpted abs . 654 more words


Tie Me Up, Pin Me Down! The 25 Sexiest Boards on Pinterest

Betabeat has run a Sexy Week train on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and Vine over the past few days. We left what we thought might be the least sexy, Pinterest, for last. 179 more words


Guatemalan Interlude

So. Guatemala. Not the country, the man.

I went to Central America to research a book, not pull handsome men. True, handsome men are never far from my mind, but a) my hands were pretty full; b) I felt exhilarated enough by the trip; and c) I was yet to realise how much pulling power I apparently still have (this was pre-Pilates). 308 more words


Bottom of the Barrel

Channing Tatum, Dwayne “The Rock” Jonhson, Idris Elba, and Paul Walker….. Most women would put at least one of these men on their sexy list of men. 263 more words