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Six Most Visually Appealing Old-Time Leading Men

Just for a change of pace, a break from the sadness of animal cruelty, thought I’d share something pleasing, in my view anyways.

Now, no matter these men’s possible foibles or whatever other drawbacks they may have had, I think they’re six of the most mesmerizing men ever to have graced the big screen, or wherever else they graced with their manly handsomeness. 426 more words

Mr Conversationalist

So last night I had basically a first meeting/date but you can call it whatever you want. It was sorta a spur of the moment get together because we had spoken about making plans for the weekend. 387 more words


The Morning MIX Daily Podcast (09/16/15)

We go over the happiest and unhappiest states in America, the most trusted brands in America and what a man can wear to get our attention!  87 more words


Diaries: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, home to beautiful people

Turns out we arrived in Edinburgh at the start of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.


We choose to visit Up side down cow stage first– the Udderbelly. 122 more words


An Empirical Inquiry Into Why Jesse Williams Is The Most Perfect Man In History: An Essay

Sometime during my late teen years, I adopted a laissez-faire attitude towards celebrity culture. I think the unhealthy fawning and obsession with people who are famous is a phenomenon at best, and a communal and destructive state of mental anarchy, at worst. 697 more words

Makeup, ambulance and nurse in Paris.

Have you ever regretted of being seen without make-up by someone good-looking?

I am sure you have had the experience during jogging and grocery shopping. Similarly, me and my friend are two targeted victims,  who met “Bella” Parisian men in our worst look. 263 more words