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Favorite TV Shows of ALL TIME!!!!

​Hello my peers, today i’ll be telling you my favorite TV shows EVR. In case you want to know. If not, well here’s a link to something that’s really entertaining. 134 more words


"I Don't Want My Kids Seeing That!": When To Throw Letters From Concerned Parents In The Trash

We want to keep explicit, harmful, and inappropriate content out of children’s media. Nobody would disagree with that. Nobody actively wants to expose children to content that could hurt them, or lead them to to hurt others. 1,081 more words

Children's Media


Can we seriously find another platform for communication?

I’m currently wondering if my sister’s boyfriend is upset with me because I made a sarcastic remark through text that apparently did NOT come off as such and now I’m unclear on whether or not I hurt his feelings. 176 more words


Lots to celebrate this week...

First and foremost, MJ turned 14 and that happened in the blink of an eye. The boy likes to tell me that his birthday marks the day he made me a mom. 620 more words

This Job I Call Parenting

A brand new day...

With each child comes a new story to write, a new world of possibilities.  And so Charlotte, my dear, this is how your story begins… 1,027 more words

This Job I Call Parenting

A rose by any other name...

I’ve kept this idea for our little girl’s last minute name change close to my chest. There’s a story behind her name and it has a lot to do with honoring my husband.   279 more words

This Job I Call Parenting

I Didn't Do It-Lindy Nose Best

Hello, Spongey here.

Well, we are the end of my rather length-y Tv review Marathon. Oh, I’ll do plenty more but this is the end of a certain martathon. 2,669 more words