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To the young cashier...

Young lady, there are a few things I should have said to you today… but the store was busy with other shoppers and I didn’t want to cause them any delays. 487 more words


Quote: Keep Your Belongings Together

A bag or strap for your books is convenient. If you keep your belongings together, you are less likely to lose or mislay your books and papers, and you are more likely to be really prepared with everything your need for your work.

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News: Fork, Buffet?!

Have you ever questioned how to hold a fork or manage a buffet line? Both of these questions are answered during Social Arts 101 beginning August 14. 24 more words

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News: Practice, Practice, Practice

Just like with math and language at school, the students enrolled in Social Arts Atlanta’s Social Arts 101 take the time to practice. Repetition is key to learning, whether it is multiplication tables, sentence diagramming or introducing yourself.

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Luxury Fish Pie

Finally, he plumped for one called Luxury Fish Pie.  Surely Elsa deserved a whiff of luxury.  As did poor old Nikos, for that matter.  At first, Vernon couldn’t gauge what was so luxurious about this particular recipe.   418 more words

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News: Time to Register for Social Arts 101

Social Arts Atlanta is now accepting registrations for the Summer/Fall Term. Social Arts 101 will begin August 14, 2015. Social Arts 101 class size is limited so send your registration today. Complete details are available here.

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The perfect day for a picnic ... if you're a #snail

Last time the sun was out I invited the molluscs to a picnic. I took the food and they variously engaged in enjoying it. The courgette glut has already started, the carrots bright and sweet, and I’ve planted so many climbing French beans that there’s plenty for all of us. 78 more words