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Raising children: the middle finger

When you’re five, you wear glasses and go to an international school where the average kid your age is about 1 and a half your size life can be a jungle. 632 more words

In which Mr Hereford collects his coat and I give him Word tips

So Mr Hereford just popped in to collect his jacket, which he left behind last Saturday.

In an ideal world, this would have led to some impromptu carefree bonus sex…in my world, he had a horrid cold and felt like pants, so just stayed for a cup of tea. 529 more words


Do You Remember When?

Common Sense?!

Too often, friends and I will encounter some rude, careless or oblivious person, and we will commiserate about the slipping standards of politeness. As I like to say, “common sense isn’t … common … anymore”. 564 more words

Balanced Living

Quote: Don't Make is Worse

If you do something you know is wrong, such as going where you don’t belong. Don’t make it worse by telling lies; Say you’re sorry and apologize.

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Quote: Principals of Etiquette

Manners, the ways that people apply the principles of etiquette, change over time and from culture to culture, but the principles do not.

-Cindy Post Senning, Ed.D.

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The Magic Words

When we used to have all the Barney CD’s working, my LO and I had enjoyed watching Barney. There was a song regarding the magic words.  453 more words


Are Good Manners a Small Matter?

Wearing a big grin on his little boy face, Tyler ran to his mother in the church foyer. “Mom, can I–?”

She held up her hand in a kindly way, and then turned back to the woman who was talking to her. 293 more words

Love In Life