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Useful handbook on Business Etiquette (Barbara Pachter)

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I have been reading a book on Business Etiquette written by Barbara Pachter (@BarbaraPachter). I came across the handbook through the internet when… 132 more words


Kids Table Manners

How we experience food in our homes and environment, changes our bodies and our metabolic process. Modern hectic lifestyle has eroded family meal traditions. Recent research shows that the family meal can uplift the mental and physical wellness of parents and kids. 261 more words


Free Advice

I’m just gonna jump straight in (and I may or may not add to this list from time to time):

  • Do NOT ask me how I am/how I’m doing/if I’m OK unless you are truly interested in my answer.
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Kids Mindful Eating

When kids grow their own veggies, they want to eat what they have grown. Even small kids can help tidy the dining area, set the table, or create a centerpiece of flowers, leaves, or fruit from the garden. 333 more words


Isn't Everyone Supposed to Be?

“There’s no chivalry in culture any more. Sometimes you meet someone who everyone says is polite
and you’re like, “Wow!”, but then it’s like, “Hang on, isn’t everyone supposed to be polite?””
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Bridge etiquette - Getting the Directors attention

It’s just good manners!  

Bridge is a game known for it’s skilled strategies and a long list of rules.

It’s also known for it’s strong commitment to fair play, good manners and etiquette! 217 more words

Bridge Director

Good Manners

We know not to put our elbows on the table while we eat
To close our mouths while we masticate our food
As children we learned these simple social graces… 136 more words