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This Thing Called Respect

You have put up for far too long with someone who doesn’t respect you or isn’t being fair to you.  You may keep making excuses for this person because you don’t want to ignite a conflict or to say something that will turn the situation into something personal. 79 more words

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When Farting Becomes a Tool of Boardroom Oppression

This is a personal encounter that wasn’t funny at all.

Smelly odour fills the air. His aide quickly brings out a bottle of air freshener specially reserved in the glovebox for the purpose.

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Perspective is a Valuable Thing

A person who exists in the outer circle of your life may express to you that you don’t understand a belief of theirs.

You may find such a tought offensive, especially since you always try to be honorable and compassionate toward other people. 72 more words

Inspiring Toughts

The Friend of Virtue

Assalaamu ‘Alaikum,

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to choose one’s friends, as there are a lot of traps one can fall into. So I thought that I should share the valuable words of the Shaykh Al-Allaamah Ibn Uthaymeen رحمه الله … 577 more words


Twelve Steps In Cultivating Children By Abu Khadeejah

An amazing  two-part lecture in which brother Abu Khadeejah imparts a valuable twelve-step method of educating, cultivating and teaching good manners to our offspring. Great advices on parenting and encouragement to spend time with our children: country walks, studying, travelling and ‘Umrah. 69 more words


Can't I earn equal pay and still let you open the door for me?

Chivalry is dead. At the very least, it’s dying. Okay, to my thinking, it’s definitely on the decline. Yes? Come on, it can’t just be me thinking this. 532 more words

A Perfect World

Journey of Faith 2015~ 2nd Islamic Conference KICC

بسم الله‎ The three day conference held on holiday weekend of easter, and brought a variety of international scholars and sheikhs sharing and educating. May Allah bless the organizers and looking forward to the next years and attending all three days, In sha’Allah. 257 more words