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Books for Kids: Please, Mr. Panda

Most of the books that work their way into this column cross my desk via their publishers. This one, however, came to my attention by way of a bookseller who showed it to me along with half-a-dozen other new titles she thought I might like. 580 more words


Manners Matter

 Emily post described manners as “the sensitive awareness of the feelings of others.” I would add to this by saying that manners consist of a person’s conscientious behavior around others. 436 more words

Think About It

Good Manners; Addressing people

Addressing Envelopes


A man should be addressed as Mr. James J, Wilson, or James J. Wilson, Esq. Either the Mr. or the Esq. may be used, but not the two together. 943 more words

Most Interesting


The Thank You note is in the mail this morning.

For the second time in 34 years, Mr. Right and I went out to dinner on Valentine’s Day. 895 more words


Good manners

On the authority of Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him), that the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said: “Let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day speak good, or keep silent; and let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day be generous to his neighbor; and let him who believes in Allah and the Last Day be generous to his guest.” 981 more words

Forty Hadith

Do YOU Have a "Happy" Voice?

When people interact with us, there are a number of cues that affect the way our conversations are perceived by the listener/viewer. Two of these cues are the inflection of our voices and our choice of words. 171 more words

Zarb Means Business

The Kanye Effect-Beck over Bey

By no means am I a Kanye fan. I needed to premise this post with that. But you have to give the man his props he knows his brand. 323 more words