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'Friends' in low places

I have connections on other social media outlets that disagree with me on various issues — politics, religion, sports — and yet we’ve continued with those relationships despite those differing opinions. 198 more words

3 steps to better people skills

Getting through life as we all know is tough at the best of times, but one way to smooth the way forward, is bullet proof effective people skills. 828 more words



at the edge of the edge of the table

two big brown eyes peer into mine –

i feel right at home,

“welcome”, they seem to say — 46 more words

The Now

Escalator Etiquette and Other Things

So you may or may not have heard of it yet, but certain establishments  are already implementing the escalator rule that requires people to stand on the right, so that “overtakers” or people rushing to go up or down, may take the left. 759 more words

In My Opinion

The Question Everyone Will Ask

If I told you my answer was “It was great to be off work for a while.” would you be able to supply the question? No, you didn’t stumble upon a Jeopardy training or application site.  282 more words

Aspirations, Reflections, Perfection

Receiving A Gift In Japan

It’s New Years Day here in Japan.

My husband’s aunt and uncle always create calendar cards that are beautiful and feature everyone’s birthdays. She even has my parents, brothers, and relatives’ birthdays included. 575 more words


You're Welcome!

If you’re a generous person, you may have been saying you’re welcome a lot recently, to all those you’ve given gifts to. What do we mean when we say… 353 more words

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