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Mirror Mirror

“Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?”

In the classic  fairy tale Snow White, The Evil Queen asked the Magic Mirror this question.   123 more words

Inspiring Toughts

The Story of the Indian Diamond.

Ted’s eyes gleamed. “You must be angry about this, Pa. I’ve known decades to pass without you ever mentioning the Joppa trove. Now your mind seems to run only on this subject. 1,294 more words


What do your kids watch?

I went shopping with a friend last week and decided to buy her 22 month old son, a lunch box with his favorite character on it, so I asked her what her son’s favorite character is, I was shocked as she gave me a stare like I had asked her to tell me what gas propels a rocket to space, so I made it easier and asked, what cartoon does he like to watch on TV? 865 more words


Good Manners

The Kindness of Strangers is the WordPress prompt today.  We are asked about a time when someone was kind and generous. I think of many professionals who were kind when I was helping with my mother’s care.  81 more words

Memoirs In Poetry

Love The Children..

I love children. They are the future of this country, and I am not just saying this as the old adage goes; I mean it. The way a society brings up its children determines how the society will run when they are grown-ups. 180 more words


Can good manners ¨run out of style"?


As a native English speaker and teacher living in Spain I am often told that we English speakers say ¨please¨ and ¨thank you¨ too much. I answer by saying that it is better to say these things too much than not at all.  447 more words


Good Manners

One day Some relatives  A Group of 10 with Elders and Children came to Sunitha’s  house.  Her family members Welcome them and later she served the breakfast.   195 more words