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When You're on Your Ass...

Recently I ran into my friend, her husband, and their young son at the park on a walk with my dog. As we were saying hello their little boy was wondering around exploring our surroundings and fell onto his butt in a pile of snow. 292 more words



I was driving and chatting with my friend Brenda, when there was a sudden break in the conversation as she stuttered and turned her body fully toward me. 439 more words


Take it from me a perfect gentleman
She’s off, off the prescribed regimen
Such a waste of my good medicine
Can’t you see I’m a healthy specimen… 85 more words


Read the fine print

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Deconstructing Pumpkin Spice - The Wonderful World of Warming Herbs

Before “pumpkin spice” became a flavor synonymous with seasonal lattes, cinnamon, cloves, and other warming herbs were valuable medicines used to keep out the cold. 6 more words


The Healing Power of Sound

I am not a scientist, I am not a musician, I cannot sing, I cannot dance, but there are people in this world gifted with the abilities to do these things. 209 more words

song of the new earth - expanding consciousness

Today, I received a link from my wonderful aunt. Some would call her a hippie/gypsy, but I would say that she is her own being and seeks to fulfill the meaning of life. 213 more words