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Autumn Equinox - The Balance of the Dark and the Light

It’s the turning point of the year, the point where we are at the balance of light to darkness, that we are ready to receive the things we have set into the ground to grow. 286 more words


Way of the Ghost Hare - Spirit Element

Now we come to the one that most people miss out on, they cover the elements, the physical world but misses out on the one thing we need to interact with the rest of the spiritual world out there. 565 more words


Ending Work Week Early (To Have Fun)

I am ending my work week early…I know it is Thursday, and I have only been Hard at work since Monday, but….

I was writing away this morning, and then I received a phone call from my Oldest Son, and because he and his Fiance are going to be on opposite work schedules…They only have this weekend to spend some time together, before they will not have much quality time alone for a while.   312 more words


August 3, 2015

This was the way to spend a vacation afternoon…

On the way home found these guys looking at us as we drove by.

Nature is good medicine…



Random Thoughts

Hug Someone Today...and Make a Difference!!

Hug someone today!  It’s good medicine for all involved! xx




Turns out that sexy young guy, with the smoldering gaze, that I randomly danced with several weeks ago, may be my next masseur!  He made me an offer I don’t think I can refuse.   32 more words