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More Bold Music

The band named American Nightmare/Give Up the Ghost were so weird and rough and their first three releases are their rawest and craziest work. COO!!! RAW!!! 329 more words


Quite a Mix of Music

Research the band called The Destro & the band named The Chariot. The members of the band Chariot stayed so wild, crazy, and hilarious and so were a lot of their shows. 515 more words


More Wild Music

Learn about Wu-Tang Clan, Das Efx, Shawn Colvin, Aretha Franklin, Audible Mainframe, The Pharcyde, Digable Planets, Shovel and Rope, Lin Que, Bahamadia, K-Swift/Candy Gram, Mecca Star, Hank Williams II, and Hank Williams III. 349 more words


Alt-J in the earĀ 

If you haven’t herd the new release from Alt-J then get on it.


Funky. Obscure. Weird. Perfect.

I’m in love. Add l it’s on repeit’s well. 24 more words

Good Music

Some More True Music from Talented Earthlings

Yellow Machine Gun, Palm, Weekend Nachos, Hirax, Samsara Blues Experiment, & Truckfighters. Truckfighters’ rawest, craziest, oddest album Gravity X is so good. Foo Fighters made some of the silliest & weirdest videos ever & they have added extra layers to their sounds over the years, plus they stay gritty regardless. 311 more words



Daniel Caesar’s albumĀ Freudian has been out for a couple of months now and it still has left an impression on us here at PARDON THE RECORD. 93 more words