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Second Book Published!

Good news! I got my second book published!

This one is different than my first. It is a photography book. A large collection of photos that I have taken here in London, Ontario over the years. 180 more words

For She Will Hide Me

I haven’t written anything particularly ‘introspective’ about vocation in some time… Perhaps it’s the winter, inner and outward hibernation… Waiting… 

I still will not be writing much, so perhaps this is just noticing that there have been new things, surprising changes… Signs of an early spring… They are gentle shoots, fragile new beings, and putting words to them seems too forceful still…  103 more words


The Gangetic dolphin makes a comeback

The Indian government’s efforts to bring down pollution in River Ganga bears fruit as the Gangetic dolphin is back from the verge of extinction.

The dwindling population of the Gangetic dolphin, one of the four fresh-water dolphins in the world, is slowly making a revival as the efforts of a number of government officials to bring down the pollution of the India’s largest river sees some success. 208 more words

Good News

After Brexit And Trump; The People Can No Longer Be Trusted

“The Deep State has one simple rule, ‘Do it our way, or else'”

We shall no doubt witness more Liberal Elitism at the Oscars in Hollywood this evening, that’s provided your unfortunate enough to view this self gratifying nonsense.

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