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To Dye Or Not To Dye.

That is the question.  I have noticed my hair is growing awfully quick these days ever since I changed my diet and started putting good nutrition into my body.  251 more words


Friends in China

An African Brother

A. was a passionate believer with an amazing story. He was a little goat herder and by chance a local teacher discovered that he was very intelligent. 873 more words


Good Nutrition and Mental Health

Mental illness is not always in our heads. Sometimes it is caused by poor nutrition, lack of exercise, substance abuse, tobacco smoking, and other unhealthy habits. 769 more words


5 Facts We Absolutely Know About Good Nutrition

Though there is much debate in the scientific community regarding the role nutrition plays in development of health and disease, a few facts exist that are relatively certain and based on a body of good research. 1,118 more words

Whole Food Supplements

My New Thang—Avocados

Early in my dad’s business career he sold appliances for General Electric. Every year we got one new one, including allegedly, the first trash compactor in the country. 186 more words

Fitness And Triathlon

Australians Are Not Eating Enough Fruit and Vegetables

Are you getting enough fruit and vegetables in your daily diet?  Well, if you read the latest statistics published by the CSIRO, you most probably are not.  623 more words

Lifestyle Issues

Top Foods for Healthy Kidneys

Greetings from Dr. Thorburn:

Do you have problems with your kidneys such as infections or kidney stones? The kidneys are two of the very important organs in the body. 451 more words