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GOG 1000+ digital games achievement and Bundle Tower

GOG celebrates its 1000th game release on the digital platform by building a tower full of discounts.

Maybe compared the Steam library, 1000 titles doesn’t sound like much, but considering these are all DRM-free and GOG has been very busy lately to revive old classics and have digital exclusives, it’s fair to say that this is an achievement worth writing about. 241 more words


Game release: "Dead Synchronicity" (PC) + GOG fiction contest

Dead Synchronicity is another point-and-clicker published by Daedalic Entertainment, but developed by Fictiorama Studios, that has a much darker twist with its post-apocalyptic content. 297 more words


The Witcher 3 universe gameplay trailer

A new trailer with a mix of past gameplay videos but with more structure has been released by CD Projekt RED for its upcoming RPG… 404 more words


GOG Release: "Afterlife"

If you think building-sims are dry affairs without any fun ideas, then LucasArts classic Afterlife might tell you otherwise.

Having Disney-owned LucasArts licences on board doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s all about… 160 more words


Digital board games: "The Witcher Adventure Game" (PC)

Note: This review was written in cooperation with The Idiosyncracy of Life in Words‘ editor bino32.

Soon, CD Project RED will release their much-anticipated RPG… 1,402 more words


GOG "reclaim games DRM-free style" initiative

GOG, provider of all things retro, indie and new games, take things a bit further with their DRM-free policy by granting buyers of DRM games an alternative. 299 more words


Game release: "Pillars of Eternity" (PC)

Fancy a trip back down classic RPG memory lane? Then Obsidian Entertainment and Paradox Interactive present the finished Kickstarter project Pillars of Eternity to you. 449 more words