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GOG.com Double Insomnia Promo sales now on

Good Old Games are currently running a sale in conjunction with a live Twitch stream. During the sale, two games will be discounted at a time; one classic title and one new release. 67 more words


GOG Double Insomnia Sale 2015

Taking a short break from reviews, here’s some brandnew piece of info about the craziest sale of the year from GOG with its DoubleInsomnia Sale… 195 more words


Remakes: "Grim Fandango: Remastered" (PC, PS Vita)

Remakes or remastered versions of classic games can both be a blessing and a curse with one alienating fans of the original and the other being too faithful without any originality. 1,899 more words


Arcade classics played today: "Double Dragon Trilogy" (PC)

Still remembering the good old coin-op games, not everything was golden that shined. So is DotEmu’s PC conversion Double Dragon Trilogy still as good, hard, and fun as it was in front of the cabinet with or without a buddy when Technōs Japan released… 1,518 more words


GOG Release: "Toonstruck" + creative contest

One of the craziest point-and-click comic adventures meets FMV, Toonstruck, is out now on GOG, telling the story of cartoon writer Drew Blanc being pulled into his own colorful world to save it from destruction. 246 more words


Must Try: Blood - Pitchforks, cultists, demons, and a whole lotta' blood.

Based off the Build engine made famous by Duke Nukem 3D, Blood was developed by then first timer Monolith Productions, who most famously went on to make F.E.A.R., and most recently Shadow of Mordor. 819 more words


GOG Release: "World of Goo"

There’s something intrinsically motivating about building things as high as possible, so 2D Boy‘s physics-based World of Goo is just a consequence of that compulsive and fun experience, and now it’s finally available on… 220 more words