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GOG will remove Duke Nukem games from its catalog | GOG retirará los juegos de Duke Nukem de su catálogo

[EN]: GOG will remove Duke Nukem games from its catalog due to a court case earlier this year that selected a new rightholder for the five titles of the Duke Nukem franchise. 340 more words


System Shocked to See You Again

When System Shock Enhanced Edition was first announced for GoG, I was happy yet saddened because it wasn’t immediately released for Steam, my preferred platform, I had to wait a month for it to be available in Steam. 1,267 more words

Slice Of Life

Game release: "Sublevel Zero" (PC)

Once upon a time, there was an FPS game titled Descent that did things differently with 360 degrees of movement, and SIGTRAP Games might just have found a way to resurrect it with… 306 more words


Modern RPGs: "The Witcher" (PC)

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has been out for quite some time and due to my break from blogging I ironically missed writing about the release after covering all sorts of news snippets before. 2,046 more words


Great Time To Be a Classic PC Gamer!

I have been playing PC games since the DOS days, I bet if I were to have been born a lot earlier, I’d be playing games on the computer a lot earlier, too. 719 more words


PC cult classic Starship Titanic to soar onto GoG

GoG has developed a strong reputation for bringing long lost and forgotten games into the modern era. From classic Star Wars through to early DOS classics, its library is a slice of gaming history. 214 more words


GOG Indie Piñata

You probably know that I love indie games, even if I find the term “indie” becoming a bit tiresome, and there are some developers thinking too much of themselves, but that’s another story. 268 more words