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How Often Are Games Actually Lost To DRM?

Since the last time I talked about DRM here we’ve had more time to see the effects of Denuvo. Instead of going through all the usual DRM talking points like sales or quality of services for paying customers versus pirates, I’m gonna focus on one thing: the perceived affect of DRM on the future preservation of games. 929 more words


System Shock 2 free On GoodOldGames.com For the Nest 38 Hours.

If you are willing to help stress test GOG’s Galaxy Client you can get a free copy of Systen Shock 2, one of the best games ever made in my personal opinion. 28 more words


What Might Come To GOG Connect Next?

So the guys over at Good Old Games seem to have come up with something everybody likes — linking accounts between Steam and GOG to bring select game licenses from the former to the latter. 498 more words


GOG’s new 'connect' feature lets you import select Steam games

One of Steam’s biggest competitors is launching a new feature to try to lure users away from Valve’s digital PC store. Today GOG — formerly known as Good Old Games — announced GOG Connect, a new tool that lets users connect a Steam account and import select games to their GOG library. 194 more words

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Veštac upola cene!

Ponajbolji serijal u poslednjih desetak godina upravo je na velikom sniženju na Good Old Games servisu!

Osim što je poslednji deo franšize, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt… 92 more words

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Dungeon keeper 2

A top down dungeon simulator where you passively control minions and build up your dungeon, all this for an attempt at being evil and reigning hell on the over world dwellers. 292 more words

GOG will remove Duke Nukem games from its catalog | GOG retirará los juegos de Duke Nukem de su catálogo

[EN]: GOG will remove Duke Nukem games from its catalog due to a court case earlier this year that selected a new rightholder for the five titles of the Duke Nukem franchise. 340 more words