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The #1 Best Quote: According to Brainy Quote 

I love quotes and I was curious to see what the number one quote would even be and how interested in it I would actually be. 186 more words


Ber-terima-kasih-lah kepada pencipta lagu2 berlirik ironi/tragedi/putus asa/ patah hati. Sehingga ketika bersedih, kau masih bisa bernyanyi.

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#GOOD Quote

A person with no options is dead, A person with one option is a slave, A person with Many options is free!

Antonio Cordeiro

This is your moment to start thinking about your options.


#Good Quote Tony Robbins

Only those who have learned the power of sincere and selfless contribution experience life’s greatest joy:

True Fulfillment!

Tony Robbins