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If I should die today, make note that I am not ready for it, but I’ve accomplished centuries in my decades, and for that I am grateful.

— Mike McGee, The End



Đôi khi, tôi thấy mình đang ngồi hay đứng với đôi vai còng xuống. Bất cứ khi nào điều đó xảy ra, tôi chắc rằng phải có một cái gì không ổn. 1,501 more words

Good Quote

The #1 Best Quote: According to Brainy Quote 

I love quotes and I was curious to see what the number one quote would even be and how interested in it I would actually be. 186 more words


Ber-terima-kasih-lah kepada pencipta lagu2 berlirik ironi/tragedi/putus asa/ patah hati. Sehingga ketika bersedih, kau masih bisa bernyanyi.

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A person with no options is dead, A person with one option is a slave, A person with Many options is free!

Antonio Cordeiro

This is your moment to start thinking about your options.