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Recipes Can Be Useful by Tasha Halpert

Sometimes I use recipes, sometimes not. I have loved to cook ever since I was a small child when I made up mud and berry pies and added dandelion fluff for decoration. 504 more words

Winter Comfort Food - Wizard Finger Stew

We are now in the very low digits weather-wise in New Hampshire; it’s COLD. Our two indoor/outdoor cats walk outside, pull up one front paw to keep it off the cold ground, then the other, and repeat. 444 more words

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My Favorite Cookbook

There’s something about bread. Some people yearn for a good steak, some lust for chocolate. For me, it’s bread – that magical combination of flour, water, salt, and yeast. 311 more words

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CHEgg Sandwiches

Like most people, many of my best memories include food that was a part of family get-togethers, special occasions, or just every day favorites. Today, preparing and eating these foods rekindles all of the warmth and good feelings from those times. 177 more words


Soup Obsessed

Fall is the beginning of soup season, right? Well, I love soup. Okay, I basically love anything that goes well with a piece of buttered bread, (weird obsession), but soup is great for many reasons. 286 more words


a tea kick :)

For as long as I can remember, my husband and I have enjoyed a pot, or a cuppa, hot tea in the evenings. We don’t claim to be tea leaf experts, but we both know what we like. 377 more words

Good Recipes

Homemade lemon cream cheese blueberry layer cake

Today is the annual Baking Treats With Our Girlfriends Day, so I thought it would put everyone in the holiday mood to see some of the treats we will be making today.   171 more words

Good Recipes