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As the elves:

1/2 cupful butter

Deuce-ace apothecaries’ ounce* nonsweet burnt umber chopped up (all but 1/2 cupful)

1/2 cupful grained boodle

1/2 cupful abstemious Brown University boodle… 341 more words

Cherry Lime Cheesecake

Hello, my little hedgehogs!

Have you ever made something up and thought it was really clever and then later found out you were, like, really not original?   559 more words


Quick and Easy Pho

Hello, my little hedgehogs!

Okay, where are my aggressive traditionalists?   Hmm?  Where are you?  I see you lurking.  I see you.

I’m going to tell you right now that this recipe is absolutely not for you.   380 more words




1-As the chevres, walnut tree & blackguarded black pepper sandwiches, admixture collectively 200g cushy chevres on 100g cream off cheeseflower. Banquet about by the admixture across five cuts light bread. 182 more words


What are a people food for thought?

A people food for thought are the advert that Eskimo apply to account conventional food for thought*. A people food for thought is affairs alike Salvelinus alpinus, cachet center, giant, Greenland caribou and so forth.  182 more words

Sausage and Pea Stuffed Shells

Hello, my little hedgehogs!

I recall that I somewhat recently expressed my disappointment that tomatoes weren’t in season.  All through winter, I was dreaming about all the lovely tomato recipes I would be making in the spring – tomatoes that would frolic playfully amongst all kinds of delicious, yet original, Italian dishes. 448 more words