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Cultivating Otherness in our Children





How do we cultivate these characteristics in our kids and teens in an entitled culture that promotes self-preservation and immediate gratification? By nature, children are egocentric–they believe the world revolves around them and are developmentally unable to see the world through a lens of others. 455 more words

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Surviving another snow day: Grace

I’ve lost track of the snow days my kids have had in the past three weeks. Quite frankly, I’m not sure what makes me more anxious: more snow or my kids going to school until July.  421 more words

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What's the draw to "Parenthood?"

Just in time for the series finally, I decided to scope out all the chatter about the 6-season drama, Parenthood. I started at episode 1 on Netflix. 317 more words

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Get in front of the cycle: when our kids don't WANT to go to church

Over the years, I’ve had several parents ask, “My teen doesn’t want to come to church. Should I force him (or her)?”

It’s such a loaded question. 495 more words

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