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How To Achieve Your Dreams: The Tips You HAVEN'T Heard!

This site is packed with great articles and positive vibes. Today, I was inspired by two posts; one including tips on following your dreams and the second article on a 92 year Yogi’s… 54 more words

Good Reads

4 Personal Finance Principles to Live by For a Richer Life

Part of being in this fellowship is learning how to manage your money and although I have come up with some pretty creative ways to save and to stretch my money (I’ll share those methods in another post) – I found this… 12 more words


How To Get Through Father's Day Without a Dad

Fathers day has always given me mixed feelings- I give my mom all the praise in the world for raising my brothers and I. She has made it through a lot and did everything she could to give us good lives. 1,419 more words

Good Vibes

Worriers: cut yourself some slack!

Are you one of those people who has the same thoughts, worries or concerns going through their mind over and over on rotation?

And even though you acknowledge it, you’re reaaaaaally really bad at stopping yourself from doing it? 386 more words


Summa'time: so many options...(some matter more)

We have lots of options for summer experiences for our children: we have scout camps, swim clubs, adventure camps, sports clinics, music camps, etc. All of which are great and valuable for our children to experience. 460 more words

It Starts With You

Have the tough conversations. Often.

There is no shortage of controversial and challenging topics filling the airwaves these days. All you need to do is stand in the checkout at Target lined with magazines and your child will throw plenty of questions at you that will make your head spin… … 501 more words

Good Reminders