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The talk on bullying in detention

In a few words, I had asked a student who was sitting in detention, “Why are you here?” I knew this student from biology class. Though she is not one of my student, she is someone that I have gotten to know over time. 1,124 more words

Time with your teen is ticking...

It’s finally spring. The weather seems to have broken. We’ve all emerged from our winter caves to find the outdoors beaten up by the season many of us were unsure we’d survive. 638 more words

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Easter: keep the bunnies and candy

As with most Christian holidays, it’s difficult for children to see beyond the commercialism and materialism of Easter to the true meaning. They are inundated with bunnies and eggs and candy shortly after Valentine’s Day at every turn so big business (and small businesses alike) can cash in on the season. 361 more words

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Baptism: When is my child ready?

This is often a question parents ask our KidsChurch and Youth teams. How does an adult discern if a child, preteen, or teen is ready to be baptized? 587 more words

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Imagine a generation...

Imagine the power of a generation who lives and walks so much like Jesus that those around them are drawn to follow them.

Imagine the power of a generation who leads their peers to impact the world toward justice and peace and righteousness. 176 more words

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Cultivating Otherness in our Children





How do we cultivate these characteristics in our kids and teens in an entitled culture that promotes self-preservation and immediate gratification? By nature, children are egocentric–they believe the world revolves around them and are developmentally unable to see the world through a lens of others. 455 more words

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Surviving another snow day: Grace

I’ve lost track of the snow days my kids have had in the past three weeks. Quite frankly, I’m not sure what makes me more anxious: more snow or my kids going to school until July.  421 more words

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