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A Book of Lists, continued

Now that I’ve covered Hot a lot of you might think that I’ll take on Cold. Nope, Nada, Nej, Nyet!

Don’t do what everyone expects, keep ’em guessing, those are my mottos, which could have been tattooed on my thigh, but the Text Size might be wrong, and then I’d be having to hike up my pant’s leg to the forbidden zone, and we don’t want to do that, do we? 459 more words


Another Turning Point, A Fork Stuck In The Road...

Good riddance.

A great song by Green Day.  I’ve heard the song used in many different contexts, interpreted many different ways.  It’s actually a sarcastic, caustic break-up song. 442 more words


Facebook be gone!

On the 31 December 2015 I said goodbye to Facebook. Never thought I would see the day I deactivated my account given I am an avid social media geek! 228 more words

Finishing the Book

I am hardly ever thrilled to finish a book. Turning the final page is more bitter and scarcely sweet. The ritual is this: I close the book, lay back against the couch, and stare at the ceiling. 331 more words

Dear 2015:

You, my darling 2015, were a complete clusterfuck. A colossal shitstorm of misery. Jobs were lost. Hearts were broken. People got sick and were hospitalized and died. 228 more words

long live the queen

to the newborn child
we toasted promise
to the graduate
we toasted career
to the foot soldier
we toasted godspeed
and to the bride
we toasted happily ever after… 68 more words