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Charles Manson was a racist Bigot good riddance

the only people mourning that evil turkey are the same ones who didn’t see anything

wrong with Charolottesville  or with the racist divisive  attitude of Both Donald Trump… 90 more words

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good riddance

I hear that the mass murderer C. Manson has passed aged 83. Although I’m not sure he actually killed anyone ? he certainly led the charge… 81 more words

Good Riddance BST 2017!

This weekend witnesses the end of British Summer Time (BST) for 2017, when we in Blighty turn our clocks back an hour. In chez Strachan these sixty minutes aren’t ordinarily utilised increasing my sleep longevity; moreover this ‘gift’ is spent changing non-computerised time-keeping devices to reflect this horological amendment. 541 more words


Good Riddance

The song Good Riddance by Green Day has never really appealed to me till today. In fact, I learned to play the song on guitar because I really liked the parody by Tim Hawkins, “ 726 more words

Things I Believe In


Hugh Hefner was a terrible person. Not only did he see women as objects but he manipulated them and frequently hurt them for no reason.

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Good Riddance

It has been eleven days since my last post, so much for writing every day. And even as I admit that, and sit here writing, I feel defeated. 266 more words