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How the Samaritan Became Good

Most Bible readers are so familiar with the story of the Good Samaritan that we tend to almost skip over it, and in doing so, miss the cultural tension that would have been front and center for those who heard it from Jesus’ own lips. 425 more words



Ed Delph shares another thought-provoker…

From time to time, most of us feel left out. We feel like misfits. Others seem so confident, so sure of themselves, ‘insiders’ who know the ropes, old hands in a club from which we are excluded. 786 more words

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Another long day on the road, and the Feed

I had another long day out paying bills today, but I’m finally through for the month. Now all I have to dump money on is getting the plumbing fixed. 674 more words

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Good Samaritan 2.0

Been reading and thinking about the story of the “Good Samaritan” (Luke 10:25-37) lately. What was once a feel good, Sunday school story, where Jesus commends selflessness, has now become a paradigm shifting, life and ministry challenging example for the church.  386 more words

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Good Samaritan, first responders rescue Bettendorf man and his dog

BETTENDORF, Iowa (KWQC) – Eleven years ago, Ron Simmering and his wife got Zoe, their dog. But now it’s just the two of them living in the house overlooking a neighbor’s pond. 615 more words


Loving The Unlovely

A few days ago while I was putting on my makeup, I heard what I believe was the voice of the Spirit speak to my heart and ask, … 756 more words

Evil Is Real, and it Does Harm the Innocent

There’s a New Age myth floating around that evil is not real; that evil is just an illusion; that if anything evil happens to us, it’s either karma for evil we ourselves did in a past life, or it’s something we chose to have happen to us as a learning experience. 944 more words

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