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How “Improving Samaritans” Improve

After all this talk of good samaritanism, the sixty-four-thousand-dollar question is “How do we get there?” I know I should be more rather than… 530 more words

Being neighbor: in the ditch

The Samaritan. A Samaritan was the last person who might have been expected to help – actions which reveal more than simple help, but a great deal of compassion. 1,777 more words


The Samaritan's Journey

A man sat silent upon his donkey as it plodded slowly down the dusty road that linked the towns of Jericho and Jerusalem. He cast his eyes downward each time he passed a fellow traveler. 283 more words


Passersby, first responders rescue woman after car plunges into water

EMERY COUNTY, Utah – A woman was rescued after she crashed her vehicle into a creek in Emery County earlier this month, and several people worked together to pull her from the crash site after a passerby happened to witness the accident. 320 more words


Being neighbor: to who?

Who is my neighbor? But because he wished to justify himself… And who is my neighbor?” One wonders why the scholar did not “quit while he was ahead?” It is almost as though the scholar’s first question was entrée to the real question about who is (or is not) neighbor. 1,771 more words


Syrian Refugees and the Good Samaritan

There has been a lot of talk about Syrian refugees lately so I thought I would take a shot at explaining my views of the discussions.   615 more words


Refugees: It's Time To Cross The Street

Crimes have been committed against France.

Against the United States.

Towers crumbling like houses of cards, people, like ants, crushed beneath the debris.  Lives leveled below iron and steel, plaster and mortar like gum wrappers in the hand of a raging enemy. 2,294 more words

True Discipleship