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Good and Bad Sleep Props: Help Your Toddler Fall Asleep and Stay Asleep

Toddler sleep and sibling rivalry are two “areas of opportunity” in our household. Fortunately, one of my best friends is a Sleep Consultant. Through her help, I have slowly been able to develop better sleeping habits in my nocturnal honey badger of a son. 841 more words


Arianna Huffington’s top sleep tips 

Having realised that the 4hrs sleep a night she was existing on was doing her harm, businesswomen and sleep evangelist, Arianna Huffington, read all the advice she could get her hands on to help her change her sleeping patterns.  

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Study Compares Effects Of Good Sleep Habits Vs. Insomnia Medication

DENVER (CBS4) – Chronic insomnia affects one in five Americans at some time or another and researchers at National Jewish Health in Denver are working to find a cure. 335 more words


The Conspicuous Yet Critical Lack of Our Sleep

I have noticed that there’s an aspect of our babies’ sleep that goes unnoticed and is extremely important nonetheless. Without it our floors would shake, our children would be extremely bored and the fine line between reality and fantasy would blend to the point of becoming inseparable. 217 more words

Study shows, less TV before bed results in better sleep for children!

Want your child to fall asleep easier tonight?  Turn off the TV!

Wow this 5:00 am wake time for me today will result in me having a cup of coffee about 3:00 pm today!  290 more words


Possibilities, Disappointments, and Realities

I really wanted to go swimming this morning. Last night, I evoked my new routine of relaxing for an hour before bed and of getting to sleep before midnight.  277 more words

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Sleep... the Final Frontier

These are the voyages of the Mother Ship Enterprise, who is finally taking ownership of the many small, yet meaningful changes I can make in my life to improve my health, in general, and to reduce my bulk, more specifically. 301 more words

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