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What's Keeping YOU from Jesus?

What’s Keeping YOU from Jesus – Luke 8:4 – 15 – 11-22-15

 What are you thankful for?

I read a question the other day that may cause you to pause:  What if you had to survive today on what you were thankful for yesterday? 410 more words

Sermon Notes

Cucumbers in our Garden!

I love cucumbers and have always dreamed that one day I will be able to just go out our garden and get one. One fine day, I bought a cucumber from the grocery store and made some pickled cucumbers. 453 more words

Bear Fruit

What kind of heart do you have? #FoodForThought

Luke 8:10-15
Jesus: The kingdom of God contains many secrets. They keep listening, but do not comprehend; keep observing, but do not understand. I want you to understand, so here’s the interpretation: The voice of God falls on human hearts like seeds scattered across a field. 167 more words

Scripture Quotes

The Sower of Seeds: A Parable of Jesus

Jesus often taught His lessons to the masses in the form of parables–spiritual truths gleaned from comparison to everyday experiences using analogy.  The parable of the sower of seeds is one such parable, which gives us a good picture of the different kinds of responses that are possible to the message of Christ. 611 more words

Christian Living

Stop trying to get the first and last word

I overheard a conversation between a Libertarian and a left-leaning Republican last night as I was sitting in a local coffee shop. I couldn’t really help but overhear, honestly. 825 more words


Good Soil

From seed … 

To harvest …

Between the planting of the seed and maturation of the crop, there were adequate growing conditions: sun, warmth, and water. 578 more words