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Mamma Moments: A Superhero

This age.  This ephemeral age.  A tea towel stuffed into your collar as you save the world from disaster.  Knobby knees clambering over the couch pillows.  189 more words

Good Thoughts

Gossip Gobblers🗣👀👂🏼👤

Maturity is realising how many things don’t require your opinion.

Rohit Sharma unfollowed Virat Kohli😱. Akshay kumar & John Abraham are beefing over their film release… 212 more words


Thought of The Day

The one in whom no longer exist the craving and thirst that perpetuate becoming; how could you track that Awakened one, trackless, and of limitless range.

Good Things

Life List

I have a pet peeve.  Actually, I have many.  This particular one is the term: Bucket List.  As in, the list of things one is supposed to do before kicking the bucket, crossing to the other side, going for the long sleep, feeding the worms, and pushing up the daisies.  154 more words

Good Thoughts


Are you sure about your likes or dislikes?

Do you know food, people, places, dressing, flowers, flavour and anything you likes or dislikes?

Have you ever experienced that your likes and dislike are impermanent? 98 more words


Thought of The Day

With fools, there is no companionship. Rather than to live with men who are selfish, vain, quarrelsome, and obstinate, let a man walk alone.

Good Things

Good News for the Future!

We just had people from Arkansas Valley Electric Co-op come to the door, saying they needed to measure our poles for the coming installation of a new fiber optic line. 78 more words