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Pray for Paris

Praying for my friends in Paris. The city and its people were so good to me during my time there. It is strange to think that I was walking through its streets and savoring in its sights and flavors less than 2 months ago. 21 more words

Does anybody like reading the news anymore?

Every morning as I wake up, the first thing that I do is read news. I don’t think it is an ideal way to start the day but nevertheless I do it because it helps me wake up. 274 more words

B is for Bad thoughts

– This post was taken from the blog from The Pandora Box Gift Company’s A-Z on Mental Health series –

Sometimes our thoughts can turn against us and make us feel worthless, guilty, anxious or depressed. 94 more words

Forget the pain 

Happy Monday everyone!

I’d like to think that work is a huge distraction if you’re in pain. I know it helps me forget about the bad stuff going on and focus all the good energy on something good. 53 more words


watch what you say

Saying crap does not end once you have said it. It hangs around you, like a spiritual cloak of negativity. And after a while you start giving off that vibe which is crappy. So watch what you say.

A Byte

10 Songs to Help You Combat Negative Thoughts:

Music is very important in meditation and for the mind.

I like to think of music as a “thought shifter.” It can take us to another mindset. 127 more words