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Friends & Life

Every moment is pearl,  and

life is a beautiful chain of pearls.

Moments spent with friends are 

the main pearls in the chain of life.


104 views yesterday 

“Shocked!” was the word of yesterday. You viewed my articles more than any other day in my blogging life. Up until yesterday I didn’t realize Fiji and many other countries even had internet. 321 more words

Illness Adaptation

Respect Women

God has chosen women, to do his work,

to give birth, bringing up, nourish, and then

take care for a lifetime. If we bow in reverence… 7 more words


Be Careful With Your Words

Sometimes we use harsh words in anger,

that we never mean to say. Those words are forgiven,

not forgotten. We have to face the result again in future. 

Strong Bonding

Believe on Eyes

Eyes shout what lips fear to say.

-William Henry

Always believe on eyes, they can never lie. Doesn’t matter, how much someone is expert to lie, but eyes are the excellent invention of god, man can never modify them. 99 more words

Good Thoughts

If I wasn't an alcoholic...

If I wasn’t an alcoholic I’d drink everyday. I get mad at people who have one beer.

I’m like, “really, a beer? Who goes out and drinks 1 beer?” 142 more words

Illness Adaptation