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An apology to those I've cut from my life in the past.

Since coming back home I’ve been reflecting.

I’ve always been a pessimist but I realized I so persistently thought of my old school; King George V School as something negative that I never remembered the good times I had back there. 517 more words

Words To Live By #17

Sorry for slacking and not having posted some quotes in a bit. Life got busy. I’m needing a lot of positivity, need to toss those negative thoughts aside. 12 more words

Words To Live By

Pemahaman Passion dan Purpose

Ditulis oleh Steve Pavlina

Jika Anda bekerja sangat keras untuk meraih semua tujuan Anda tetapi tidak menikmati perjalanannya, Anda berarti sedang menunda esensi kehidupan.

Berkomitmen pada tujuan Anda bukan berarti Anda menjadi budak di tempat kerja yang Anda tidak sukai tetapi Anda harus bisa merayakan destinasinya.

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09.06.2017: New Exhibition, New Blood, and New Thoughts

Now it has been a couple of weeks since the Exhibition One module, I can finally feel it coming out of my system, the tension and stress that builds up with the workload and the hanging. 616 more words


Good Morning!

It was really foggy when I went out to walk Amber – our maniac puppy – this morning. The spiders had been busy making webs anywhere they could find. 305 more words

Good Thoughts


 “Solve the problem or leave the problem, But…………….

Do not sleep with the


Good Thoughts