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Skinny dipping, topless sunbathing, police visits - it was an eventful week

The last week plus has been amazing. While M and I were running something akin to a homey hotel, it was crowded, noisy, schedule and plan for showers, and a truly wonderful experience. 735 more words

The Official Unofficial Coachella 2015 Recap Video

It only tok 2 months, countless hours of editing 40+ gigs of footage and combing through 700+ pictures to create this. I hope everyone enjoys it! 15 more words


Randy Newman* sings "All Roads Lead to Somewhere"

Hey there everybody,

Happy Tuesday!

Today we’re happy to play you guys¬†a little teaser for our upcoming musical, “Into the Word.” *Okay, it doesn’t actually feature the great Randy Newman, but it does feature awesome people like Mark Bissonette (Elton John’s bassist), Rob Rinderer (our chart writer and key player), and myself (cuz you know, it’s fun to hang with the big kids). 26 more words


They said this mystery never shall cease

“Every thing possible to be believed is an image of truth”

– William Blake

From this, without doubt, sprang the fable. Man created it thus, because it was not given him to see more than himself and nature, which surrounds him; but he created it true with a truth all its own. 292 more words

Solstice at Stonehenge

One of the many great things about England is that everything is connected by train and, if booked early enough, preplanned trips can be very economical. 675 more words

Recent holiday trip

So recently with my boyfriend we went to stay at plymouth for few days, like 8th to 11th, and as he took his car and he drove us to visit places in cornwall. 398 more words

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