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New and Exclusive Bars

Summer is approaching party seasons here.  A night out on the town is what keeps every circle tight.  Friendships are built on love, trust and loyalty but are bonded by laughs, excitement, adventures, food and alcohol drinks. 157 more words


Coming Home

The first three years in my forever home, it was unchanging. My favorite time of day was at night when both of my forever people were home from that place called work and we all were together. 435 more words

Man's Best Friend

Dear Spo...

Dear Spo,

You’ve been on my mind so very much lately.  At times it’s good, and at times it’s excruciating.   I thought I’d write you a letter, though I know you can’t read it, because I really have to get my act together to make it through the next couple of weeks. 641 more words

Mel's 'Stunt' Hen's Night - Courtesy of QT Canberra

Two weeks ago, I received this invitation:

Intrigued? So was I! Other than knowing that the limo would arrive at my house at 6.30, and that I needed to dress semi-formally, I wasn’t really sure what to expect. 761 more words



One thing I loved to do with my mom was get pizza. Occasionally, while I was in middle school, my mom would surprise me and pick me up after classes were done. 105 more words



Not going to lie I miss playing music. If I pick up a guitar I know I’d be rusty. My violin needs to be babied back to life with an oil bath and good old tlc. 236 more words

Tequila: It Makes Me Happy

I know it’s the lyrics of a ridiculous song, but it’s actually the truth — tequila (cuervo, por favor) is my poison. I love it in cocktails but I especially love to slam it with a sprinkle of salt and a wedge of lime, and even more than that, I love tequila when times get tough; and last week times got pretty tough. 706 more words