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Take me back to the city that never sleeps!

So I’ve been looking through pictures on my laptop and I found well 800 photos from last summer (I know I take way too many photos) when me and my boyfriend had our summer holiday. 533 more words

Week 34: Being Read as Male Is Pretty Cool

I was called “son” by an old guy for the first time.

Like “sorry, son!” He was in my way or something, I can’t remember. He mildly inconvenienced me and then called me “son.” Not like he was my dad, but you know, like old men sometimes call young men “son” for some reason. 313 more words

Challenge yourself to court excitement…even if its just something different for dinner!!!

You just seem to ooze a grace & charm that is incredibly seductive to others, even if that is not your intention!

Stop & think before taking actions you may later regret… 429 more words

Pregnancy Brain---Is It a Thing?

Well, look at that: it’s been over two months since my last post, which was honestly a bit of a cop-out. I’ve been feeling guilty about this for awhile, but Tom managed to cheer me up: “There’s no way you can be worse at your blog,” he said, “than you are at Instrumental Analysis.” 1,020 more words

Happy Birthday to ME!

Today is MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

33 years old! Gasp. Honestly, it’s been the best day so far and it’s not even 11am! I absolutely love birthdays and usually celebrate mine for at least a week!  63 more words

Good Times

Braided loaf with pesto

Yesterday I started interpreting at a two days´trial just to be sent home after two hours with a promise that I´ll be called again as soon as the trial has been rescheduled. 180 more words


What's So Funny?

Note to Self:

Just like how water, food, oxygen, and other certain elements are necessary to survive and thrive, laughter, is at the top of my list.  177 more words