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See it - Fall in Love - Own it!

Sunday is going to be a pretty Fall day! Go see Beth and Julie at their desirable Open Houses. See It – Fall in Love – Make an Offer – Own it!

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ReLo Success

Way to go, Terri & Tracey! Clients relocating without worrying about the house they leave. Congrats!

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Eclipse: println does not show output in the console

  • What if the System.out.println does not show output in the console?
  1. Close the Eclipse
  2. Open the Eclipse again and choose a new work space
  3. Now “
  4. 145 more words
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Call today!

Inventory is low and the season is right. Now is the time to list your house! Give us a call today; our agents are the best you can choose.

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The Mo Ibrahim Foundation in association with SOAS and the Centre of African Studies-University of London is organizing a one-week Residential School in March 2017 (location and exact dates tbc) on the topic of ‘Governance and Development in Africa’. 248 more words

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Rules on praying with shoes

​The above Hadeedth is authenticated by Imam Al Albani as Saheeh.

Below is the hadith.

أخبرنا عمرو بن علي عن يزيد بن زريع وغسان بن مضر قالا حدثنا أبو مسلمة واسمه سعيد بن يزيد بصري ثقة قال : سألت أنس بن مالك أكان رسول الله صلى الله عليه وسلم يصلي في النعلين قال نعم … 224 more words


Suffered a Miscarriage?  Read this.. 

​A Comforting And Soothing Narration For Mothers Who Have Suffered Miscarriages

The Messenger of Allāh Ṣallallāhu-‘Alaihi Wa Sallam said:

“By the One in whose Hand is my soul, indeed the miscarried foetus will pull its mother to Paradise by its umbilical cord, if she (patiently) awaits for its reward (with Allāh).”

● [رواه ابن ماجه ١٦٠٩ ، وصححه الألباني]