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What I learned from moving

After spending a lot of time and effort apartment shopping, Brian and I finally found our new home for the next year! This is going to be our first apartment together, though we are technically already living together at his parents house now, it really isn’t the same as having your own space.  681 more words

The Good To Know

News That Will Definitely Turn Your Frown Upside Down

Dogs are supposedly the perfect companions for mankind. But, nobody ever gave cats a chance. One remarkable orange and tan colored cat named Tommy proved his worth to become the next man’s best friend. 371 more words

Feels Great

God's punishment is a good thing 

Eze 24:12 “‘Jerusalem might work hard to scrub away her stains. But that ‘rust’ will not go away! Only the fire of punishment will remove it. 219 more words


In need of a place to camp?

It shouldn’t be a surprise, we love some camping. I recently came across a cool site that helps find available places to camp, more than that it also links to private land that is accessible for some outdoor activity. 68 more words

Good To Know

Well, I never

None of us are free of judgment. I think the greatest compliment I’ve ever received was from a Spanish roommate I had in Madrid. She described me to her friend on the phone and said “she’s cool – she’s one of the few people who doesn’t judge”. 476 more words

Good To Know