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The Bible is an
interesting book

early on it says
we were created
in God’s image

the remaining pages
there to give us
some panel-beating.


Six degrees of post-apocalyptic separation

Welcome to the first in the “Same What If” series. These are posts that compare novels that have the same “What If” Scenario and compare the execution. 990 more words

Gone by Michael Grant

The book Gone, by Michael Grant incorporates drama, suspense and overall excitement. I recommend Gone to younger teens of both genders.

In an instant, all people age fifteen and above disappear from Perdido Beach. 288 more words

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Finding the Light in the Dark

There are some mornings that even an optimist like myself may wake up to find the world a little darker. With the worrisome ways of the US presidential election, the devastating attacks in Orlando and Istanbul, the shock of the UK Brexit results, and my reoccurring dreams of oceans full of plastic swallowing us whole, its a wonder sometimes that more of us aren’t sitting in our sweatpants sulking about life. 1,075 more words




“they all
float down here”
Stephen King, IT

evil swarms
comes in a wave high
as K2
the ground cracks open
the lens
is canted… 26 more words


OLD YOU VS NEW YOU!! - Who will win??

Have you ever come face-to-face with the old you? With the former version of yourself? What was it like? Did you battle it out to the death? 41 more words


Remembering Barry Unsworth: Sacred Hunger

Review: Sacred Hunger, by Barry Unsworth
Norton, 1993. 630 pp. $16

Four years ago almost to the day, Barry Unsworth died, my favorite contemporary author. 755 more words

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