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Eyahvah Shi Chronicles 


The pack had floated through the night down the river with the ever present threat of the horde who followed them down in hopes that one of the pack if not all of them could be plucked out of the river until the rapids took the pack faster than the demons could move. 2,885 more words


GOOD NEWS (and some bad news) for Friday!

GOOD NEWS (and some bad news) for Friday

The Kent State basketball team members each pulled two fans of differing races from the crowd to stand with them arm-in-arm in unity and respect, as the National Anthem played. 771 more words


Frost Like Night

Angra is alive, his Decay is spreading—and no one is safe.

Meira will do anything to save her world. With Angra trying to break through her mental defenses, she desperately needs to learn to control her own magic—so when the leader of a mysterious Order from Paisly offers to teach her, she jumps at the chance. 1,002 more words


If God does exist, then the devil must exist too, and he will talk to us just as much, if not, more than God will. It is up to us to determine whether a thought stems from God (the representation of everything that is good) or the Devil (the representation of everything that is wrong). 62 more words

US election: Not a battle between good and evil

By Ameen Izzadeen
The most unfortunate outcome of the November 8 election for the White House is that one of the candidates is going to win. 1,142 more words

Political Analysis

HYOWM AYWB~The Day of Job

As feelings of desolation, gloom, and hopelessness pervade my being I am reminded by the Helping Spirit that Job suffered just like me.  No other account in the Bible relates the human condition of losing everything when it seemingly makes no sense like the Book of Job.   1,766 more words

Personal Insights


is it in my
to rebel

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from the
Master Code
in Hell

choosing not
to serve
and obey

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