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The Time for Apathy Is Over

The Time for Apathy Is Over

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A 14 year old freshman girl was gang-raped in her high school bathroom by two classmates, 17 and 18 years-old. 242 more words


Foreboding Fiction

The presence of gluttony, the burden of secrecy, and the necessity of sacrifice; as well as, their effects, are thematic throughout the novel, Memory of Water… 599 more words

A Year of Smiles - Day 27

Reason to SMILE #27: LEGO® BRICKS (unless you step on them – that’s another expression altogether!)

It’s a typical day in the Big Apple – taxis whizzing through the streets, horns blowing, crowds bustling and…. 744 more words


Dream last night

My dream from last night as much of it as I can remember, wasn’t bad, wasn’t good, it just was. But I remember, and it stuck with me where I forget most other dreams 5 minutes after waking. 344 more words

Good vs. Evil

Good versus evil is an immature idea.  Really it is just an extension of an us versus them mentality.  It’s subjective in that everything me is good and everything I don’t understand or is against me is bad, or evil.  125 more words

There Be Dragons, A Christmas Story

Next year I am going to decorate with dragons. But seriously.

Each Christmas I have observed the serenity of this little family in various nativity scenes: Mary, Joseph, Jesus. 868 more words

On The Subject Of God