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All Are Volatile

A Clockwork Orange divulges on the brilliance of the human condition, commanding its audience to recognize dichotomy inherent to morality. In his novel, Anthony Burgess details a not-so-distant future wherein a totalitarian government has dismantled most social order resulting in a society dictated by violence. 1,265 more words

Handling the Hollywood Abuse Scandals

Correction, October 31, 2017: I am really glad to correct one thing in the post below: Andy Signore wasn’t Epic Voice Guy. That’s Jon Bailey, and he’s still epic. 1,421 more words

The Blue Line of Prayer

Last Monday as I read a blog post from one of my favorite bloggers, I remember smiling at the beauty of her words relating to the previous days evil events that took place in Las Vegas. 702 more words

The Going-to-End-Up-Slain-by-The-Evil Overlord-Club

The high school parking lot was mostly empty as Ann, free from detention, walked across it, out to Mrs. Martin’s garden, where a rickety old picnic table sat on the grass. 913 more words

Fiction Things

"Deep Down" Goodness

Let’s define terms here first. A good person “deep down” will not hurt—not even think—someone in any manner at any point of his/her life. Deep down  455 more words

Vague Thoughts

Acknowledging Satan

I don’t remember Satan being a big part of my religious upbringing.  I remember praising God through prayer and song, and hearing that God is good, but the devil was more a thing of movies and books, and funny sayings.   622 more words


Monday Stories: The Crescent Moon

The winter night settles in the forest. The only sounds that can be heard are the whistle of the wind and the hoot of an owl in the distance. 1,264 more words