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A wedding: a battleground for Good and Evil

On the day that the Good people of Ireland picked up their swords and took to the fields to win the Battle of Marriage Equality, and on the day of my brother’s wedding, I think about the roles I’ve played in the War of Good Versus Evil.  625 more words

Good Versus Evil

Idle Hands

At the outer edge of darkness are two characters who have been banished to isolation because of poor performance in their duties. Their names are Bultan and Lusulfur, and on this particular day they are sitting idle in their workshop; bored, with nothing to do and plenty of time on their hands. 982 more words


The Lies They Tell: A Sidekick's Story

A heroic villain, a villainous hero, and a false prophecy

Baline was born a poor beggar in the slums of the capital city of the Gin’laen Empire. 386 more words