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Now in My Bookbag: The Guardian (The Guardians Book 1) by Katie Klein

The Guardian is a good read for young teens. The story follows a nice, paranormal concept with young love romance as a bonus. It is written with loose structuring, and it is difficult to track the passage of time within the story. 66 more words


It's Real, and It's Spectacular! The Donald's Hair, That Is.

At a recent campaign appearance, the irrepressible Donald Trump, in response to rumors that he wears a toupee, called a woman onto the stage and asked her to authenticate his hair. 257 more words

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Can't sleep but think about this

I’m supposed to be getting up in liken an hour for this job thing but I just had my tooth done yesterday and I really feel shifty. 298 more words

Whom Do You (Really) Serve?

Whom Do You (Really) Serve?

There are many writers who have tried to tell the story of Good versus Evil. For me, the one who managed it in a way that appealed to me the most was JRR Tolkien with his trilogy… 2,601 more words

America - In Search of Wisdom

Though we Americans disagree profoundly on many profound matters, we are often united by a deeper conviction regarding good and evil.

Today in America we’re taking sides. 415 more words


Donald Trump and the Soul of Man

You can disagree, vehemently, with Donald Trump. You can find him ridiculous, his views abhorrent, his whole person a little bit monstrous. What you cannot do, however, is ignore Donald Trump.

1,327 more words

Dancing With Fire : Devika Fernando

Devika Fernando shared this post on Facebook today: “Guess what I just typed? THE END! I finished writing my paranormal romance novel ‘Dancing With Fire’, sequel to ‘Playing With Fire’. 346 more words