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Good versus evil in Lint Boy, a graphic novel for kids

Lint Boy by Aileen Leijten ($23.99, Raincoast Books, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) is a strange book.

A graphic novel about good versus evil, Lint Boy tells the story of Lint Boy and his brother Lint Bear who live in their cozy dryer home, carefree and happy, until the day Lint Bear is snatched away by a cruel woman with a vendetta against dolls. 164 more words

Dark poetry

Take a side.

You have to pick a side.

The victim,

Or the criminal.

It is either


You have to take a side.

There is no middle. 172 more words

Reflection: Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling

photo credit : jkrowling.com/writing/

For the past eight months I have been re-reading the Harry Potter series written by J.K. Rowling. Growing up I only read the first four books. 2,017 more words

Alina Happy Hansen

For Good to Exist, There Must be Bad ...

This really hits home sometimes.

Like when I meet some people I’m really stumped about – specifically on how they exist. Forget the why bit … 91 more words

Venting & Other "bleh" Scribbles

New World #6: H2O Part Ending

It had been several days since Hiro and Luana escaped from the VCI reserve, and without incident. They were able to stay under the radar of Overwatch Prime who searched for them. 1,339 more words


New World #6 Part 2: H2O

Black Squad received a silent message that H2O was headed toward a water source for replenishing. While they jogged Alpha glanced around to his squad. The helmet was completely smooth as were all Black Squad helmets. 2,313 more words


Imagine a future where you are always connected and there is no need for TV or printed books or even the internet as we know it–the chip inside you knows everything, keeps track of your finances and even orders taxis for you. 575 more words