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Remaining Positive. 

Finding a light at the end of a tunnel isn’t an easy process. There are barriers, walls, mountains and even mole hills. You will never be able to wake up one day and suddenly decide that none of the problems that have burdened you for years don’t matter. 398 more words

Leaking Affection

Leaking Affection Signed

Leaking Affection

Leaking Affection on the wall

Perhaps you already practice acts of self-love or self care. I have slowly learn to love myself over years and years. 186 more words

Love Is In The Air


When I first moved out to Palm Springs I started looking for people to photograph.  One of the first people to contact me was Patricia.  It took us over a year to finally shoot!   486 more words


Loving Yourself Affirmation 

​I love and deeply care for my self, mind and body.

I love and accept myself fully, completely, unconditionally.

I am grateful for all I am, have, give and receive. 87 more words



There are endless possibilities. Explore everyday and discover something new about yourself. Let your imagination run wild. Have an open mind and don’t ever limit yourself.  401 more words


Happy Monday

Wishing you all the best for the coming week!