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Accept Full Responsibility For What Happens To You 

Today marks the day of my 7th daily post, and I’m thoroughly enjoying posting to be honest. I don’t expect anyone to read these posts, however if you can gain value from them, that is awesome. 467 more words


Good morning vibes my sweet divine Angel of earth 😊

Good morning my divine earth Angel friends,

Every day I wake up and I keep reminding myself that, as human living beings, we deserve all the good aspects in our lives, today and always! 305 more words


There Are More Important Things Than Boys Who Don't Text Back

This world has so much to offer.

Such a small sentence for such a large idea. This world though, really, it’s so incredible. So full of beauty, of tragedy, of unexpected wonders. 321 more words

Waiting For 'Perfect Timing' Is Holding You Back From Experiencing Life

“It is not uncommon for people to spend their whole life waiting to start living.”
-Eckhart Tolle

Timing. It’s such a small word, yet it has such a big influence within our lives. 424 more words

90's Grunge Look

Wearing dresses with fishnets or lace tights and boots or mary-janes has always been a favorite look of mine. It is comfortable to me, feels like another skin, like I am apart of my tribe. 567 more words


Surfs up 

Today has been an awesome day, not because I got lots done, not because the weather was great, because I didn’t get much done today, and the weather was rainy and grey all day. 215 more words

Good Vibes