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Painted Ice Lolly

Good Morning everybody !!

Lets make some ice lollies.

You need: lollypop sticks, acrylic   paint, tape, glitter, cereal box cardboard.

You cut a shape on ice lollypop from your cardboard cereal box. 29 more words


Ever So Hard-To Write A Greeting Card (48)

It’s time to get outside and have a blast-

Now that the bad weather has finally passed.

(Happy Outside Days)




This week has been unseasonably warm. In fact, it has felt like summer at times with temperatures to match…and I have been loving it. Each day this week I woke up to full sunshine. 148 more words

Spring is in the Air

Guess what?

It’s Spring!

You know what that means?

“Teacher, can we have computer class outside? It’s soooooo nice out!”

Really?… You don’t listen inside with nothing but frosted windows and computer posters to stare at. 88 more words


Pineapple Bunting

Good Morning everybody !!

Let’s make some pineapple bunting.

You need: colored foam,  felt pen, glue,  ribbon,  scissors.

Have fun !!



Flower Cards Made With Cupcake Cases

Hello everybody,

Here you have another very simple card to make.

You need: wiggle eyes, colored paper, cupcake cases, scissors, glue, felt pen.




Wooden Painted Fork

Good Morning everybody !!

Here we have a very simple project.

You need: small wooden fork, acrylic paint, felt pen.

Have fun !!