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I walked to work today

My apartment is about a 40 min walk from my school, but it was such a beautiful day this morning, and the first beautiful day they’ve had in months apparently, so I decided I had to take the extra time to walk to work. 175 more words

Recycled Little Bugs

Good Morning Everybody

Can you imagine how many milk bottle lids we throw away each year? How about making some crafts with them?

Above you can see  these little bugs made with some milk bottle lids. 49 more words


Wooden Peg 'Disco Dude'

Good afternoon everybody

Here we have these little ‘Disco Dude’ to make, I think the children will like them.

You need: pipe cleaners, wooden peg dolls, glue and some colored pom poms. 46 more words

Kids Crafts

Felt Fabric Egg Carton Summer Garden Flower

Good Afternoon everybody

I hope that you all are enjoying the summer !!

As you can see below, this very simple project, to make with the children, and bring the little flowers outside to the garden or parks. 22 more words


Tissue Paper Flower

Tissue paper is one of my favorite craft material. It is unbelievable! How many things can we make with tissue paper? These little tissue paper flowers will keep the children busy or some time. 127 more words


Auf Wiedersehen!

Yes that’s right for those of you that may understand basic German. Until we meet again, for the rest of you (rough translation). It won’t be for long though I assure you. 667 more words

Painted Twig And Felt Fabric Butterflies Decoration

Good Afternoon everybody

 found this twig around my house and I decided to paint it to make a little branch for my felt fabric butterflies. I used  acrylic paint to paint the twig. 29 more words