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Three To Enlighten Us All (2015)

1. Good weather.
2. Happy moments.
3. New album out.
To turn the page-
Depending on your age.


Storm Clouds Overhead

In Arkansas, with blistering, humid heat, rain is often lacking for long expanses during the summer. In an area full of forestry and lakes and ponds, dry spells are a burden to the farming community as well as those who simply like to start a bon fire with their friends in a cow pasture. 116 more words

The World Through My Eyes

Three That Make Me Happy (2015)

1. Good weather.
2. Easy flow traffic.
3. You being happy.
To be fair-
It feels good to share.


Thoughtfulness and Perspectives

Good morning, Brie. It’s Thursday.

Today is my second day off this week, and what some people might call “my Sunday,” so I let myself stay in bed longer than usual. 334 more words

Real Life

Whyte T-130 RS - first impression

Tuesday night is roadie night – a murderous HIT session. But with the trails so good and the weather mild I was drawn into the night by my working buddies. 559 more words


Back So Soon!!

From my last post, you can see that I’m trying to play catch-up with the blog. So here I am, back already (believe me I’m as surprised as you are!). 216 more words


An autumn all the more lovely for being free of raiders from the north

This isn’t a kotowaza in the normal sense of an adage or precept; it’s just an expression. But I’ve loved it since I learned it, and thought I’d take this opportunity to share. 477 more words