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I believe the adventure is in the journey and the destination but the true adventure is from who you are with and what you choose to do on your journey and its destination. 193 more words


Weekend Warrior

I don’t know about you but I’m a weekend warrior, now I’m not sure if there is a real definition of a weekend warrior but to me, it means someone who goes out there and lives every weekend to the fullest, swimming, hiking, camping, boating, and maybe even bungee jumping. 143 more words


random thoughts

It is a true summer day; bright, blue, and warm :)

I have had a good work at the office but left early in the afternoon as I was trying to find a solution to an idea. 648 more words


random thoughts

This week has been going non-stop at work and I am very pleased with this.

In the last few months the work has been going well – albeit slow sometime. 339 more words


Imagine if it was like this all summer!

As I write it is ten am and the temperature in Dublin is 23 degrees.  Now we all know that in Ireland temperatures of 23 degrees are unusual at the best of times, but this is about the fourth day in a row that we have reached such scorching heat.  660 more words

Sunday morning musings

Happy Sunday everyone :) Wherever you are, I hope you are having a great day, joy, hope, safety, and anything else your heart may desire. … 509 more words


Oh sunny day

“You are so lucky to have the window seat in your classroom.”

He was talking to his friends, but the girl answered instead of the person he was talking to. 101 more words