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Card of the Day: Six of Cups

There’s too much seriousness, routine, obligations and boredom in the adult world and it’s time to reconnect with our younger selves. A good time to spend time with your own children or the children in your life, to remember childhood games and fun, and act even silly.  127 more words


Uncommon Determination

A story of uncommon determination . . . A month ago a loud banging noise occurred in the water pipes whenever we flushed the toilet or ran the washing machine. 344 more words

Good Will

To cook or not to cook...

A lot of people would love to make money out of cooking at home for people would love to have home-made food. The are two issues that come to the mind with this subject: 1- how can you trust who you are inviting to have your food 2- whether it’s illegal to actually SELL what you cook. 8 more words


Diet and Exercise - What's More Important?

If you have ever driven a Corvette you will know the feeling of a high performance engine. It used to be my favorite car until I drove one. 539 more words

Weight Management

Cheers Blood

When I was 14 my dad ended up in hospital. He was diagnosed as having leukemia, but he also had a bad infection that they needed to get rid of. 711 more words


Card of the Day: Six of Cups (Reversed)

Issues from the past may come up today. Unresolved matters may need to be resolved and handled in order to move forward to find happiness again. 77 more words


Humanity isn't an advertising campaign.

When I was young, advertising to me was the funny commercial on Tele that made me laugh. And every time I saw the said product I would remember how the ad made me laugh and I’d crack a smile. 498 more words