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Good Deeds

I won’t go into the specifics of my own goodwill but I just want to throw out some food for thought. These random thoughts are inspired by some recent events in my life. 381 more words

7 Things to do to stop envious of other people

Being green with someone’s envy is not fruitful. Socially humans are constrained of comparing themselves to every other human they are fantasized of. However, doing comparisons most of the time can be mentally harmful for oneself. 583 more words

5 Things I Love About Thrifting 

I started thrifting when I was a Sophomore in high school. I love doing it and it’s a passion I have so I decided to write a post about why I love it. 239 more words



Hey bloggers and readers I have a question for you!  Who are you allowing to dump their trash into your space?  It’s a hard question I’m sure, since you have to start looking at the people you love.   271 more words

So I had to go out and have fun for her tonight

so i was missing the girl whose heart i have a piece of don’t worry folks she trust me with it i know this and i trust her with the piece of mine she carries.. 862 more words


Let me be honest for a moment: I live in scary times.  Yes, I said it. It is a scary time in the world.  Regardless of which news channel you turn to, there is another explosion, bombing, murder, well you can see where I am going with this.   403 more words


Long Break

I recently got approved at work for some time off.  It has been a much needed opportunity. Things have been so crazy the last 4 years, running non stop 100 Miles per hour. 676 more words