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Η Κέιτ Μπλάνσετ νέα “Πρέσβειρα Καλής Θέλησης” στη θέση της Τζολί

Την βραβευμένη με Όσκαρ ηθοποιό από την Αυστραλία Κέιτ Μπλάνσετ επιστρατεύει ο ΟΗΕ για να ευαισθητοποιήσει τον πλανήτη για το δράμα των προσφύγων.


The Voice of A Mountain (Ascher Cliff Experience)

Movies are so perfect, aren’t they? They have a flow, and every once in a while the soundtrack takes you to a different world, pulsating with life. 560 more words

The Importance of Learning to Receive.

I’d just finished a gym session in Taiwan and was making my way back to my apartment through some rather persistent rain. It came as a welcome relief from the sweltering heat that we’d been facing for weeks on end and it was also a cooling agent for  my over exuberantly flushed face; fresh from my work out. 926 more words

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Minimalist Challenge Day 4

I bought this impulsively after the holidays because it was on clearance, and fondue seemed like a fun idea. But then I realized that it would mean sharing a pot of germs with double dippers, so I never opened it. 106 more words


Intangible Assets

By Dr Jorge Marcos García Landa

In Latin America, most legal entities have no idea of what their company is worth, which is detrimental to their own company and the legal entities that comprise it. 728 more words

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OOTD 03/23

A little look from a beautiful, springy afternoon. I’m celebrating my 21st birthday this weekend as well. Hope everybody is enjoying this weather and I wish a Happy Easter to all who celebrate! 26 more words