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The Good Woman

As someone who has been in an assortment of different kinds of relationships, I personally find that being ‘a good woman’ is the most empowering. While there is enjoyment to be found in female dominant relationships with a beta male, nothing compares to being a submissive partner to an alpha male. 378 more words

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Unseen -

A good woman will go unnoticed to a man with bad intentions.

Dear Younger Me

Dear Younger me,

I hope today is one of your good days. I know you cry sometimes, but just want to let you know that pain does come to an end! 678 more words

Poor Good Woman

By: Gabrielle Griffin

   The story I’m about to tell you is about a woman who’s has been though a lot in her childhood she didn’t have the perfect life like others but she keeps it all together with a smile. 267 more words

Is Self Care Selfish? Or Is Being Selfless Selfish?

Self-care has made quite the trendy come back in the past few years, but specifically in the past few months. It’s hard to not find one publication or blog that doesn’t talk about self-care to some length as it’s been hailed as an integral practice to maintaining clarity in frustrating and/or confusing times. 465 more words

Self Care

How you know she's the one:

There’s this article written by several counselors and therapists, they have studied relationships for decades, this list narrowed down what men want most in a woman. 1,388 more words

A good man

A good man.

When society has lost family or the family is dysfunctional and there is no wisdom nor models to be successful, at what the past generations done, and can see the changes in the future. 471 more words