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A Good Woman is like a Rough Diamond – Extremely Valuable!

A Good Woman is like a Rough Diamond – Extremely Valuable!

Dorothy McKenna stood next to her matrimonial bed with a knife in her hand moments away from killing her husband Nigel. 456 more words


This way of being a woman is not working

Sometime back, I came across a post by a woman sharing about how hooked she was to social media, that on one occasion, her husband hit her because she got into bed with her phone, and she couldn’t put it down. 778 more words


For Ebele (A true life story)

Ebele was beautiful. Tall and fair with dark hair, pretty eyed with slender fingers and toes with fine nails…everything down to the last detail was in the right place to proportion. 1,272 more words


The Measure Of A Man By The Women He Keeps

Women serve as an exceptionally accurate barometer for the measure of a man’s attractiveness and social standing. The hotter, sweeter, and more feminine a man’s girlfriend or wife, the likelier it is that man is charismatic, beloved, high status, and possessing those traits and achievements which other men admire and set women on fire. 396 more words

Ugly Truths

Signs you have a good man or woman

Signs you have a good man:

1. He always makes you feel beautiful.
2. He is always striving to be a better person
3. He appreciates you and what you do for him. 185 more words


Haiku #85

She’s a good woman

No tricks lies fooling around

Hangs tight when chips down



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Good and Faithful Servant

I’m a good woman. I take great care of my children, I make sure my husband is happy, and I keep my home in order. I even extend myself to my relatives when they need support. 288 more words