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Postcard from... Berlin

During the 3rd Year’s Critical Practitioner course Media & Cultural Studies student Denise Mueller experimented writing a postcard-style narrative, suitable for a national newspaper. Here she shows how a visit to the Tiergarten park in Berlin is also a stroll through German’s history. 211 more words

Contemporary Media Students

Claire McMorris on the Lamb Prize

Claire McMorris is the Recipient of the 2017 Lamb Prize. In this video she describes her experience as an applicant and winner. “Claire McMorris on the Lamb Prize” 20 more words


Behind the scenes at LCC's archive

Third Years focussing on writing during the Critical Practitioner course were introduced to the jewel in LCC’s archives – the Stanley Kubrick collection. Enjoy reviews from Savah Ali, Ruth Guerro, Penelope Lisi and Shanakay Gordon… 1,230 more words

Contemporary Media Students


As a follow up to my blog of Oct. 12 when I was on the fence whether to take the NaNoWriMo challenge this year or not, I came up with my decision at the last minute, last night at midnight. 214 more words


How to tell if your writing is shit.

Not sure about your writing? Have you over analyzed it so much you can’t possibly give a critical review of your own words? Well then here is a… 7 more words


Why you shouldn't care about spoilers + Notes on Hyouka

The worrying modern trend people have of caring about spoilers, especially for Game of Thrones, which is poorly-written television anyway, annoys me to no end. 876 more words


Mix the Batter (aka: The NaNoWriMo Commandments)

Tick, tick, tick…

Hear that sound? No, it’s not a bomb. Not exactly. It’s the sound of the NaNoWriMo countdown clock.

If you are not a novel writer, then you’re probably scratching your head right now, wondering if NaNoWriMo is some rare tropical disease, or an exotic food dish. 559 more words