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Inch by inch

My first book, Drinking From the Well, had its merits. However I realized that to become a better writer, I needed to find either a magic wand or some sound, practical advice. 549 more words


Quips & Quotations 22

A new year means a new Thursday theme. 2015 will be about quotes and quips that I particularly enjoy or thoroughly relate to. I hope you will too.

Christina M Janz

Thirty Years of Writing Well-Check Out Zinsser

I’d like to share my latest discovery, William Zinsser’s book On Writing Well: The Classic Guide to Writing Nonfiction, with you. I found his tips on how to improve your basic skills as a writer both practical and helpful, along with his assertion that there’s no excuse for sloppy writing or for failing to master the simple tools that will make your writing easier for your audience to read and understand. 299 more words


How To Keep On Writing: Encouragement For Tired Writers

When you have started writing, whether you have the germ of an idea or a whole plot, the hardest part begins. Maybe you’re an accomplished writer or maybe you just like the idea of writing but sooner or later you’re going to run into this problem. 663 more words


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Writing Update

So I managed to sit down for about half and hour and hand write a page of a story that I’m working on. I really should do more writing but I’m finding it hard to the time and motivation to do it (like with everything else). 77 more words


Don’t be a Bad Writer! Learn What Good Writers Know

Many people talk about bad writing versus good writing. Often the label of “good” or “bad” extends past the writing to the writer. There are many possible reasons as to why one writer may be considered “bad,” while another is thought of as “good.” But what is the main difference between good and bad writers? 429 more words



It’s been a frustrating week. This year, for the first time, I purchased a supporting membership to World Con. For those of you who might not be into science fiction and fantasy, World Con happens every year, somewhere in the world, and is the place where the Hugo Awards are awarded, and much science fiction and fantasy stuff happens. 502 more words