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I am throwing my work out there to the wide open world. Whether it pays a blind bit of notice remains to be seen.

Great books have been published, read, enjoyed. 281 more words

Good writing is like swimming

All good writing is like swimming underwater and holding your breath.

F. Scott Fitzgerald


Why are there so many "Rules" in Writing?

Writing is a pretty natural process. You take your thoughts and convey them, much like how you talk. There are certain handy marks to make your meaning clearer, like commas. 215 more words

30 Tips on Becoming a Better Writer

Without knowing it, I started my writing career when I used to write little stories for myself and put them away in a folder. Then the big break came when I was asked to be an editor of a gardening newsletter in 2000. 410 more words


Do the Big Stuff FIRST! Fix the Pages Before the Phrases!

I have had to fight hard to be in a position to tell you this, and I am feeling pretty good about it too.

When you’ve finally got a draft, solve the story problems and the character problems and the structure woes… 234 more words

Are you a good writer?

Are you a good writer?

If you ever mention that you like to write, whether for yourself or for a career, you will probably get asked this question. 254 more words


How Long Should A Book Series Go For?

I am currently reading the second last book out of the Pretty Little Liars book series and it has got me thinking about when a book series should end. 303 more words