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The Four Principles of Good Writing

Hello Reader,

While writing involves talent, a large portion of it involves technique as well. You can be a good writer just by following the four principles of good writing. 880 more words


What to Do When You're a Bad Writer with a Good Story

These days it seems like writing a book is on everybody’s bucket list. And if you’ve got a great story, then it deserves to be told. 1,019 more words

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Capital or No Capital?

Capital letters are important, but should they be used on all important words? Not necessarily.

Here are some general guidelines about where capitals should and should not be used. 532 more words


The House of Birds by Morgan McCarthy


Morgan McCarthy was born in Berkshire, UK, where she still lives. She has worked in a supermarket, a small independent bookstore, and, most recently, as a media analyst. 504 more words


Don't Repeat. It wastes the reader's time and brain cells.

Happy New Year!

I keep learning the same things over and over. This writing, it’s difficult. I figure, if I make the same mistakes constantly, and I’m a reasonably decent writer, then EVERYbody is making the same mistakes. 1,107 more words


Dim fluorescent lights flicker over our half-empty classroom with pale windowless walls on all sides. It’s creative writing class, and students scribble all around me, writing impromptu stories. 321 more words


The Way To Start Again

Brian Koppelman and his wife Amy Koppelman saved my life. Many years after he ruined my life.

First off: when he wrote the movie “Rounders” I became obsessed with poker. 658 more words