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The Good, the Bad, and the Converse


“There is bad in all good authors: what a pity the converse isn’t true!”

― Philip Larkin
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Editing Tips: Defy Grammar Rules

That’s right. Everything you learned in your English class is a farce.

Ok, not really, but consider what exactly grammar rules are: a set of acceptable communication practices determined by a bunch of (white) men. 478 more words


Be Lifted Up


“Lord lift me up and let me stand . . . Lord plant my feet on higher ground” *

In life there are those who will help you and there are those who will not. 596 more words


The writing of Seth Norman

The other day my friend and I did an exchange of sorts. He and his wife got oxtail. I got his left over beers, a good bottle of wine and the loan of a book. 734 more words



I absolutely adore Mystic Mamma’s posts. In this one she talks about February as being a month of committed choice. As someone who often has a challenging time to make a committed choice, I must say I find it refreshing to read this post which I feels breaks down a lot of the fear of the choice thing and how IMPORTANTE it is to gather this skill and apply THIS month…One of the committments I have made is to creating this blog with even more content and decadence, because I LOVE to write and share myself thru words, so expect alot more content from me and please comment at the bottom… 247 more words

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