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The Problem with Being Good

Something that tends to bug me, this propensity we people have to “be good.” The bible actually never tells us to “be” good. Sometimes it tells us to “do” good, but “doing” is whole different thing from “being.” 650 more words

Maintaining Good Coaching

When you are coaching football you are interacting with your players and coaches within the context of football. Your players are executing football actions when they are on the pitch and as the coach, you are executing… 1,091 more words


Today's inspiration - Focusing on the good side of people.

A story is told of a church leader who walked to his Priest and said… “ I won’t be attending Church anymore” The priest looked at him for a while and then asked, “why?” He said, “I see people on their cell phones during service, some are gossiping, some just aren’t living right, they are all just hypocrites! 372 more words


How do you define 'good'?

We all want to make a life for ourselves that is enjoyable and satisfying. That is why I started this blog, after all – to explore and document how I can make changes to better my own life, and those of the people I love. 612 more words

Making the most out of free time

Lately, I had quite a lot of free time.
As you all may know, free time leads to a lot of thoughts and meditations, on the meaning of life, what to eat for breakfast, and for some of us – thoughts about whether we’re spending our free time wisely. 407 more words


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Yeah you read it right, it’s a six week wait for that AFP culture test… 511 more words


Friday Fill-Ins

Today is Ellen from 15 and Meowing and Annie from McGuffy’s Readers Friday Fill-Ins.  We are participating because we want to!  Besides these are fun, fun, fun.                                                          236 more words