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If you see this, let me know.

Seen – a word now crushingly associated with an accompanied time and date. Sounds like a crime scene, doesn’t it? An embedded white outline surrounding the message you’ve sent to someone, forever lost in a cyber world with no idea as to what killed the conversation. 524 more words

Hello. I'm Evil.

Morality has therefore become the instrument of ruling classes to protect their privileges.

– Pëtr Kropotkin

We like our evil prejudged. Invisible walls between someone that had a life of hard choices and some that had everything handed to them, still sucking at life.

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Opinion: "Night of the Living Dead" (1968)

Recently I’ve been really into watching horror classics. Last week I watched The Exorcist, a film that I liked, though it really took its time setting itself up, then I watched… 807 more words


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 425: Not as Much Time to Recharge

Ah, the evening seems to offer some sort of embrace right now.

It’s been a day longer than usual and all I can see right now is what is in front of me. 525 more words


Awesome Day

Hello all!

Today was a awesome day since I got good feedback on my Final portfolio for English 1C. I feel I will get a strong grade as I have turned in all of my  work and I will turn in my final portfolio Thursday night after the teacher looks at it Thursday on campus.

Have a good night all!

Hi Friends :)

Just a simple reminder today: God is good (all the time), and things are never as hard as they seem. Trust Him- He loves you. 36 more words