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The "i Need A Hug" Thread

Because sometimes, you just really need a hug. Rules: 1) no images 2) Tell us why you need a hug. “Just cause I need one” is a good reason, too. 31 more words

Day Nineteen - Andrew Lost His Keys While George is Engulfed in Flames

On the third day, the grand and omnipotent entity known as Va’alamyr walked the grounds of his creation. He reveled in the squeakiness of the wet grass beneath his bare feet. 2,009 more words


Good Morning from National Allergy!!

At National Allergy, find natural relief for your pet allergies and start enjoying your family friend like never before, allergy free! #goodmorning #tbt #allergyfree #pets #dogs #cats #family #throwbackthursday

ik 202 for September 2015 wp

ik 202
(dodoitsu, haibun)
as advertised?

they say; no news is good news
undelivered printed words
can not tell of good or bad –
yesterday’s reports… 209 more words

Short Verse