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Good/Bad a Lesson

Not everyone who walks in our life is meant to remain in our life. Or remains for good in our life. Most of the time our LORD send such people to us to teach us & make us learn the facts of life, the basic pillars of our life. 412 more words

Why can't I simply say what I feel?

After my Friday session, all the emotions from the information I heard emerged as a swirling tornado inside me.  What I’m learning about myself in this process of healing and wholeness, is that I can’t accurately express my feelings in session.   504 more words


The Ticking Clocks Inside Our Heads

Tick tock goes the clock. Tick tock goes the mind, the human mind and in so many different ways and patterns. Tick tock, tock tick. Why are they all so different? 191 more words

Short Story

Best of 2015

Welcome back! Even though Reads and Treats has only been around since April and I don’t have the whole year… I’m still going to do a Best of post. 651 more words


What does a lie do?

A lie can hide everything. A lie can save you from a lot of pain, but can a lie end anything? A lie can just hide hide and hide, and hidden things never destroy themselves silently, hidden lies, hidden pains, sins, destroy you silently. 212 more words

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Why Movie Musicals Are Great/Terrible

So here’s the thing, I’m a bit of a musical theatre geek. I love watching and reading about shows. Just recently I went to New York and saw the revival of  1,322 more words

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