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I have slowly been learning more and more about myself and how I react to things and who I am and why I do the things that I do. 437 more words


Imagine if there was an object that could capture time,
Imagine if time could be captured on a wall, a wood or even a piece of paper,

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Caught between 2 World's

What do you do when an old acquintance you don’t exactly like, mistakenly transfers a 100,000.00 Naira💱, approx. 263.16 USD💲 to your bank account, and he calls you on the phone☎, trying to act all nice, just so you would return his money. 185 more words


Good/Bad w/c 3 April 2017

Happy Monday! This week is the run up to Easter and the Bank Holiday. The sun is shining but it’s not as hot as it was over the weekend, that and the schools being on holiday has made the commute into work much more pleasant! 178 more words

How I Live

Good/Bad: Highlights of the week - 27 March

So I had yesterday off work and I forgot to post! However, today is back to work and into harness, I feel that I’m tired beyond the telling of it but I have three weeks of work before I get a whole week off and as those weeks are thanks to Easter and yesterday’s leave all four day weeks. 304 more words

How I Live

Good/Bad: Highlights of the week - 20 March

Thinking about this week, it was deeply average, I survived to live another week and had a lovely weekend but I was in a funk last week… 210 more words

How I Live

Good/Bad w/c 13 March 2017


Seedlings. The most of the cucumbers have come up, the second set of leeks are doing the growing thing, the tomatoes and patty pans have come up too. 177 more words

How I Live