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El Vy-Return To The Moon

Since Boxer, I’ve grown a bit weary of The National. Still think they’re talented musicians, but as the critical acclaim built and the record sales kept growing, I feel like they’ve been playing it safe. 488 more words


Song Of The Day: Q Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses

In honor of director Jonathan Demme’s birthday, I give you Goodbye Horses. Demme’s use of this song in the pivotal Buffalo Bill pushback scene in Silence of The Lambs, burned an image in our retinas with which this song will always be linked. 34 more words


It puts the Lotion on the Skin

Im that creep that can quote Silence of the Lambs verbatim, which as you can imagine, makes me a HOOT at awkward dinner parties. I lost my dignity Long, long ago, so im not lamenting. 60 more words

Goodbye Horses - Q Lazzarus

Made famous in the movie Silence of the Lambs. Its a great track. I always put it on at parties, but no one is ever “freaked out”

Razzle Dazzle !!

Just Because

Top 5 Toxic Covers

By Stephanie

The Airborne Toxic Event are a band that regularly include covers of songs by other bands in their live sets.  In the run up to the San Francisco shows, many fans are wondering what other songs the band might include either side of the album tracks.  539 more words

Airborne Toxic Event