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Goodbye to Christmas Truces

(published originally at Wrath-Bearing Tree December 2014)

We have recently passed the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, which has occasioned a fair amount of press coverage looking back at the so-called (and ill-named) “Great War” or “War to End all Wars”. 3,866 more words


 Goodbye to All That

Just occasionally, anti brexit feeling reveals itself in a little pocket of rebellion. (I notice with a hollow laugh that a little red line appears under the word brexit as if even the cloud thinks it’s invalid). 182 more words

Goodbye to All

An awful, awful thing. I hate it. You can’t get used to it, and it never gets easier. Saying goodbye. The word in itself doesn’t make any sense; how can a “bye” be good? 412 more words

Pain Is A Virtue: Chloe Caldwell's I'll Tell You In Person

It’s pretty much unspoken in the twenty-first century that any book or collection of stories about being, essentially, a fuck-up with no concrete life direction is going to be highly desirable reading material to most audiences in their 20s and 30s. 1,666 more words

The Opiate

A Year Ago

The simple truth is I cannot take everything with me. I cannot take this. I’ve always had to be the truthful person at our table. The one who takes a knee because because your weak spots force you to act like a mad person. 228 more words

True Thought

Goodbye to All That

Because everything is ephemeral and nothing lasts forever and if you want to keep it around you’ve got to build it yourself, I’ve grabbed this piece… 2,715 more words


Gypsy, Stripped Down

So this version, I came across it tonight and it took my breath away, goosebumps, throat hurt. Because that slow, decided piano with those lyrics, and even that low tone of her voice– 282 more words

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