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Goodbyes and See You Laters

I’d like to think I have three days left because my flight doesn’t leave until 11:15PM, but I could just be trying to buy some time with my loved ones. 217 more words

Flight Attendant

Goodbyes and Gonging Out

November 25, 2014 was my last day in Liben. I had been telling everyone for weeks that my departure date was approaching, but in a land of no planners, it came as a surprise to some. 461 more words


Letting Go

Warm turned cold,
Then I knew there’s no more to hold.
Beating turned to silence,
That’s when I felt a pain that was timeless.

I could cry river of tears, 177 more words


Julius' Death

Death is inevitable. A thought that I’ve taken for granted before Julius’ death. It is like an idea that was hanging before my eyes springing like a pendulum until it suddenly hits my very forehead. 173 more words


Written in Dust

A name scribbled in dust becomes a reality and that reality becomes a harness. Bending the neck beneath the weight of obligation… how it weighs so heavily. 62 more words


The End of First Year

I haven’t posted in a while, but I feel like this makes up for it.

Music: Cherry Wine by Hozier


Shifting Sands

Here we stand

Hands entwined

Eyes locked on each other


This is goodbye

The world around us

Looks the same

The sun is still there… 91 more words