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Something was changed in the manner of reality,

We sat and juggled with the flow of time..

Nature was at its usual lordly manner,

That void space wanted to be filled, 72 more words


Long Goodbye

It’s not how long you know someone,

How much in common you share;

No marathon, just a hit and run,

Yet the impact couldn’t be more clear. 89 more words


Fading Love

I wish I knew

Whether you think about

The time you ran around

My house when the Cavs

Won their championship.

I wonder if you relive… 135 more words



Saying ‘goodbye’ is not the hardest part because saying ‘goodbye’ never feels real enough to hurt. It is the aftermath that is the hardest: Being apart. 413 more words


Day After

Dear Diary,

Acceptance is a hard thing. I don’t think I will be okay for a while. Shits hard. I’m not sure how else to explain it. 1,163 more words


Hit me with your best shot

Ok. I think I probably bring a different perspective to this whole issue.  I think my ex was a narcissist.  I was an enabler. I was an adulterer.  302 more words

Baby Boomer


“You’re made of magic” he said.

Never in my life did I think I would find my true soulmate, but here he was, telling me how inspirational I am, how strong and beautiful, and how I’m simply made of magic. 753 more words