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“The End of Yellow”

“The yellow glistens.
It glistens with various yellows,
Citrons, oranges and greens
Flowering over the skin.”
― Wallace Stevens

Good bye, for the season, yellow. Now that December has arrived, there are simply no more traces of bright, sunshine yellow. 249 more words


Saying goodbye

Today was “Ree’s” goodbye event. We both did not know there was going to be anything until 30 minutes beforehand when our students told us. So we finished about an hour or so early and headed downstairs. 970 more words

Of hellos and goodbyes.

Hello?”, your shaky voice had said.
And that’s how it’d all begun.

My chest hurt, there was a lump in my throat,  and a growing constriction in my heart. 175 more words

Summer's End

Emotions unclasped, tolerance lost
Faint hearts, hurtful thoughts
Venom of dejection
Slowly seeping in.
Only the numbness remains

Remember how it was?
We were inseparable, 154 more words


6. Exitus

Today starts a new beginning of my life. I’m not entirely sure if it’s the right call, but it definitely beats being in this bullshit house with this bullshit family. 695 more words


Selamat Tinggal

Kebenaran sekarang terbuka;

Terang seperti sinar mentari.

Diceritakan tanpa malu-malu.

Air mata menitik lalu mengalir deras.

Membasuh kebohongan yang disembunyikan.

Terlalu banyak.

Kini, selamanya tak lagi memiliki makna tak seperti sebelumnya. 18 more words