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She yells “daddy, daddy!”, Yet her demands remain unheard

Because all that is left in that fleeting car is the carcasses of the past and the unbeating heart that can and will never return the love that poisons her veins… 185 more words

No hot forbidden kisses for to pine




i hate that i question, the interactions, of love

moving about

fluttering sky

i emulate

in my own time

and your own… 185 more words

This Could be Our Last Goodbye

I knew it would never feel like the right thing to do. I spent many nights, some laying next to you, where I couldn’t sleep thinking that when this was over I might never see you again. 609 more words

Quick Update

Hi everyone I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend I have been extremely busy and I have totally forgot to write my blogs but I have so much to share about my long weekend. 123 more words


| world (masculine noun) | /mɔ̃d/

I am sorry I couldn’t hold the world for you;
I have not the strength of Atlas,
and the weight of it bruised… 37 more words



The last time death visited us at home I was caught unawares. In a way that belies logic.

A call in the middle of the night, my mum’s shaking voice saying we’re “bringing him home” because he is unwell, my brother’s repeated “something’s wrong, something’s wrong” while waiting… all the signs were there, blinking bright red, with flashing lights all around it. 165 more words

RIP Gene Wilder, 1933-2016

We’re very sorry to read that Gene Wilder, the star of the first movie Daniel saw in a theater (earlier this summer), has passed away at the age of 83. 18 more words