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The one that got away.

I can think of no fonder leave-taking
Here by the well.
Where we spent our brightest-glittering tears
Murmuring words too soft to tell.
Farewell. 46 more words

To Smokey

The sun sets a tranquil feel

Soften pink colors

Some orange to blue

A cloud glides

Almost like a whisper

Across a fallen day

Blackbirds fly to the west… 60 more words


Last Day

It was the last day, nobody spoke a word. The most notorious classroom fell silent today. No one could understand what to say, and how to say. 578 more words

by ayshry

Jadi selama ini kau sedang bersembunyi di balik topengmu?


347 more words
Original Fiction

Last Goodbyes

The last kiss, the last touch of the hand;

The fist can’t hold the escaping sand.

The sealed lips with the wet eyes,

It’s difficult to say the last goodbyes. 96 more words



“Never say goodbye, because saying goodbye means going away, and going away means forgetting”
— Peter Pan

Growing up, I have experienced many goodbyes. At the same time, I have also missed opportunities to say a proper goodbye. 601 more words

Break Up Over Coffee

You were not sure how best we end us

So I clipped your fingernails, teasing you

that maybe you ought to drink coffee

and that your mom must be wondering… 109 more words