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Leaving Home, and Everyone that Made Montreal My Home (Pt. 2)

In Part 1 of this “Leaving Home” series, if I could call it a series, I talked about the feeling of “I’ve got nothing to lose” and how liberating it was, how it served as a catalyst for me to start seeing people despite leaving soon, … 466 more words


I Almost Miss Her

I almost could let myself miss you but I didn’t spend all of 2014 getting over you to start 2015 back as your little bitch.  I almost could let myself miss you because that’s what normal people feel after a break up.   242 more words


During BCHF2015

On Fisgard Lighthouse at Fort Rodd Hill:

For a place so irrevocably tied with loneliness, it’s an unfailingly welcoming freedom and adventure that is always present no matter how many times I come. 265 more words

Ahhh Memories

Saying Goodbye

Although hating myself has never been limited just to instances like these…




My sixteenth year of life is over.

It’s being a year of making friends, losing friends, losing loved ones, no new babies(I want another niece or nephew),Fun,stress and lots of fucking tears. 92 more words

How lucky I am…

I missed saying goodbye to Bec this morning as she went off to Crossfit early, but we said goodbye to Alastair as he went to work. 608 more words