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Poem 24: Why You Deserve Better

If you were left behind allow me to remind you

You deserve better than they do and will grow more

More people will enter your life but at first focus… 119 more words


Poem 23: Day Three

It’s been three days, 72 hours, I wish I was over you

I get better every day I’ve grown from you

You made me become a goal seeker ambitious… 60 more words


Burnt goodbyes

As you turned your back one more time

Something in me snapped

as I felt the bitter slap

of you leaving once again.

I, I am sick… 61 more words


Karens goodbye card

Last week I tried to post pictures of the card we made for Karen, her leaving card. I didn’t post the right ones. So tonight here there, here is the card we made for Karen her goodbye card.


Slow Goodbye

I was leaning against him when I felt his heart speed up. His arm around me tightened and I knew he faced some sort of inner conflict. 314 more words


Eulogy to an Outsider

I said goodbye to a friend today.

Sixteen times. Sixteen times, my little Honda Civic drove back and forth between Pennsylvania and Arkansas. Eight hundred and eighty-nine miles, one way. 428 more words


No solar eclipse for me...just grey skies

ON A DAY WHEN THE SOLAR eclipse focused eyes to the sky, I failed to share in the excitement. For me the day marked my son’s return to Boston after a few days in Minnesota. 203 more words