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To Death

So we meet again,
old friend.
Your frequent visits
I’ve come to resent.
Took a good man,
you did,
who had everything
others only dreamed. 40 more words


9am Thoughts

It’s okay if you didn’t want to bring your stuff with you when we decided to separate, eventhough we didn’t have a good closure.

You wanted me to fix everything by myself while you wait the result of our problem in the end of the road. 175 more words


Loudest Silence (Sonnet 9.30.16)

Too many questions left unanswered
Sheltered feelings and words unspoken
Silent room yet your voice can’t be heard
You said the final word then my heart was broken… 91 more words

A Letter to my Ex

Dear Theron,

Look please stop texting me from time to time. Stop getting my hopes up that we will be together again. Stop telling me you miss me even though you’re in a new relationship. 440 more words

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Last Kiss

One last kiss
As the sun sets
Defining this, the end
Of this, of us
Lips lingering on promises
We swear to keep

©Silverbackgorillapoetry 2016 August



You don’t want me anymore
That’s okay.

You found someone more convenient. I’m happy for you and this new life you’re living

I pray it’s everything you were wanting

Please remember
my name