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Letter Unsent


There are only a few things I know for sure in this situation. I know that seeing you felt like an escape from the heaviness of my life. 426 more words


Sun Games

When the sun shines and I feel the warmth of my face,

my memories take me back to another time and place.

A time when my heart didn’t sink at the sound of your name. 35 more words


I’m Leaving Social Media Forever

I’ve decided that I am never coming back to Facebook or anything along those lines again. I will be keeping my Instagram account because that is where I’ll be posting pictures of my family. 131 more words

Personal Thoughts

Don't you wish...

Lying in bed, she held the phone close to her ear, trying to carve in her mind each and every word he spoke, knowing they’d most probably be the last he would grant her. 238 more words



That’s it.
The day when you finally realise that you’re going to leave.

It’s incredible how days go faster and faster and suddenly, the last day with your best friends arrives. 531 more words

A Year Away

If I had another tomorrow

If I had another tomorrow
I’d hold you in my arms again
And wipe the tears
that you so carelessly drop.
You left me in tears, 113 more words


Farewell to this familiar place

Today I wandered my way back to the place where once, I danced with God–

On the break of dawn,

just as the crescent moon and Venus winked… 261 more words