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Saying some form of farewell happens every day – goodbye, seeya, see you soon, goodnight – but do we ever stop and think for a second what we’d do if it was our final farewell to a loved one? 313 more words


Bye Felicia!

For the record, I regret no decision that I have made. If you do, that is on you.

All I have to say is Bye Felicia! Enjoy the ride.


Forgotten Posts: Writing 201 Poetry Day 10: Future

I’m running really late so this one will just have the future reference.

Oh the wind blows wild,

Scattering leaves apart.

The lone roads cry…

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Writing & Tips

Hello lovelies!

So I have decided to start a blog (obviously). This is not just for reads or whatever, this is just to help me get out my feelings. 171 more words


Goodbye, Mr. Leonard Nimoy

When I found out about Mr. Leonard Nimoy’s passing this week, I had to pause our series to say goodbye. Although we never met, his iconic scenes in the original… 316 more words


And he’s back … And I’m so not ready

What the hell is up with MR BIG BLUE? Last week when I told him that Crazy Cat Lady kicked me out, he responds by telling me that a) I had outstayed my welcome with her and b) that he MIGHT be coming back early. 397 more words

Bon Voyage, Fare Thee Well & Goodbye

As my titles suggests, this post is related to the act of leaving, for a brighter future, by going away for higher education or for a better work opportunity. 128 more words